Suffolk Birding with BINS


Blast from the past - SHORT-TOED TREECREEEPER (Landguard Bird Obs March/April 2011) Lee Woods.


Bird news update:

On Wednesday 25th March 2020, BINS made the decision to reduce it's normal news output, but these are not normal times. But, as nobody should be birding any distance away from their homes, the only news being broadcast should be from the immediate airspace around your house/garden or from your 'exercise' walk.

Please follow the Government's guidance and STAY AT HOME, DO NOT TRAVEL and STAY SAFE.

Suffolk BINS.

Thursday 30th.

Minsmere - 2 BLACK KITES were seen together South at 07:54hrs and subsequently seen further South though had spilt up.

Westleton - BLACK KITE over the heath at 08:20hrs.

Sizewell - BLACK KITE over the clifftop at Sizewell Hall at 08:03hrs and remained over Aldringham Walks/Sizewell until 09:20hrs when headed back North.

Leiston - BLACK KITE  see around the East side o Town from 07:57hrs - 08:50hrs.

Felixstowe - A very early MELODIOUS WARBLER was trapped, ringed and released at LBO early morning and wasn't seen again following being released (photo Will Brame).

Orwell Estuary - 15 probable Arctic Terns on Loompit Lake at midday.

Ipswich - A Glossy Ibis was seen over the NW area of the town just prior to 09:00hrs.

Wednesday 29th.

Waveney Area - Ring Ouzel at Barsham Marshes. Whinchat seen at Kessingland. 60 Whimbrel over Beccles Marshes

Southwold - 25 Arctic Terns offshore in 3 small groups this morning + 4 Whimbrel Town Marshes.

Dunwich - A Pomarine Skua and Arctic Tern were noted North offshore at 11:00hrs

Woodbridge - Female Ring Ouzel still present on Broomheath. Raven seen again West over Bredfield Road.

Felixstowe - Whinchat still on the common at LBO.

Tuesday 28th.

Aldringham - 2 Ring Ouzel (1 male) still Aldringham Walks.

Bury St Edmund's - Grasshopper Warbler heard reeling from fields at Hessett

Monday 27th.

Waveney Area - Osprey North over North Denes at 09:30hrs. Ring-necked Parakeet SW over Hopton at 09:52hrs. Grasshopper Warbler heard along the Beccles trail. 3 Turtle Dove Hiulver Street.

Westleton - Male Ring Ouzel on the heath.

North Warren - Male Whinchat in scrub on seaward side of marsh.

Hollesley - 2 Spoonbill on the marshes.

Woodbridge - Raven over Melton Grange at 05:15hrs heading towards the Deben. The female Ring Ouzel was again seen intermittently throughout the day on Broomheath.

Felixstowe - A RED-RUMPED SWALLOW was seen to fly through LBO today + Wood Warbler trapped. A Shag was seen to fly out of the river mouth and head North.

Sunday 26th.

Southwold - Glaucous Gull reported on Town Marsh early morning + Wood Sand & several Grasshopper Warbler noted. The Ring Ouzel still North of the pier (photo John Nottage).

Westleton - 2 Ring Ouzel (1 male) Saunders Hill.

Aldringham - Ring Ouzel still Aldringham Walks.

North Warren - Turtle Dove heard.

Aldeburgh - Red Kite over the town.

Woodbridge - Female Ring Ouzel again Broomheath early morning. Raven again over Bredfield Road heading towards the Deben mid afternoon.

Felixstowe - Female Ring Ouzel still on the common at LBO.

Stour Estuary - Osprey seen from Stutton Point at 09:00hrs

Akenham - Tree Pipit along Henly Road

Barnham - A SERIN was heard at 10:10hrs.

Saturday 25th.

Waveney Area - 3 Spoonbill over Oulton Broad early afternoon. Red Kite Beccles Marshes. 2 Turtle Dove Hulver Street.

Southwold - 2 Ring Ouzel in the town, near-by Red Kite over Reydon Smere + Hobby.

Dunwich - Ringtail Hen Harrier seen by the main car park at 09:20hrs.

Aldeburgh - 3 Spoonbill NW over the townat 10:46hrs.

Woodbridge - Female Ring Ouzel of Broomheath.

Melton - Red Kite high South over Melton Park at 15:43hrs.

Felixstowe - Female Ring Ouzel still on the common at LBO + Purple Sand on the point.

Stour Esturay - 2 Hobby over fields West of Cattawade.

Friday 24th.

Waveney Area - Red Kite &  2 Hobby over North Cove + Grasshopper Warbler Barnby Broad.

