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Little Auk - Andrew Moon




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Thursday 23rd November.

Lowestoft Area - Hawfinch seen in the dell at Sotterley Park.

Felixstowe - Immature Iceland Gull again at Landguard though mobile + Snow Bunting on the beach + Purp Sand on the jetty. Dartford Warbler seen along the tomline wall at the ferry.

Wednesday 22nd November.

Minsmere - A late House Martin was seen over the car park this morning.

North Warren - Male Hen Harrier seen over South Marsh early morning + 11 Snow Bunting on the beach near-by.

Felixstowe - The immature Iceland Gull was again present on the beach at Landguard until 11:15hrs when flew North, also Snow Bunting still present, Purple Sand on the jetty & 2 Bonxie offshore. Firecrest present on Peewit Hill. (photo Will Brame).

Tuesday 21st November.

Boyton - 2 Quail flushed this afternoon on Boyton Marshes in an area of no general access.

Woodbridge - 30+ Waxwing seen behind Fred Reynolds centre mid afternoon.

Felixstowe - Immature Iceland Gull on The Knolls by the ferry until 10:07hrs then flew South + 2nd winter Caspian Gull & 2 adult Yellow-legged Gulls noted. Snow Bunting still at Landguard + Bonxie offshore. (photos Paul Oldfield).

Monday 20th November.

Lowestoft Area - 5 Hawfinch seen again in the dell Sotterley Park this morning.

Minsmere - 8 Bewicks Swan on East scrape.

Felixstowe - The immature Iceland Gull was again seen at Landguard though mobile + Puffin North offshore at 08:25hrs, Great Northern Diver South & Snow Bunting still on the beach. Woodcock over the dock complex. (photo Will Brame).

Sunday 19th November.

Lowestoft Area - 4 Purple Sands at Ness Point.

Dunwich - Great Egret North over Dingle Marsh at 10:50hrs.

Orford - 15 Twite on saltings 400 yards North of the quay.

Bawdsey - A Dartford Warbler was seen in clifftop fields + 11 Woodlark over & Woodcock in off.

Orwell Estuary - 2 Jack Snipe at Trimley managed retreat

Felixstowe - An immature Iceland Gull was present off Landguard this morning + Snow Bunting still. (photo Chris Courtney)

Alton Water - 2 Snow Bunting seen by the dam at 12:03hrs then flew toward Stutton.

Stour Estuary - 1+ Snow Bunting Stutton Ness.

Saturday 18th November.

Lowestoft Area - 5+ Hawfinch in and around Sotterley Park. 5 Snow Bunting on Kessingland North beach.

Easton Broad - Snow Bunting & Water Pipit noted.

Southwold - Great Egret seen on Town Marsh

Dunwich - Great Egret on the shorepools.

Slaughden - Manx Shearwater North offshore at 12:07hrs + 4 Bonxies.

Shingle Street - Great Northern Diver noted on the sea this afternoon close offshore.

Felixstowe - Snow Bunting still on the beach at Landguard + Lapland Bunting North & Bonxie offshore.

Friday 17th November.

Lowestoft Area - 2 Hawfinch near the entrance to Sotterely Park.

Covehithe - Shorelark still present + Water Pipit & Long-tailed Duck at near-by Easton Broad.

Dunwich - 2 Great Egrets on the shore pools + adult Caspian Gull. 13 Snow Bunting on the shingle ridge

Minsmere - Snow Bunting Nth this morning.

Bawdsey - 2 Purple Sands at East Lane. Firecrest by the picnic site,

Stoke-by-Nayland - Black Redstart present on the tower of Stoke-by-Nayland church at 15:45hrs. (photo Darren Underwood)

Thursday 16th November.

Lowestoft Area - 4 Hawfinch in the grounds of Sotterley Park near the church.

Benacre - Iceland Gull seen on the Broad before flying off North at 14:05hrs.

Covehithe - Both Shorelark & Snow Bunting seen by the Broad + Long-tailed Duck still on Easton Broad & Water Pipit.

Minsmere - 3 Bewick's Swan remain on the reserve + 2 Goosander (1 drake).

Bawdsey - Lapland Bunting North at East Lane at 08:15hrs + ad Caspian Gull on fields behind the lagoons.

Alton Water - Slavonian Grebe on the reservoir viewable from the Osprey post.

Wednesday 15th November.

Lowestoft Area - Hawfinch again by Sotterley church.

Dunwich - 2 Great Egret still on the shore pools / Dingle Marshes.

Felixstowe - Purple Sand by the jetty.

Stour Estuary - Slavonian Grebe noted.

