Suffolk Birding with BINS


Red-backed Shrike - Andrew Moon.


Saturday 30th June.

Minsmere - 7 Spoonbill on North levels then on East scrape + 10 Spotted Redshank on East scrape & 8 Little Gulls on South scrape.

Snape - Glossy Ibis on Botany Marsh though mobile + Spotted Redshank. (photo Andrew Moon)

Friday 29th June.

Minsmere - 8 Spoonbill on North levels. 9 Little Gulls on the scrape + 9 Spotted Redshank.

Thursday 28th June.

Minsmere - Adult Little Gull & 3 Spotted Redshank the highlights from the scrape.

Trimley Marshes - 2 Spotted Redshank on the SWT reserve.

Wednesday 27th June.

No news to report today.

Tuesday 26th June.

Minsmere - SAVI'S WARBLER heard briefly at 07:30hrs + 6 Spoonbill on North levels before flying over Is.mere. Little Gull on South scrape.

Earl Stonham - Turtle Dove (photo Barry Woodhouse).

Monday 25th June.

Minsmere - SAVI'S WARBLER heard singing again from Island Mere + 4 Spoonbill viewable from Whin Hill.

Trimley SWT - 2 Spotted Redshank remain on the winter flood.

Sunday 24th June.

Trimley SWT - 2 Spotted Redshank on the winter flood.

Saturday 23rd June.

Minsmere - SAVI'S WARBLER still heard singing from Island Mere + 2 Spoonbill viewable from Whin Hill. Also noted on the reserve, 3 Spotted Redshank & Little Gull.

Friday 22nd June.

Minsmere - Little Gull & 8 Spot Reds on the scrape.

Shingle Street - 3 singing Corn Buntings along the coastal footpath between Shingle St - East Lane.

Felixstowe - 2 Black Redstart at LBO.

Thursday 21st June.

Dunwich - Great Egret North over the heath.

Stutton - Honey Buzzard rptd over the village shortly after 08:00hrs.

Wednesday 20th June.

Minsmere - Spoonbill on North levels + Wood Sand on the konik field.

Tuesday 19th June.

Walberswick - Spoonbill on Tinkers Marsh + Spotted Redshank.

Minsmere - 2 adult Roseate Terns on South at 16:00hrs + 8 Spotted Redshank on the scrape.

Hollesley - Adult Spoonbill on Hollesley Marshes.

Monday 18th June.

Boyton - Spoonbill briefly on the flash before flying towards Havergate RSPB.

Felixstowe - Black Redstart singing from Tomline House within the dock complex.

Sunday 17th June.

No news to report today...

Saturday 16th June.

Minsmere - 2 Spotted Redshank on the scrape.

Boyton - Great Egret South over Boyton Marshes this morning.

Bury St Edmunds - A Black Kite was seen over Hardwick Heath at 20:25hrs.

Friday 15th June.

Dunwich - Velvet Scoter viewable off the cliffs amongst c1000 Common Scoter.

Needham Market - Great Egret over Needham Lakes at 12:30hrs.

Thursday 14th June.

Leiston - Black Kite reported over the Town.

Wednesday 13th June.

Dunwich - Velvet Scoter off the cliffs today.

Minsmere - Honey Buzzard rptd over the reserve today.

Tuesday 12th June.

Minsmere - Great Egret on pools behind South hide early morning.

Trimley SWT - 2 Spotted Redshank on the SWT reserve. (photo Will Brame).

Monday 11th June.

Minsmere - 2 Spotted Redshank on East scrape.

Boyton - Great Egret in field opposite the flash + Wood Sand on the flash.

Micklemere - Great Egret still present and viewable from the hide.

Sunday 10th June.

Lowestoft Area - A juvenile Glossy Ibis paid a brief visit to the scrape at Carlton Marshes at 11:50hrs before flying off East.

Minsmere - Curlew Sand still on East scrape + Spotted Redshank.

Boyton - Honey Buzzard North this evening + Bittern noted.

