Suffolk Birding with BINS


Spoonbills - John Richardson.


Tuesday 31st.

Waveney Area - Roseate Tern north off Ness Point with 6 Common Tern at 08:06hrs.

Benacre - Whinchat just north of the sluice.

Walberswick - 9 Little Stint on Tinkers Marsh this evening.

Minsmere - Little Stint on south scrape + Purple Sand on the sluice outfall.

Thorpeness - 4 Black Terns north + 2 Arctic Tern

Alde Estuary - 6 Whinchat on Town Marshes.

Snape - Immature Glossy Ibis remains at Botany Marsh + 2 juvenile Little Stint & Great Egret.

Bawdsey - Whinchat along public footpath opposite Bawdsey Hall.

Felixstowe - 4 Pied Fly, 2 Common Redstart & 3 Whinchat present at LBO.

Trimley St. Martin - 2 Raven west over the A14.

Raydon 3 + Whinchat seen along the disused airfield.

Lackford - Black Tern over the sailing lake this afternoon

Lakenheath - 2 Little Stint + Wood Sand at Lakenheath Fen RSPB.

Monday 30th.

Waveney Area - Long-tailed Skua north off Corton at 07:03hrs. Sooty Shearwater north off Lowestoft 09:31hrs + 2 Arctic Skua.

Southwold - Highlights from the shelter between 06:15 - 09:45hrs included; Long-tailed Skua south 08:16hrs, Sooty Shearwater north 08:55hrs, Arctic Skua 6, Bonxie 2, Arctic Tern 6 , Black Tern and Little Gull. 6 juvenile Spotted Redshank on the flash.

Walberswick - 6 Little Stint on Tinkers Marsh + 3 Spotted Redshank. 1w Caspian Gull by the harbour + 2 Arctic Tern offshore, and a confiding 1st winter Little Gull was present by the car park.

Blythburgh - 7 Spotted Redshank on the estuary.

Thorpeness - 6 Arctic Skua north + Little Gull offshore.

Alde Estuary - 17 Spoonbill Hazelwood Marshes at this evenings high-tide roost.

Snape - Glossy Ibis still Botany Marshes + 2 juv Little Stint.

Havergate - 6 Pale-bellied Brent Geese on the southern tip of Havergate Island RSPB viewed from Boyton.

Felixstowe - Highlights from LBO included; Pied Fly, 3 Tree Pipits, 3 Whinchat + Purple Sand.

Little Stonham - Raven over.

Sunday 29th.

Waveney Area - 2 Black Redstart seen within the compound at turbine yard, Lowestoft.

Benacre - Fem Goosander on the broad then flew north + juvenile Caspian Gull. 5 Arctic Tern feeding offshore + Arctic Skua noted.

Covehithe - Fem Garganey on the broad early morning.

Southwold - Pied Fly, Common Redstart & 2 Whinchat along the footpath that runs between Easton Bavents - Reydon. 4 juvenile Spotted Redshank on the flash.

Walberswick - Juvenile Caspian Gull at 14:35hrs

Minsmere - Juvenile Little Stint on south scrape.

Sizewell - 15 Little Gull off the outfall this morning + Whinchat just north of the power station.

Thorpeness - Black Tern north offshore.

Alde Estuary - Osprey again seen from Hazelwood Marshes + 2 Whinchat on Town Marshes.

Snape - Glossy Ibis, 2 juvenile Little Stint, 2 juvenile LRP + Gt Egret at Botany Marshes.

Boyton - Fem/eclipse drake Garganey Boyton Flash

Hollesley - Osprey over Hollesley village + Whinchat Hollesley Marshes.

Woodbridge - Raven SE over Haugh Lane at 16:30hrs.

Stour Estuary - Osprey seen around Cattawade.

Saturday 28th.