Southwold - 2 Ring Ouzel in the town.

Reydon - Female Pied Flycatcher near the fishing ponds.

Minsmere - Ring Ouzel still in the dunes between Minsmere - Sizewell + 6 Spoonbill North.

Aldringham - 2 Ring Ouzel (1 male) still on Aldringham Walks.

Aldeburgh - Red Kite SW over the town late morning.

Saxmundham - Common Crane seen at 15:45hrs.

Hollesley - Spoonbill Hollesley Marsh RSPB.

Shingle Street - Male Black Redstart seen late aternoon.

Melton - Osprey seen North at 11:02hrs + Red Kite North at 12:22hrs.

Deben Estuary - Osprey over Stonner Point heading towards Woodbridge at 10:54hrs

Felixstowe - Osprey North over Cornwall Road shortly before 10:30hrs.

Little Cornard - Raven over Shalford Meadow

Brecks - 2 Common Crane high over West Stow CP early afternoon.

Thursday 23rd.

Waveney Area - A male Harrier sp (prob Hen) seen North through Hopton at 20:00hrs. 1 Ring Ouzel remaining on Beccles Common + 45 Whimbrel & 2 Grasshopper Warbler on Beccles Marshes.

Wenhaston - Tree Pipit in the village today.

Reydon - Hobby seen over Reydon Smeare

Minsmere - 3 Ring Ouzel in the dunes between Minsmere and Sizewell + 2 Great Egret on the levels.

Aldringham - 2 Ring Ouzel (1 male) on Aldringham Walks

Aldeburgh - 2 Red Kites over the town at midday.

Hollesley - Short-eared Owl Hollesley Marsh RSPB.

Felixstowe - HOOPOE seen on private grounds on the peninsula. Ring Ouzel still LBO + Tree Pipit (photo Will Brame).

Barking - Turtle Dove seen between Barking and Willisham.

Trimley St. Mary - Red Kite East over the village 16:30hrs

Lakenheath - 4 Black Tern on Hockwold Wash Lakenheath Fen RSPB.

Common Swift - The first few sighting's are being reported which are about a week early to previous years.

Wednesday 22nd.

Waveney Area - 2 Ring Ouzel still remain on Beccles Common. Red Kite Ellough airfield + 2 Grey Partridges near-by at Playters New Farm.

Southwold - Adult PURPLE HERON still on Town Marshes (photo Brian Small).

Minsmere - 2 Ring Ouzel in the dunes + drake Garganey & 2 Great Egrets on the levels.

Hacheston - Red Kite seen low over fields.

Felixstowe - Ring Ouzel LBO

Ipswich - Great Grey Shirke seen within private grounds in the town.

Belstead - Red Kite over the village early afternoon.

Stowmarket - Red Kite North over Farriers Road.

Barton Mills - 3 Common Crane seen in flight between Barton Mills and Tuddenham early afternoon.

Tuesday 21st

Waveney Area - The 2 Ring Ouzel remain on Beccles Common.

Reydon - The male Pied Flycatcher continues to show (photo Brian Small).

Southwold - Adult PURPLE HERON again on Town Marshes this evening.

Westleton - 2 Ring Ouzel on the heath.

Tunstall - Ring Ouzel Tunstall Common.

Monday 20th.

Waveney Area - 2 Ring Ouzel still on Beccles Common.

Reydon - A male Pied Flycatcher was seen this morning on a circular walk to the fish ponds.

Aldringham - 4 Ring Ouzel on Aldringham Walks.

Snape - A Wryneck was seen on Snape Warren (photo Jim Mountain).

Melton - Red Kite North at 14:40hrs.

Bramford - 2 Common Swifts seen at Suffolk Water Park.

Sunday 19th.

Waveney Area - The 2 Ring Ouzel continued to show on Beccles Common.

Southwold - 2 Garganey (1 drake) remain on Town Marshes.

Minsmere - Great  Egret still on South levels.

Eastbridge - 7 Common Crane seen heading NW distantly over this afternoon.

Crowfiield - Probable Osprey over the village mid morning.

Saturday 18th.

Waveney Area - 2 male Ring Ouzel on Beccles Common.

Southwold - 2 Garganey (1 drake) on Town Marshes.

Minsmere - 2 Great Egret on South levels.

North Warren - Raven being mobbed by Carrion Crows over North Marsh.

Friday 17th.

Southwold - Adult PURPLE HERON on Town Marsh.

Minsmere - 2 Great Egret on South levels.

North Warren - 2 Great Egret on South Marsh.

