Suffolk Birding with BINS



Friday 31st.

Dunwich - The male IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF continues to sing and show by the Centenary Pond South of the coastguard cottages.

Westleton - A HONEY BUZZARD was seen soaring NE over the Rutting Fields where the heath meets the common at 12:45hrs.

Minsmere - A Bunting sp thought to have been either ORTOLAN or CRETSCHMAR'S was seen briefly in the dunes between the public viewing platform and sluice at 12:10hrs which then flew South. Despite searching, the bird went missing all afternoon but was re-found at 18:24hrs in gorse by the sluice where subsequent photos confirmed the birds identity as a female CRETZSCHMAR'S BUNTING, the first for Suffolk and UK mainland. 2 SAVI'S WARBLER present (1 showing well) from Island Mere early morning. Wood Sand on West scrape + Little Stint on lucky pool.

Aldringham - A Hoopoe was present on Aldringham Walks near the church at Olgilvie Almhouses in garden. Please from only from track. (photo Andrew Moon)

Hollesley - 5 Spoonbill at Hollesley Marsh RSPB.

Felixstowe - Turtle Dove + Spotted Flycatcher at LBO. 

Thursday 30th.

Dunwich - The singing male IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF was again present and and showing well by the Centenary Pond South of the coastguard cottages.

Minsmere - SAVI'S WARBLER still from Island Mere. Roseate Tern seen on South scrape at 15:45hrs, also Spoonbill & 2 Great Egrets seen on the reserve.

Alde Estuary - Osprey seen over Town Marshes at 10:15hrs before drifting off South + Spoonbill also seen NW at 10:15hrs.

Hollesley - 8 Spoonbill on the scrape this evening.

Wednesday 29th.

Dunwich - The IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF continues to sing and show well in birch trees South of the coastguard cottages + Short-eared Owl over.

Minsmere - The long-staying SAVI'S WARBLER continues to sing from Island Mere. Drake Garganey on the scrape viewable from East hide.

Tuesday 28th.

Lowestoft Area - Drake Garganey on the scrape at Carlton Marshes SWT.

Dunwich - The male IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF continues to sing and show well South of coastguard cottages in silver birches by footpath to beach.

Minsmere - The GOLDEN ORIOLE was again heard singing along the approach road to the reserve prior to 06:00hrs only.

Hollesley - Adult Spoonbill on the scrape at Hollesley Marsh RSPB.

Ipswich - MONTAGU'S HARRIER seen by the Orwell bridge at 06:20hrs.

Monday 27th.

Dunwich - An IBERIAN CHIFCHAFF (3rd or Suffolk) was heard singing below the coastguard cottages in silver birches by track that leads down to the beach/Minsmere mid afternoon and remained until dusk.

Minsmere - A GOLDEN ORIOLE was seen and heard along the approach to the reserve this morning. (photo Andrew Moon).

Boyton - Drake Garganey on Boyton flash.

Bawdsey - Osprey seen over Bawdsey Marshes mid morning.

Trimley Marshes - A ringtail MONTAGU'S HARRIER was seen over the SWT reserve then high NE towards the nearby dock complex at 07:10hrs.

Great Livermere - The drake RING-NECKED DUCK was again present on Livermere Lake.

Sunday 26th.

Alde Estaury - 2 Curlew Sands (1 fsp) on Hazelwood Marshes.

Felixstowe - Tree Pipit on the common in front of the obs this morning.

Great Livermere - Drake RING-NECKED DUCK seen early morning (06:30hrs) on Livermere Lake but no sign mid morning.

Saturday 25th.

Boyton - Drake Garganey present on the flash + 5 Spoonbill present of which 4 took flight at 16:40hrs and headed NE.

Hollesley - A male Hen Harrier was seen this afternoon heading towards Boyton Marsh RSPB + female Garganey on the main scrape.

Shingle Street - A ringtail Hen Harrier was seen to come in of at 14:30hrs and head towards Boyton RSPB.

Great Livermere - The drake RING-NECKED DUCK (metal ringed) remains on Livermere Lake.

Lakenheath Fen - 2 Garganey + Great Egret at the RSPB reserve.

Friday 24th.

Walberswick - Summer plumage Curlew Sand on Tinkers Marsh.