Waveney Area - 3 Long-tailed Skua north offshore from Corton at 06:35, 07:41 & 07:45hrs Long-tailed Skua north off Ness Point at 07:31hrs. 3 Long-tailed Skua north off Kessingland between 06:00 - 09:30hrs. Sooty Shearwater off Corton at 08:03hrs. 5 Arctic Skua + 10 Arctic Tern off Kessingland.

Southwold - 2 Long-tailed Skua north offshore between 06:00 - 10:00hrs + 14 Arctic Skua, 1 Bonxie & 6 Arctic Tern.

Minsmere - Osprey flew east out to sea at 12:27hrs + Little Stint on the scrape.

Thorpeness - 2 Long-tailed Skua north offshore prior to 08:45hrs, also 5 Arctic Skua, 4 Black Tern, 2 Arctic Tern + 3 Little Gull noted north. Pied Fly in scyamores opposite the country club.

Farnham - 2 Great Egret NE over A1094 (Farnham Road) at 12:17hrs.

Alde Estuary - 8 Spoonbill Hazelwood Marsh + Little Stint.

Snape - Glossy Ibis still Botany Marsh.

Hollesley - Wryneck again along the footpath by the pillbox late morning and showing well on occasions.

Shingle Street - Ad Long-tailed Skua north at 09:12hrs.

Lakenheath - Little Stint Hockwold Wash Lakenheath Fen RSPB.

Friday 27th.

Waveney Area - 2 Bonxie north off Lowestoft by 07:16hrs.

Walberswick - 3 juvenile/1st winter Caspian Gull by the harbour mouth

Minsmere - Pied Flycatcher in the north bushes.

Thorpeness - Long-tailed Skua, Sooty Shearwater, 3 Velvet Scoter, 4 Bonxie & Arctic Skua seen offshore.

Felixstowe - 2 Pied Flycatchers at LBO (photo Will Brame).

Alde Estuary - Juvenile Little Stint on Town Marshes + 2 Stone Curlew.

Snape - Glossy Ibis still at Botany Marsh late morning + 2 juvenile Little Stint & 2 Great Egret.

Boyton- Garganey still on the flash.

Hollesley - A Wryneck was found along the path to the river wall at 11:35hrs where it remained throughout the day.

Thursday 26th.

Southwold - Long-tailed Skua south at 16:45hrs + Arctic Skua.

Minsmere - A Long-tailed Skua was seen south offshore between 14:50 - 15:00hrs. Purple Sand seen on the sluice early morning.

Slaughden - 2 Velvet Scoter north at 16:13hrs.

Snape - Glossy Ibis still Botany Marshes + 3 Spotted Redshank.

Wednesday 25th.

Minsmere - Juvenile Curlew Sand on east scrape + juvenile Garganey.

Alde Estuary - Juvenile Curlew Sand at Hazelwood Marshes + 12 Spoonbill. Wood Sand Town Marshes.

Boyton - Garganey present on the lagoon this evening.

Felixstowe - Pied Flycatcher seen in gardens along Quilter Road.

Tuesday 24th.

Waveney Area - Pied Flycatcher's were seen along the disused railtrack at Gunton + near-by at Dip Farm along the NE edge of the football pitch. 83 Yellow Wagtails roosted at Burgh Castle.

Southwold - A CASPIAN TERN was noted fishing offshore for a few minutes shortly after 08:00hrs (montage by Andrew Moon).

Minsmere - 2 Curlew Sands on the scrape.

Sizewell - 10 Little Gulls off the outfalls.

Alde Estuary - 19 Spoonbill at Hazelwood Marsh + 2 Whinchat Hazelwood Common. 10 Whinchat & Wood Sand on Town Marshes.

Snape - Glossy Ibis still present on Botany Marsh + 3 Great Egret.

Hollesley - Garganey present on the scrape at Hollesley Marsh RSPB

Shingle Street - 2 Pied Flycatchers noted.

Felixstowe - 3 Pied Flys at LBO + Common Redstart & Spotted Fly, offshore 2 Arctic Skua.

Monday 23rd.

