Suffolk Birding with BINS


Waxwing - Andrew Moon.


Sunday 16th.

Lowestoft Area - 3+ Water Pipit at Carlton Marsh SWT + 2 Short-eared Owl.

Dunwich - 2 Great Egrets on Dingle Marshes.

North Warren - 24 EWFG on North Marsh.

Sudbourne - 5 Short-eared Owl, ringtail Hen Harrier & Merlin noted.

Hollesley - 9 EWFG Hollesley Marsh.

Bawdsey - 3 Shorelarks, Common Scoter & Purple Sand all present at East Lane.

Kesgrave - Rose-coloured Starling still along Bugsby Way.

Orwell Estuary - Ring-necked Parakeet over Levington Marina towards Stratton Hall.

Thorington Street - The 2 Bewicks Swan remain in fields B1068 / Marsh Road.

Saturday 15th.

Minsmere - Redhead Smew still on East scrape.

Bawdsey - The 3 Shorelark remain on the beach North of the lagoons at East Lane though mobile + Common Scoter. (photo Lee Woods).

Felixstowe - The 4 Tundra Bean Geese were again seen in arable fields viewable from Gulpher Road at TM.312.364.

Orwell Estuary - Great Northern Diver on the river viewable from Levington Creek + Water Pipit still.

Friday 14th.

Minsmere - Redhead Smew on East scrape though no sign of the Grey Phalarope.

Butley - Single Whooper Swan viewable in fields between Butley - Boyton.

Bawdsey - 3 Shorelark still present on the beach North of the lagoons.

Kesgrave - The Rose-coloured Starling was seen along Bugsby Way in the garden of nr.43.

Stour Estuary - Slavonian Grebe on the estuary between buoys 4 & 5.

Thursday 13th.

Minsmere - A Grey Phalarope was a surprise find on West scrape late morning.

North Warren - 51 Eurasian White-fronted Geese on North Marsh,

Blaxhall - Ringtail Hen Harrier South over Blaxhall Common.

Bawdsey - 3 Shorelark still on the beach + 2 Common Scoter on the salt water lagoon. Ringtail Hen Harrier West over Bawdsey Marshes heading West towards Ramsholt.

Kesgrave - The Rose-coloured Starling remain in private gardens along Bugsby Avenue.

Wednesday 12th.

Walberswick - A Common Crane was noted at Tinkers Marsh in agricultural crop.

Minsmere - Great Egret on the reserve.

Orfordness - Rough-legged Buzzard on the NT reserve viewed from the river wall at Orford.

Hollesley - 7 Eurasian White-fronted Geese on the RSPB reserve.

Bawdsey - The 3 Shorelark remain on the beach at East Lane by the 1st saline lagoon + fem Common Scoter

Tuesday 11th.

Minsmere - Long-eared Owl seen by Island Mere at dusk.

Orford - Rough-legged Buzzard seen from the river wall at Orford then flew toward Sudbourne + ringtail Hen Harrier seen.

Havergate - 4 Bewicks Swan West over the RSPB reserve at 11:00hrs.

Gedgrave - Short-eared Owl at the South end of Gedgrave Marshes.

Boyton - 4 Bewicks Swan over Butley Marshes towards Butley Creek.

Hollesley - 4 Tundra Bean Geese showing well from the viewing platform at the RSPB reserve + 5 Pink-footed Geese over.

Bawdsey - 3 Shorelark still present North of East Lane by the first martello tower on seaward side of the lagoon. Water Pipit briefly by the 2nd lagoon before flying North.

Thorington Street - 2 Bewicks Swan still just East of Thorington Street in beet field at junction of B1068 & Marsh Road.

Monday 10th.

Lowestoft Area - The Red-rumped Swallow that was seen briefly at Gorleston yesterday was re-found this afternoon along Kessingland beach where it showed well throughout the afternoon, near-by the Dusky Warbler remained elusive as ever, 2 Black Redstart at Ness Point. (photo Andrew Moon).

Bawdsey - The 3 Shorelark continue to show on the beach between East Lane - Shingle Street.

Stratford St. Mary - An unconfirmed report of a Snowy Owl was forth-coming at Hall Farm at 10:30.

Thorington Street - 2 Bewicks Swan in ploughed field viewable from the end of Marsh Lane.

Sunday 9th.

Lowestoft Area - A Red-rumped Swallow was reported along Gorleston sea front at 13:50hrs.  The Dusky Warbler remains along the approach track to the sewage works at Kessingland. Access From Church Road. 4 Cattle Egret roosted again at Carlton Marshes on Whitecast Marsh. 7 Purple Sands at Ness Point + 2 Black Redstart in the SLP yard.

Minsmere - Great Egret seen from North wall late afternoon.

Havergate - Rough-legged Buzzard still on the RSPB reserve presumed the same bird was then seen on near-by Orfordness.

Bawdsey - 3 Shorelark still by the lagoon near the martello tower at East Lane.