North Warren - 3 Spoonbill on South Marsh + Great Egret by the reed bed.

Hollesley - Spoonbill + 2 Garganey at Hollesley Marsh RSPB.

Trimley Marsh - Drake Garganey on the SWT reserve though mobile.

Great Livermere - The drake RING-NECKED DUCK was again on Livermere Lake.

Lakenheath - Temminck's Stint on the RSPB reserve on pool from Washland Viewpoint.

Thursday 23rd.

Lowestoft Area - A male Red-backed Shrike was found early morning just North of the sluice at Kessingland and remained throughout. A singing Wood Warbler was present at Gunton Hall between the lake and car park.

Walberswick - Wood Sand on Tinkers Marsh.

Minsmere - 5 Spoonbill NE over the reserve at 14:00hrs.

Great Livermere - The drake RING-NECKED DUCK continues to show on Livermere Lake though distant. (photo Barry Woodhouse).

Wednesday 22nd.

Lowestoft Area - A BEE-EATER was heard South over North Denes at 07:20hrs. The DOTTEREL remained on the beach at Kessingland until 06:19hrs when flew off strongly NW only to return at the Southern end of the denes around 07:30hrs.

Minsmere - Pom Skua North offshore at 14:20hrs.

North Warren - The GLOSSY IBIS is still on North Marsh + Great Egret.

Boyton - Spoonbill Boyton Marsh RSPB.

Hollesley - A possible Temminck's Stint was seen distantly from the viewing platform at Hollesley Marsh RSPB.

Great Livermere - A drake RING-NECKED DUCK bearing a metal ring was found on Livermere Lake at midday. The bird had previously been seen at Bowers Marsh and Abberton Reservoir Essex prior to this sighting.

Tuesday 21st.

Lowestoft Area - SAVI'S WARBLER still present at Carlton Marshes SWT. A DOTTEREL was seen on the beach opposite Kessingland beach caravan park at 20:15hrs and remained until dusk.

Lakenheath - Drake Garganey Lakenheath Fen RSPB.

Monday 20th.

Lowestoft Area - The SAVI'S WARBLER continues to show at Carlton Marsh SWT.

Felixstowe - A female BLUETHROAT was found along the butts late morning at LBO and remained until early evening though elusive at times + Wood Warbler within the compound. (photo Will Brame).

Trimley Marshes - Drake Garganey flushed from borrow dyke between summer and winter flood + Little Gull.

Sunday 19th.

Lowestoft Area - SAVI'S WARBLER still Carlton Marsh SWT. Pied Flycatcher Corton disused railway line.

Minsmere - SAVI'S WARBLER still from Island Mere + 2 Black Tern & 2 Little Gull on East scrape.

North Warren - GLOSSY IBIS again on North Marsh this evening.

Hollesley - 2 drake Garganey remain on the flooded meadow.

Felixstowe - Firecrest at LBO.

Trimley - 2 Black Terns on Loompit Lake.

Newmarket - Quail singing on the racecourse throughout the afternoon.

Saturday 18th.

Lowestoft Area - A GLOSSY IBIS (presumably the North Warren/Thorpeness bird) was seen late afternoon on the scrape at Herringfleet Marsh, Somerleyton. The SAVI'S WARBLER was again heard at Carlton Msrsh SWT. At Corton, a female Pied Flycatcher was noted at the\ old sewage works + female Common Redstart.

Minsmere - The long-staying SAVI'S WARBLER continues to sing by Island Mere + female Whinchat in dunes by public hide.

Thorpeness - A GLOSSY IBIS and 3 Spoonbill were seen North over the Thorpeness Meare at 09:46hrs. 3 adult Black Terns feeding offshore.

North Warren - GLOSSY IBIS present in the NE corner of North Marsh early morning.

Hollesley - 4 Garganey (3 drake) on the flooded meadow.

Felixstowe - ALPINE SWIFT reported over the town at 17:05hrs.

Great Livermere - 2 Black Tern at Livermere Lake though mobile.

Friday 17th.

Lowestoft Area - A male KENTISH PLOVER was seen at the eastern end of Breydon Water (Norfolk) viewable from the hide and more distantly from South wall. The long-staying SAVI'S WARBLER remains at Carlton Marshes. 2 Black Tern on Ocean Pit Weybread this evening.