Waveney Area - Pied Fly in the NE corner of Corton churchyard. Common Redstart in trees by car park opposite Sparrow's Nest

Benacre - Pied Fly and Whinchat at Beach Farm.

Southwold - The Ruddy Shelduck was present on the Town Marsh then flew north at 16:50hrs.

Minsmere - A BALEARIC SHEARWATER was seen south offshore at 07:28hrs. 3 Curlew Sands on the scrape + Pied Fly in the sluice bushes.

Thorpeness - Sea-watching offshore produced northbound BALEARIC SHEARWATER and Storm Petrel

Snape - Glossy Ibis reported from Botany Marsh.

Hollesley - Common Redstart in hedge parallel to river/

Felixstowe - A nice selection of scarce commoner migrants seen at LBO today which included 2 Whinchat and singletons of Pied Fly, Tree Pipit, Common Redstart, Black Redstart, Tree Sparrow and 2 Wheatear.

Lakenheath - 3 Little Stint at Lakenheath Fen RSPB.

Sunday 22nd.

Waveney Area - A Wryneck was found late afternoon on Gunton Warren.  Pied Fly's were noted today south of Kessingland sluice (2 birds), nearby sewage works and Corton Radar Lodge. Whinchat North Denes.

Southwold - An un-ringed and fully winged Ruddy Shelduck was found by the town's golfcourse on pools just south of the 7th tee (photo Andrew Moon).

Minsmere - Highlights from around the scrape included adult Little Stint, 2 Curlew Sands, 12 Little Gull, 2 Black Tern, 2 Arctic Tern, juvenile Garganey and 6 LRP.

Alde Estuary - 2+ Wood Sands and Little Stint on Town Marsh + 2 Whinchat.

Snape - Juvenile Wood Sand, Spotted Redshank + Great Egret on Botany Marsh.

Hollesley - 2 juvenile Black Tern feeding in the river mouth viewed from Shingle Street.

Felixstowe - 6 Black Tern (2 ad + 4 juvs) off LBO this evening.

Grundisburgh - 2 Raven east over the village at 19:55hrs.

Brantham - Osprey west at 12:28hrs.

Needham Market - Whinchat at Pipps Ford this evening.

Saturday 21st.

Waveney Area - Juvenile Black Tern on groynes by Links Hill car park at 07:20hrs. Wood Sand still Carlton Marshes SWT. 2 Pied Flys at Pakefield.

Southwold - 2 Pied Flys in birch trees by the sewage works + Redstart.

Blythburgh - The 1st summer Glaucous Gull was again seen on the south side estuary opposite Hen Reedbeds.

Minsmere - Adult Little Stint still on south scrape + Curlew Sand.

Aldringham - Pied Fly seen on Aldringham Walks this morning.

Friday 20th.

Waveney Area - 2 juvenile Black Terns Lowestoft North Beach perched on groynes this evening.

Minsmere - The Glossy Ibis was seen to fly high east out to sea shortly after 08:00hrs + the adult Little Stint was again on the scrape. Great Egret seen in reeds visible from Whin Hill

Alde Estuary - 18 Spoonbill Hazelwood Marshes.

Snape - No sign of the SPOTTED CRAKE today, but 2 Garganey & Great Egret remain.

Trimley Marshes - 2 Wood Sand on the SWT reserve.

Thursday 19th.

Minsmere - Glossy Ibis still viewable from North Hide late morning. A Little Stint was seen on east scrape early evening but elusive.

Snape - A SPOTTED CRAKE was noted on Botany Marsh though generally very elusive + 2 Great Egret & 2 Garganey present.

Wednesday 18th.

Waveney Area - Sooty Shearwater north offshore from Corton Cliffs at 09:01hrs, near-by 194 Med Gulls were noted on the dome of Corton new sewage works. Wood Sand seen between North and Turnpike hides on Peto's Marsh Carlton Marsh SWT.