Ipswich - Ringtail Hen Harrier through Stoke Park at 12:30hrs.

Coddenham - 8 probable Arctic Terns over the village this morning.

Swilland - Common Redstart seen in the village.

Needham Market - Black Redstart this evening in the town.

Hadleigh - Red Kite SW over the village.

Bury St. Edmund's - 2 Ring-necked Parakeets over Marshams housing development.

Thursday 16th.

Southwold - Adult PURPLE HERON on Town Marsh though mobile.

Reydon - 2 Red Kite SW over at 15:05hrs.

Westleton - The first Turtle Dove of the year was heard singing this morning.

Minsmere - 4 Spoonbill on South levels.

North Warren - 3 Red Kites over the marshes.

Felixstowe - Great Northern Diver on the sea viewed fron LBO + Woodlark over.

Needham Market - The juvenile WHITE-TAILED EAGLE (G393) from the Isle of Wight scheme, was seen roosting in Shrubland Park viewable distantly from Pipps Ford before heading off shortly after 09:30hrs and being seen over near-by Baylham at 09:48hrs and Great Blakenham at 10:05hrs. (photo Sophie Barrell).

Coddenham - Common Crane seen heading SE at 17:00hrs.

Wednesday 15th.

Waveney Area - A released WHITE-TAILED EAGLE from the Isle of Wight scheme was tracked over Bungay at 14:59hrs and appeared to be heading towards the East coast. 2 Grey Partridge Playters New Farm, Ellough. Red Kite North then SE over Beccles just after 15:00hrs and one seen over Oulton Broad late morning. The Ring Ouzel was again present on the the old quarry (Holton Pit) just East of Halesworth.

Middleton - Red Kite East over the village late afternoon.

Mendlesham - A satellite tagged WHITE-TAILED EAGLE (presumably the Bungay individual) was seen SE over the village at 17:00hrs.

Needham Market - Juvenile satellite tagged WHITE-TAILED EAGLE seen from Pipps Ford at 17:25hrs and appeared to roost on nearby Shrubland Park + 2 Raven NE over during the morning.

Tuesday 14th.

Waveney Area - Both female Ring Ouzel and 1st winter Black Redstart seen in Holton Pit East of Halesworth today.

Monday 13th.

Waveney Area - 1st winter Shag on Oulton Broad at Mutford Lock.

Southwold - 2 Garganey (1 drake) still on Town Marshes on flash in NE corner.

Sizewell - The Glaucous x Herring Gull hybrid was again present on the beach + Caspian Gull.

Boyton - Cattle Egret still on Boyton Marshes.

Sunday 12th.

Waveney Area - Black Redstart singing from rooftops at Heritage Green, Kessingland. 2 Red Kite seen North over Earsham at 11:00hrs.

Dunwich - Great Egret at the shorepools.

Westleton - Cuckoo calling this evening

Minsmere - 3 Smew (1 drake) on South levels + Great Egret. Tree Pipit over and Black Redstart in the dunes.

Boyton - Cattle Egret still Boyton Marshes.

Grundisburgh - Raven seen high NW over the village + Red Kite.

Felixstowe - Black Redstart and Reed Warbler noted at LBO. 2 Grasshopper Warbler seen at Kingsfleet + Red Kite.

Ipswich - Red Kite high over the town late afternoon.

Crowfield - 3 Red Kite over the village.

Elmswell - An Eurasian Bittern was seen in flight at 06:50 low over Laurel Court heading NW

Great Livermere - 2 Garganey still Livermere Lakes.

Saturday 11th.

Waveney Area - Red Kite South over Beccles.

Southwold - 2 Garganey (1 drake) still on Town Marshes on the NE flash.

Westleton - Red Kite South over the village.

Minsmere - 3 Smew (1 drake) on South levels + 1w Caspian Gull.

Sizewell - 2 Caspian Gull (1w & 3w) on the beach + Glaucous x Herring Gull hybrid noted.

Aldringham - 3 Red Kite South over the village this afternoon.

Worlingworth - A Goshawk was noted high South over the village at 09:25hrs

Ipswich - Red Kite low South over Dereham Avenue at 17:05hrs

Battisford - Red Kite over the village.

Great Livermere - 3 Garganey (2 drake) on Livermere Lake.

Friday 10th.

Waveney Area - Male Ring Ouzel in horse paddocks at Players New Farm, Ellough.

Southwold - 2 Garganey (1 drake) on Town Marshes on lash in NE corner + Grasshopper Warbler in Buss Creek.