Lakenheath - c230 Whooper Swan + Great Egret at Lakenheath Fen on Washland this morning.

Tuesday 14th November.

Covehithe - 5 Snow Bunting on the beach alongside the broad + Water Pipit, near-by Long-tailed Duck on Easton Broad.

Minsmere - Shorelark seen briefly in the dunes by East hide at 13:15hrs.

Gedgrave - 2 Pink-footed Geese over Gedgrave Marshes at 11:55hrs + Merlin.

Bawdsey - Great Northern Diver South off East Lane + Purple Sand.

Trimley Marshes - Shag on the reservoir

Orwell Estuary - Shag along the strand

Chelmodiston - 27 Corn Bunting along Lings Lane.

Stour Estuary - Great Northern Diver + Shag viewable from Stutton Ness.

Monday 13th November.

Southwold - 2 Little Auk offshore + probable Sooty Shearwater noted.

Dunwich - 2 Great Egret regularly being seen on Dunwich shore pools / Dingle Marshes + Little Auk North at 12:10hrs. (photo Andrew Moon).

Minsmere - 2 Long-tailed Duck offshore.

Boyton - Male Hen Harrier seen at Boyton Marshes.

Shingle Street - 2 Little Auk offshore + Woodcock.

Bawdsey - 7 Little Auks off East Lane today (6N, 1S) + Woodcock in off. The 1st winter drake Greater Scaup remains on the lagoons. 2 Purple Sands remain on the sea defences.

Orwell Estuary - Jack Snipe & Short-eared Owl seen at Levington / Creek. (photo Gemma Reddington).

Sunday 12th November.

Southwold - Little Auk offshore at 08:30hrs.

Dunwich - 2 Great Egret on the shore pools + 14 Snow Bunting & 25 Twite North of beach car park. Little Auk North offshore at 14:10hrs.

Minsmere - Long-tailed Duck on the sea then flew South at 09:30hrs + 3 Bewicks Swan on East scrape.

Slaughden - Purple Sandpiper on the sea defences. (photo Lee Woods)

Bawdsey - Great Northern Diver North offshore early morning, 1st win drake Greater Scaup was again on the lagoons at East Lane & 2 Whooper Swan seen to come in off. A Ring Ouzel was seen late morning along the cliffs. (photo Mark Cornish).

Saturday 11th November.

Lowestoft Area - 8 Snow Bunting on the North end of Kessingland beach.

Dunwich - 2 Great Egrets on the shorepools + 10 Twite amongst the Linnet flock & 12 Snow Bunting present.

Shingle Street - Merlin seen this morning.

Bawdsey - 1st win drake Greater Scaup (photo Mark Cornish) on the lagoons at East Lane + 2 Purple Sands on the sea defences & Snow Bunting over.

Felixstowe - Siberian Chiffchaff (photo Will Brame) re-trapped at Landguard today (bird also heard to call).

Friday 10th November.

Lowestoft Area - Long-tailed Duck seen drifting South offshore.

Beancre - 2 Long-tailed Duck seen just offshore by the broad before flying South.

Dunwich - Great Egret on the shore pools + 12 Snow Bunting, 5+ Twite & Water Pipit on shingle ridge 1/2 mile North of beach car park.

North Warren - Single Snow Bunting amongst Linnet on the beach near the sluice outfall early morning.

Felixstowe - Snow Bunting remains on the beach at Landguard.

Thursday 9th November.

Lowestoft Area - No sign today of the Red-flanked Bluetail at Mariners Score.

Dunwich - 2 Great Egrets on the shore pools + Shorelark noted on the shingle ridge by Corporation Marsh.

Boyton - 2 late House Martin's over Boyton Marshes.

Hollesley - 3rd winter Caspian Gull on the scrape at Hollesley Marshes.

Felixstowe - A new Barred Warbler was trapped at Landguard mid morning, this follows the individual that was trapped on the 4th. (photo Will Brame).

Chelmodiston - 12+ Corn Bunting along Lings Lane.

Wednesday 8th November.

Lowestoft Area - The female/1st winter male Red-flanked Bluetail was again seen between High Street & Whapload Road at Mariners Score viewed from bottom of steps on South side though generally elusive.

Dunwich - 2 Great Egrets remain on the shore pools + c10 Snow Bunting.

Bawdsey - Purple Sand at East Lane. (photo David Carter).

Felixstowe - 2 Little Auk North off Landguard at 09:38hrs + 2 Short-eared Owls noted this morning.

Tuesday 7th November.

Lowestoft Area - A fem/1st win male Red-flanked Bluetail was discovered at Mariners Score at 11:55hrs but soon moved on.