Minsmere - A EUROPEAN BEE-EATER was seen west over the work centre at 09:58hrs. Glossy Ibis still viewable on north scrape (photo Andrew Moon) + 3 Spoonbill over the scrape.

Alde Estuary - 8 Spoonbill at Hazelwood Marshes.

Tuesday 17th.

Southwold - 2 Arctic Tern north offshore + Bonxie & Arctic Skua noted.

Minsmere - Glossy Ibis still on north scrape.

Aldeburgh - Purple Sand on the outfall by sluice cottage.

Deben Estuary - Adult Caspian Gull at Melton this afternoon.

Monday 16th.

Waveney Area - 1+ Arctic Tern on groynes at Links Hill. 2 Wood Sands at Carlton Marshes on Peto's Marsh + juvenile Garganey.

Hinton - 2cy Caspian Gull + 15 YL Gulls in the pig fields at 10:50hrs.

Minsmere - Glossy Ibis still present on the scrape.

Boyton - Osprey flew up the Alde towards Butley early evening.

Bawdsey - Wood Warbler still present at the quay picnic site.

Trimley Marshes - Wood Warbler trapped and ringed at the SWT reserve at 07:30hrs.

Lakenheath - A WHITE STORK was seen over Lakenheath Fen RSPB.

Sunday 15th.
Waveney Area - 3 Wood Sand on Peto's Marsh Carlton Marsh SWT.
Walberswick - 2 juvenile Caspian Gull seen this afternoon.
Minsmere - Adult Pectoral Sandpiper again on south scrape from 10:35hrs + Curlew Sand, Glossy Ibis & 3 Little Gull noted around the reserve.
Bawdsey - Wood Warbler noted at Bawdsey quay picnic site.
Deben Estuary - Wood Sand + Spotted Redshank Ramsholt Lodge Marsh
Holbrook - Yesterday's wondering BLACK STORK was seen again this morning as it was noted north at 09:44hrs

Saturday 14th.

The highlight of the day was the BLACK STORK that was initially seen over Lowestoft at c09:45hrs and was then tracked south through the county as follows;

Lowestoft - West of Kirkley cemetery at 10:22hrs

Benacre - looking north to Kessingland levels 10:37hrs

Alde Estuary - SE over estuary viewed from Iken Cliff 12:47hrs

Gedgrave - 13:10hrs

Boyton - 13:20hrs

Felixstowe - Fagbury Cliff 14:25hrs

Shotley - 14:57hrs

Waveney Area - HONEY BUZZARD north over Kessingland Cliff at 08:30hrs. Osprey north over Morrison's/Homebase. 4 Arctic Skua offshore viewed from Kessingland + c30 Little Gull.

Minsmere - Glossy Ibis on the scrape.

Alde Estuary - 17 Spoonbill Hazelwood Marshes + Wood Sand.

Snape - 2 Garganey (ad + juv) Botany Marshes.

Friday 13th.

Waveney Area - 3 Wood Sand on Peto's Marsh + Great Egret.

Walberswick - A Glossy Ibis was present on Westwood Marsh on Sandymount pony pools + Great Egret.

Minsmere - An ICTERINE WARBLER was reported from the dunes behind east hide this morning.

Alde Estuary - Wood Sand noted today.

Thursday 12th.

Lowestoft Area -  2 Wood Sands Peto's Marsh + Great Egret.

Minsmere - Curlew Sand on the scrape + Garganey.

Alde Estuary - A BLACK STORK was seen north over Snape Maltings at 16:00hrs. 8 Spoonbill on the fresh marsh viewable from the hide at Hazelwood Marsh

Felixstowe - Great Egret south over LBO.

Wednesday 11th.

Minsmere - Adult Pectoral Sand still on the scrape.

Thorpeness - 10 Little Gull south offshore this evening.

Woodbridge - 2 Raven west over Bredfield Road.

Thorington Street - Osprey over the reservoir.

Tuesday 10th.