Woodbridge - Probable Honey Buzzard NE over Kingston playing field at 17:45hrs.

Felixstowe - 2 Arctic Skuas (dark & pale phase) off Landguard this morning.

Trimley SWT - Great Egret still on the reservoir.

Saturday 9th June.

Lowestoft Area - The Concrake continues to call from meadows along the county border with Norfolk at Bungay, the bird tends to call continually from 22:00hrs onwards.

Dunwich - Honey Buzzard flew West over The Granary.

Minsmere - Black Kite rptd South over the car park mid morning + Curlew Sand & 2 Spotted Redshank on East scrape.

Trimley SWT - Great Egret still on the reservoir.

Ipswich - Probable Honey Buzzard South over Foxhall Road at 17:10hrs.

Micklemere - Great Egret viewable from the hide.

Lakenheath - Male Montagu's Harrier South over the reserve this morning.

Friday 8th June.

Minsmere - Female Red-backed Shrike discovered at 09:30hrs in bushes viewable along North wall + Curlew Sand & 2 Spotted Redshnak on East scrape & 19 Common Crossbill South over the work centre.

Trimley SWT - Great Egret on the reservoir this morning.

Stowupland - Probable Honey Buzzard North at 12:58hrs.

Thursday 7th June.

Lowestoft Area - A Corncrake was heard calling continuously in the early hours on the Suffolk/Norfolk border near Bungay at TM.336.891. Take footpath along Earsham Dam to the bend in the river opposite Rose Hall Gardens. The bird was heard calling again from 20:10hrs and was even seen briefly in flight !

Minsmere - Curlew Sand & Spotted Redshank on East scrape.

Wednesday 6th June.

Minsmere - Curlew Sand & 2 Spotted Redshank on East scrape.

Trimley - Great Egret seen on Loompit Lake. (photo Will Brame)

Tuesday 5th June.

Minsmere - A Cattle Egret was seen to fly South over North Wall at 11:50hrs. Honey Buzzard SW over Whin Hill at 10:15hrs.

Monday 4th June.

Minsmere - Velvet Scoter again offshore on sea opposite North Wall + Common Crossbill over early morning.

Felixstowe - The 1st summer female Rose-coloured Starling was again on the common at LBO until 09:00hrs + Black Redstart by the point.

Sunday 3rd June.

Minsmere - Honey Buzzard SW over the car park at 12:10hrs then over Is.mere 12:20-12:25hrs with another probable Honey Buzzard seen before they both drifted off SW.

Shingle Street - A Montagu's Harrier was reported over at 09:45hrs.

Alderton - Honey Buzzard NW over the village at 12:45hrs

Felixstowe - Possibly as many as 3 Rose-coloured Starlings (1st summer fem & 2 adults) were present on the common at LBO throughout the morning until early afternoon when they became much more mobile. (photo Barry Woodhouse)

Saturday 2nd June.

Lowestoft Area - Osprey North over Kessingland Cliffs at 09:35hrs then over Oulton Broad shortly after.

Sizewell - Hawfinch West at 10:00hrs.

Thorpeness - Hawfinch South over the old caravan park at 08:05hrs.

Boyton - Hawfinch South at 10:05hrs

Felixstowe - A female/1st summer male Rose-coloured Starling was present on the beach at Landguard from 08:00hrs to early afternoon though mobile, also Hawfinch seen to fly South then North at 09:02hrs.

Lakenheath - A female Red-backed Shrike was seen briefly late morning by the pond near the visitor centre.

Friday 1st June.

Walberswick - Temminck's Stint again on Tinkers Marsh + 1st summer Little Gull & LRP.

Minsmere - 2 SAVI'S WARBLER heard singing from Island Mere today + Purple Heron seen in flight over the sluice and appeared to land on the levels mid morning + Short-eared Owl. Offshore, Velvet Scoter amongst c450 Common Scoter.

Needham Market - 2 Spoonbill East over Pipps Ford.