Kesgrave - The Rose-coloured Starling continues to show in private garden along Bugsby Way. (photo Matthew Deans)

Brecks - Great Grey Shrike still West of Brandon Park Heath in new clearfell by Poachers Way cycle trail at TL.767.640. 3 Great Egret Lakenheath RSPB. Caspian Gull in the Gull roost at Lackford Lakes SWT.

Saturday 8th.

Lowestoft Area - The Dusky Warbler continues to show at Kessingland sewage works although remains generally elusive. 4 Cattle Egrets remain at Carlton Marsh SWT. (photo Chris Courtney). Waxwing over Gunton mid afternoon

Minsmere - Great Egret shsowing well on West scrape.

Boyton - 4 Tundra Bean Geese on Boyton Marshes.

Bawdsey - 3 Shorelark still East Lane on beach near the martello tower by the beach lagoon.

Orwell Estuary - Water Pipit & Jack Snipe seen at Levington Creek.

Brecks - Great Grey Shrike still Brandon Heath Park at TL.767.640.

Friday 7th.

Lowestoft Area - The 4 Cattle Egret were again present on the scrape at Carlton Marsh SWT.

Reydon - 4 Waxwing over Wangford Road at 10:25hrs.

Kesgarve - Juvenile Rose-coloured Starling still present in a private garden this morning.

Lackford - Caspian Gull at the SWT reserve at Lackford Lakes.

Great Skuas seen today off Southwold (3), Minsmere (2) & LBO (5).

Thursday 6th.

Lowestoft Area - The Dusky Warbler continue's to show along the track to the sewage works by the 1st gates though generally elusive. Access from Church Road. Cattle Egret still Carlton Marsh.

Easton - Water Pipit seen at Easton Broad.

Bawdsey - 3 Shorelark still on the beach just North of the lagoons at East Lane + 2 Purple Sands present. 40+ Pink-footed Geese South over Bawdsey Hall early morning. (photo David Carter).

Wednesday 5th.

Bawdsey - 3 Shorelark still on the beach at East Lane.

Felixstowe - The 4 Tundra Bean Geese were again on arable fields by Gulpher Rd / Ferry Rd junction. (same as the Hollesley birds).

Orwell Estuary - 2 Short-eared Owls Levington Creek.

Tuesday 4th.

Lowestoft Area - Dusky Warbler still present at Kessingland sewage works by the first set of gates on right though generally very elusive. Cattle Egret Carlton Marshes. 7 Goosander still on Oulton Broad + Ring-necked Parakeet still Nicholas Everitt Park.

Hollesley - 4 Tundra Bean Geese again on the scrape at the RSPB reserve.

Bawdsey - 3 Shorelark between the martello towers at East Lane + SEO.

Levington - Water Pipit seen along the creek. (photo Will Brame).

Monday 3rd.

Lowestoft Area - The Dusky Warbler was again seen at Kessingland seage works though remains generally elusive. 1 Cattle Egret remains at Carlton Marshes + Water Pipit. (Please view only from the permitted paths and do not enter on to the marsh) 7 Goosander (1 drake) remain on Oulton Broad.

Minsmere - 2 Caspian Gull on the reserve + Hen Harrier, Greater Scaup & 7 Whooper Swan noted. Offshore both Puffin & Velvet Scoter noted.

Hollesley - 3 Caspian Gull on the scrape at Hollesley Marshes.

Boyton - 45 Pink-footed Geese just SE of Boyton Hall Farm on winter wheat.

Bawdsey - Purple Sand noted from East Lane.

Stour Estuary - Smew viewable from Cattawade bridge.

Sunday 2nd.

Lowestoft Area - A Dusky Warbler was discovered by the sewage works at Kessingland. The bird remained through-out the day though mainly elusive and was heard to occasionally call. 4 Cattle Egret on the scrape at Carlton Marsh SWT. Ring-necked Parakeet still in Nicholas Everitt Park. 6 Goosander on Oulton Broad. 2 Short-eared Owl on the beach at Kessingland.

Minsmere - Drake Greater Scaup still + 6 Whooper Swan on konik field.

Sizewell - 2 Waxwing South over gardens at Sizewell Hall + 3 Crossbill North.

Butley - Single Whooper Swan at Butley Ferry.

Hollesley - Lapland Bunting over the RSPB reserve calling, also 49 Pink-footed Geese, 4 Tundra Bean Geese & 3cy Caspian Gull.

Felixstowe - The 4 Tundra Bean Geese were again in fields at the ferry.

Trimley Marsh SWT - 3 Caspian Gull on the SWT reserve.

Kesgrave - Juvenile Rose-coloured Starling still on Bugsby Way..

Stour Estuary - Smew still on the estuary viewable from The Co-op at Manningtree.

Saturday 1st.

Lowestoft Area - Cattle Egret still on the SWT reserve at Carlton Marshes + Water Pipit. Great Northern Diver North off Kessingland.

Minsmere - A Puffin was seen close offshore heading South early morning.

Felixstowe - A Pomarine Skua was seen North offshore from LBO + 2 Little Gulls & 2 Bonxies were noted. At the ferry, a sub adult type Caspian Gull was seen on the knolls.