Waveney Area - Wood Sand on Peto's Marsh Carlton Marsh SWT reserve.

Minsmere - Both the adult WHITE-RUMPED SAND and Pectoral Sand remain on the scrape though generally elusive today + 2 Curlew Sands present.

Alde Estuary - 18 Spoonbill on Hazelwood Marshes.

Trimley Marshes - Wood Sand on the winter flood.

Monday 9th.

Minsmere - Adult WHITE-RUMPED SAND + Pectoral Sand still on east scrape, also 2 Curlew Sand seen today.

Alde Estuary - 34 Spoonbill Hazelwood Marshes.

Sunday 8th.

Minsmere - The adult WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPER and Pectoral Sandpiper remain on east scrape + Curlew Sand noted.

Alde Estuary - 23 Spoonbill Hazelwood Marshes.

Saturday 7th.

Waveney Area - 2 Wood Sands at Carlton Marshes on Peto's Marsh this evening.

Minsmere - Adult WHITE-RUMPED SAND and Pectoral Sand remain on east scrape + Black Tern on south scrape & Spoonbill over the car park at 09:00am (photos c/o Andrew Moon).

Alde Estuary - 10 Spoonbill still Hazelwood Marshes.

Snape - 2 Wood Sands on Botany Marsh.

Martlesham - Probable pale phase BOOTED EAGLE reported high east over the A12 at 10:45hrs (seen from a moving vehicle).

Friday 6th.

Waveney Area - Black Tern south past Ness Point at 18:25hrs.

Minsmere - Both the adult WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPER and Pectoral Sandpiper remain on east scrape, also Curlew Sand present on south scrape.

Trimley Marshes - Wood Sand on the main lagoon + Spotted Redshank.

Thursday 5th.

Walberswick - Spoonbill on Tinkers Marsh.

Minsmere - The adult WHITE-RUMPED SAND and Pectoral Sand remain on the scrape.

Wednesday 4th.

Minsmere - Both the adult WHITE-RUMPED and Pectoral Sandpipers remain on east scrape + 9 Spotted Redshank.

Havergate Island - Juvenile RED-NECKED PHALAROPE on the RSPB reserve + juvenile Black Tern & juvenile Caspian Gull present.

Tuesday 3rd.

Waveney Area - A pale morph BOOTED EAGLE was reported high over visitor + Share Marsh Carlton Marshes at 09:30hrs before being lost to view, also PURPLE HERON continues to be seen mainly in flight at the SWT reserve.

Minsmere - The adult WHITE-RUMPED SAND + Pectoral Sand remain on the scrape though mobile, also 2 limosa Black-tailed Godwits and 9 Spotted Redshank present.

Hollesley - 2 Spoonbill Hollesley Marshes.

Monday 2nd.

Waveney Area - PURPLE HERON on view from the southern end of Share Marsh Carlton Marsh SWT at 09:53hrs then again from the Lookout Hide at 14:40hrs & 18:20hrs + Great Egret. ROSE-COLOURED STARLING reported in garden in Gorleston this morning.

Minsmere - Both the adult WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPER and Pectoral Sandpiper remain on the scrape, also adult Roseate Tern & 14 Little Gulls present (photo Brian Small).

Sunday 1st.

Minsmere - The 2nd WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPER of the year for both the county and the reserve was found on south scrape this morning. The Pectoral Sandpiper (photo Andrew Moon) was again on east scrape along with a Wood Sand.

Alde Estuary - 10 Spoonbill Hazelwood Marshes.

Havergate Island - Single Roseate and Arctic Tern on the RSPB reserve

Hollesley - MARSH WARBLER trapped, ringed from a private garden within the village. Single Wood Sand at Hollesley Marshes

Deben Estuary - 2 Cattle Egret present at Ramsholt Lodge Marsh + 2 Great Egret. Wood Sand seen on the saltings at Bawdsey Quay.

Felixstowe - Great Egret south over the ferry and also seen over LBO.