Minsmere - 4 Smew (1 drake) on South levels + 4 Great Egrets and Water Pipit present.

Middleton - Red Kite seen over the village.

Leiston - Hobby was noted today.

Boyton - Cattle Egret still Boyton Marshes.

Chillesford - 2 Red Kite South over the village at 15:25hrs.

Woodbridge - Raven seen West over Bredfield Road at 15:22hrs. 

Ipswich - March Harrier West over Stork Park at 15:00hrs.

Kesgrave - Red Kite over Penzance Road at 14:04hrs.

Stowmarket - Male Black Redstart in the town centre.

Boxted - Red Kite over Boxted Hall

Sudbury - Male Ring Ouzel seen near Brundon Mill.

Thursday 9th.

Waveney Area - Red Kite over Kessingland.

Walberswick - 3 Great Egrets and single Spoonbill at Westwood Marsh.

Westleton - Ring Ouzel noted on the heath.

Felixstowe - Glossy Ibis seen South over LBO at 06:15hrs + Great Northern Diver North close inshore at 08:20hrs. Firecrest, Black Redstart & Purple Sand also noted (photo Will Brame).

Hadleigh - Red Kite SE over the town mid afternoon.

Great Cornard - Raven over Cornard Mere this evening.

Wednesday 8th.

Waveney Area - Male Ring Ouzel present on Beccles Common.

Southwold - 2 Garganey (1 drake) still on the flash in the NE corner of Town Marshes.

Aldeburgh - Black Redstart and several Firecrest noted in the town today.

Hollesley - Singing Firecrest near Oak Hill

Felixstowe - 2 Black Redstart + Firecrest at LBO today. Black Redstart seen by Wickenden House on the dock complex this morning.

Rushmere St. Andrew - Red Kite SE early afternoon.

Great Blakenham - Red Kite over mid afternoon heading toward Needham Market.

Needham Market - The first record of Lesser Whitethroat was forth-coming today near Needham Lakes.

Hadleigh - Red Kite NE over the town at 15:25hrs and presumably same bird seen NE at 16:25hrs.

Tuesday 7th.

Waveney Area - Red Kite between Ellough and Weston and over Beccles.

Wenhaston - Singing Nightingale in the village.

Reydon - 6 Common Crane were spotted South over the village at 11:00hrs, then continued South being seen over Walberswick at 11:10hrs, Eastbridge at 11:30hrs, Leiston 11:35hrs, Aldringham Walks 11:54hrs and finally over Aldeburgh at 12:02hrs. Black Redstart in the village.

Walberswick - Osprey North mid morning.

Dunwich - 2 Spoonbills on the shore pools.

Minsmere - A WHITE-TAILED EAGLE was seen over the reserve at 13:10hrs + 3 Smew on the levels.

Eastbridge - 6 Common Crane South at 11:30hrs.

Leiston - 3 Common Crane North at 12:57hrs + Red Kite over the Abbey.

North Warren - 3 Spoonbill (same as Aldeburgh birds) + Great Egret, Yellow Wagtail & Sedge Warbler noted.

Aldeburgh - 3 Spoonbill North over the town at 09:25hrs + Black Redstart in the town.

Hollesley - WHITE-TAILED EAGLE (Minsmere bird) seen South over the village at 14:40hrs.

Melton - Raven over Melton Park at 15:25hrs.

Felixstowe - Purple Sand at LBO.

Ipswich - A satellite tagged (G324) female WHITE-TAILED EAGLE from the released population from the Isle of Wight, was seen over NW Ipswich at 12:25hrs, the bird was then then seen on the Stour Estuary before being tracked through Essex.

East Bergholt - Red Kite over Fiddlers Lane.

Ixworth - A ROUGH-LEGGED BUZZARD was reported NE over Ixworth at 10:45hrs.

Monday 6th.

Lowestoft Area - A WHITE-TAILED EAGLE was seen and photographed over Bungay at 16:00hrs.

Southwold - 2 Garganey (1 drake) still on the flash.

Sizewell - Firecrest seen at Sizewell Hall.

North Warren - Great Egret still on South Marsh + drake Garganey reported on North Marsh mid afternoon.

Hollesley - A SERIN was seen and heard over the car park at Hollesley Marsh RSPB

Felixstowe - 2 Black Redstart at LBO + 7 Little Gulls offshore (photo Will Brame).

Brightwell - Raven reported over the village.

Deben Estuary - Ruff still Martlesham Creek.

Great Livermere - Little Gull Livermere Lake.

Stowmarket - Black Restart seen on Heron Close.