Dunwich - 2 Great Egrets on the shore pools + c20 Snow Bunting on the shingle ridge.

November 6th November.

Lowestoft Area - 4 Snow Bunting on the beach by Heathlands.

Dunwich - Great Egret on Corporation Marsh, Dingle + 13 Snow Bunting on the beach North of Beach car park.

Bawdsey - Firecrest seen at the picnic site.

Felixstowe - The Barred Warbler was re-trapped at LBO early morning + 3 Woodlark. Firecrest seen at Peewit Hill.

Sunday 5th November.

Lowestoft Area - A Yellow-browed Warbler was seen South of the steps along Flycatcher Alley.

Covehithe - Immature Long-tailed Duck on Covehithe Broad. (photo Simon Thompson).

Southwold - Lapland Bunting South over the Easton Bavents - Reydon footpath. Whooper Swan South over Town Marsh & Velvet Scoter South offshore.

Minsmere - 5 adult Y L Gull + Caspian Gull on East scrape + Lesser-spotted Woodpecker rptd within the tit flock along South belt.

Orfordness - A new Pallas's Warbler was trapped on the NT reserve.

Bawdsey - A Pallas's Warbler was noted amongst the tit flock along the cliffs between the old missile base & radar station (photo Mark Cornish). Both Purple Sand & Snow Bunting seen at East Lane & Woodcock in off.

Felixstowe - A Pallas's Warbler was found mid afternoon along the tomline wall opposite the ferry golf clubhouse. Lapland Bunting noted early morning at Landguard. 2 Firecrest at Peewit Hill.

Saturday 4th November.

Lowestoft Area - 2 Velvet Scoter North off Corton at 10:10hrs. Ring Ouzel Pakefield Cliffs. Firecrest at Gunton on Church Lane.

Benacre - 2 Velvet Scoter North at 09:47hrs

Minsmere - 2 Velvet Scoter North at 09:35hrs. Great Egret on pools behind est hide.

Sizewell - 2 Velvet Scoter North at 09:27hrs.

Orfordness - Pallas's Warbler trapped on Orfordness this morning.

Hollesley - 2 Black Redstarts by the prison cafe (photo Mark Cornish).

Bawdsey - Ring Ouzel between Bawdsey & Alderton.

Felixstowe - A Barred Warbler trapped at Landguard just after midday was totally unexpected, also a Little Auk South offshore at 07:10hrs.

Friday 3rd November.

Lowestoft Area - Short-eared Owl in off at North Denes.

Covehithe - Little Auk South offshore late morning + Short-eared Owl flushed from clifftop fields.

Dunwich - Little Auk South offshore at 12:20hrs + 13 Snow Bunting (photo Andrew Moon) along the shingle ridge & Merlin on Dingle Marsh.

Slaughden - Little Auk South offshore at 14:25hrs.

Shingle Street - Long-tailed Skua offshore + Bonxie.

Bawdsey - Purple Sand at East Lane.

Felixstowe - Black Redstart & Wheatear at Landguard + Dartford Warbler seen along the river wall at the ferry.

Thursday 2nd November.

Lowestoft Area - Short-eared Owl seen by North cliffs. Hawfinch seen NE of the church at Sotterley.

Southwold - A 2nd winter Caspian Gull was seen along the harbour mouth. (photo Brain Small).

Dunwich - 13 Snow Bunting + c20 Twite along the shingle ridge + 2 Great Egrets by the shore pools.

Minsmere - 5 Goosander & 5 Yellow-legged Gulls noted.

Bawdsey - Great Egret South over East Lane (photo Mark Cornish) + Firecrest in sea buckthorn.

Felixstowe - 2 Snow Bunting + Short-eared Owl at Landguard.

Trimley Marshes - Slav Grebe still on the reservoir. (photo Will Brame).

Great Blakenham - Great Egret over a private then presumed the same bird seen West over nearby Pipps Ford (Gipping Valley).

Wednesday 1st November.

Lowestoft Area - Yellow-browed Warbler South of the lighthouse in Arnolds Park. Great Egret on the scrape at Carlton Marshes.

Frostenden - Spoonbill West over the A12 just prior to 10:00hrs.

Wrentham - Great Egret West over the A12 at 14:50hrs.

Walberswick - Great Egret seen on Corporation Marsh near the derelict windmill.

Dunwich - 8 Snow Bunting seen along the shingle ridge North of beach car park.

Felixstowe - Purple Sand on the point at Landguard. (photo Will Brame).

Trimley Marshes - Slavonian Grebe still on the reservoir.