Minsmere - SAVI'S WARBLER still from Island Mere + 3 Little Gull on East scrape.

North Warren - 2 Spoonbill on South Marsh.

Alde Estuary - 2 ad Little Stint at Hazelwood Marsh just prior to high tide then flew North + 11 Sanderling.

Hollesley - 3 Wood Sands on the flooded meadow at the RSPB reserve + 2 drake Garganey noted. 2 Spoonbill seen mid morning.

Felixstowe - Single Black Tern North of LBO.

Trimley Marshes - No sign nor sound of the SAVI'S WARBLER nor Wood Sand at the SWT reserve.

Great Livermere - 4 Black Terns present on Livermere Lake today.

Thursday 16th.

Lowestoft Area - The SAVI'S WARBLER is still present on Whitecast Marsh Carlton Marshes SWT.

Dunwich - A Roseate Tern was noted North off the cliffs at 09:14hrs + 9 Arctic Terns.

Minsmere  - SAVI'S WARBLER still from Island Mere + 3 Little Gull on East scrape. Osprey over scrape at 16:10hrs.

Alde Estuary - Osprey over Hazelwood Marsh at 11:35hrs. (photo Mark Cornish).

Trimley Marshes - The 4th SAVI'S WARBLER of the spring was discovered at the SWT reserve with a bird present between the reservoir and main lagoon which was audible from the hide by the visitor centre. + Wood Sand.

Wednesday 15th.

Lowestoft Area - Wood Sandpiper still Herringfleet Marsh, Somerleyton.

Southwold - No sign of the male EASTERN STONECHAT sp on North Marsh.

Minsmere - SAVI'S WARBLER still present and audible from Island Mere + 4 summer plumage Black Terns present on East scrape. (photo Peter Lakey)

Tuesday 14th.

Lowestoft Area - The SAVI'S WARBLER continues to sing at Carlton Marsh SWT. A Wood Sand paid a brief visit to Herringfleet Marsh this morning.

Southwold - A male EASTERN STONECHAT sp was found found early evening along the northern footpath by North Marsh. (photo Andrew Moon).

Hollesley - Ringtail Hen Harrier Hollesley Marsh RSPB + 2 Wood Sands on the flooded meadow.

Trimley SWT - Short-eared Owl still present and showing well at the SWT reserve.

Thetford - The LITTLE BITTERN continues to show on the BTO Nunnery Lakes viewable from Barnhamcross Common.

Monday 13th.

Lowestoft Area - SAVI'S WARBLER still Carlton Marshes on Whitecast Marsh.

Minsmere - The SAVI'S WARBLER was again singing this evening from Island Mere.

Deben Estuary - 3 Arctic Terns seen to fly down river from Felixstowe Ferry then flew North.

Elmsett - RAVEN NE over the village at 15:11hrs.

Thetford - The male LITTLE BITTERN was again viewable from Barnhamcross Common this evening as it fed on the Nunnery Lakes, earlier seen in an area of no public access.

Sunday 12th.

Lowestoft Area - The SAVI'S WARBLER continues to sing and show well on Whitecast Marsh Carlton Marshes + Short-eared Owl.

Minsmere - The long staying SAVI'S WARBLER continues to be heard from Island Mere + Little Gull.

Felixstowe - Whinchat seen at LBO today.

Trimley SWT - 3 Wood Sands noted today on the winter flood.

Thetford - A male LITTLE BITTERN was present and showing well on the Norfolk/Suffolk border this afternoon on the Nunnery Lakes NR Thetford at TL.868.809.

Lakenheath - 3 Great Egrets on the RSPB reserve.

Saturday 11th.

Lowestoft Area - A SAVI'S WARBLER was heard and seen during the evening on Whitecast Marsh Carlton Marsh SWT. The  male Pied Flycatcher continues to show in Maltsters Score.

Walberswick - Short-eared Owl Tinkers Marsh.

Minsmere - SAVI'S WARBLER still from Island Mere + 2 Little Stint on the scrape.

Aldeburgh - Osprey North at 10:35hrs.

Boyton - 2 Garganey (1 drake) on the flash at Boyton Marsh RSPB.

Trimley SWT - No sign of the Temminck's Stint nor Black Terns but drake Garganey noted & Short-eared Owl remains.