Red Kite sighting's today were forth-coming with singleton's noted at; Beccles, Stowmarket, Low Road Benhall, Aldeburgh and Grundisburgh.

Sunday 5th.

Lowestoft Area - 7 Common Tern + Little Gull Carlton Marsh SWT. Red Kite South of Beccles. Black Redstart Hopton radar lodge. Black Redstart and House Martin seen at Heritage Green, Kessingland.

Southwold - 2 Garganey (1 drake) on Town Marshes + Black Redstart along Wangford Road.

Westleton - The first Nightingale of the spring was briefly heard on the heath this morning.

Minsmere  - 2 Smew (1 drake) on South levels + Spoonbill & 1w Caspian Gull noted.

North Warren - Spoonbill, Great Egret and 3 Sand Martin on South Marsh.

Peasenhall - Lapland Bunting reported just South of the village.

Felixtowe - 43 Little Gull off LBO + Black Redstart still present.

Trimley St. Mary - Swallow noted.

Ipswich - Red Kite over the town late afternoon.

Belstead - Red Kite over the village early afternoon.

Stowmarket - The first House Martin of the year was noted this afternoon.

Hadleigh - Red Kite South over the town late afternoon.

Great Livermere - Drake Garganey Livermere Lake + Common Tern.

Saturday 4th.

Lowestoft Area - 2 Black Redstart Gunton disused railtrack.

Bramfield - WHITE-TAILED EAGLE seen circling between Bramfield and Wenhaston with 4 Common Buzzards late morning.

Reydon - 37 Whimbrel West over the fishing pits late afternoon.

Dunwich - 2 Great Egrets noted.

Aldeburgh - Red Kite SW over the town.

Boyton - Cattle Egret seen at Boyton Marshes.

Hollesley - Black Redstart seen by the farm yard at Warren Hill. Firecrest seen at Oak Hill.

Felixstowe - Black Redstart at LBO along the butts.

Great Finborough - First Willow Warbler of the spring noted at Temple Grove.

Cotton - Raven seen and heard at 11:15hrs.

Stowupland - Raven over the village this afternoon.

Newton Green - The first Hobby of the year was noted between Nayland and Sudbury.

Charsfield - Grasshopper Warbler rptd.

Thorndon - Red Kite South at 16:04hrs.

Huntingfield - Red Kite South at 16:15hrs.

Friday 3rd.

Lowestoft Area - Red Kite West over Rigbourne, Beccles at 16:35hrs. 3 Sandwich Tern over Flixton GP's.

Wenhaston - Black Redstart seen in the village (photo Andrew Moon)

Southwold - 3 Snow Bunting at Easton Bavents.

Reydon - 3 Red Kite seen at Reydon Smere.

Aldeburgh - Red Kite over the town at 12:40hrs.

Rendham - Red Kite West over the village at 12:30hrs.

Hollesley - Whimbrel over the village.

Stour Estuary - 2 Red Kite over Cattawade.

Combs/Great Finborough - First Common Whitethroat of the year noted at Boyton Hall Farm.

Great Cornard - Red Kite over this afternoon.

Mildenhall - Osprey SW of Mildenhall over Worlington at 11:20hrs.

Thursday 2nd.

Lowestoft Area - Black Redstart's seen in Lowestoft town + Heritage Green, Kessingland.

Southwold - Up to 4 Black Redstart seen around the town today.

Minsmere - 2 Smew (1 drake) on the levels + Water Pipit.

Leiston - 2 Common Crane SW over the town at 11:00hrs.

Hollesley - Firecrest trapped in the village + Raven over. Spoonbill Hollesley Marshes + 12 White Wagtail.

Stowmarket - Black Redstart noted in the town.

Kesgrave - Female Black Redstart on rooftops along Beech Road.

Several Red Kite's noted today with birds being noted at Stoke-by-Nayland (12) Hopton village (2) and singletons over Stowmarket, Hadleigh, Bonny Wood Willisham, Queens Road, Lowestoft, Boyton, Walberswick, Bourne Park, Ipswich and Lesiton Abbey.

Wednesday 1st.

Lowestoft Area - Red Kite seen flying West just South of Beccles.

Southwold - Drake GREEN-WINGED TEAL on Town Marsh though mobile + 3 Snow Bunting on the beach late afternoon.

Aldringham - Great Egret over Aldringham towards Leiston.

Aldeburgh - Black Redstart seen in the town.

Kesgrave - Black Redstart seen in the village.

Stour Estuary - 2 Common Crane North over Cattawade at 14:00hrs