Great Blakenham - RAVEN North over the village early afternoon.

Lackford - Black Tern at the SWT reserve this evening.

Friday 10th.

Lowestoft Area - A male Pied Flycatcher was seen in Maltesers Score this morning. Ring Ouzel by Corton old sewage works.

Reydon - Short-eared Owl seen at Hen Reedbeds (flight photo Andrew Moon)

Minsmere - The SAVI'S WARBLER continues to sing by Is.mere + Little Stint on East scrape.

Snape - Wood Sandpiper on Botany Marshes this aternoon.

Hollesley - Short-eared Owl this evening at the RSPB reserve.

Woodbridge - RAVEN East over Bredfield Road being mobbed by Crows mid aternoon

Trimley SWT - 2 Temminck's Stint on the winter flood today + 3 Black Tern & 2 Arctic Tern on the reservoir & a Short-eared Owl between the reserve and managed retreat. (photo Peter Lakey).

Great Livermere - Black Tern on Livermere Lake.

Lackford - Black Tern at the SWT reserve.

Lakenheath - Wood Sand at the RSPB reserve + 7 Black Tern.

Thursday 9th.

Lowestoft Area - 7 Common Crane Calton Colville viewed rom Pakefield. Female Pied Flycatcher seen in Maltsters Score.

Walberswick - Wood Sand at Tinkers Marsh + Spoonbill on the Blyth Estuary. 5 Common Crane over Westwood Marshes at 13:20hrs.

Minsmere - The SAVI'S WARBLER was again heard from Island Mere hide + 2 Arctic Terns.

Eastbridge - A Common Crane was seen West at 10:30hrs.

Thorpeness - Common Crane South over Aldringham Walks at 10:38hrs.

North Warren - Osprey seen North over the beach at 09:20hrs.

Alde Estuary - Common Crane South over Town Marshes at 10:49hrs then flew West up the estuary until lost to view over Iken/Snape at 11:01hrs. Spoonbill present at Hazelwood Marshes.

Hollesley - Spoonbill on Hollesley Marshes.

Woodbridge - Osprey over the town at 13:20hrs

Felixstowe - A SERIN was seen to fly over the LBO at 09:50hrs which was soon relocated at the Southern end of the common. The bird remained on site until c10:30hrs when flew towards the dock complex + 2 Black Tern North

Trimley SWT - The Temminck's Stint remains on the winter flood.

Great Livermere - 2cy Little Gull Livermere Lake.

Wednesday 8th.

Lowestoft Area - 9 Black Tern at Ocean Pit Weybread this afternoon/early evening.

Minsmere - SAVI'S WARBLER still on Is.mere

Felixstowe - 28 Black Tern North off LBO today + 2 Spotted Flycatcher.

Trimley SWT - A Temminck's Stint was present on the summer flood (viewable from the winter flood hide) + 4 Black Tern over the river.

Alton Water - 5 Black Terns + 3 Arctic Tern at the dam end of the reservoir this evening. (photo Jim Mountain).

Great Livermere - 6 Black Tern at Livermere Lake this evening.

Lackford - 8 Black Terns at the SWT reserve over the sailing lake.

Tuesday 7th.

Lowestoft Area - A BLACK KITE was seen South over Herringfleet Marshes towards Somerleyton swing bridge at 13:11hrs + 5 Wood Sands and Garganey noted.

Minsmere - SAVI'S WARBLER still Island Mere + Spoonbill on South levels early morning and 5 adult Spoonbill over the reserve.

North Warren - An Osprey was seen over South Marsh at 08:17hrs heading towards the Alde Estuary.

Alde Estuary - A colour-ringed Spoonbill was noted at Hazelwoood Marsh this aternoon.

Snape - 2 Wood Sand on Botany Marshes.

Orfordness - A SUBALPINE WARBLER (probable Western) was trapped and ringed early morning on the NT reserve. (photo c/o Dave Crawshaw/Mike Marsh)

Melton - Black Tern briefly through Melton fishing lakes near Wilford bridge this evening.

Felixstowe - Great Northern Diver North off LBO.

Trimley - Wood Sand on Trimley Marsh SWT.

Alton Water - 9 Black Tern on the reservoir viewabe from the dam then flew high east at 18:33hrs + c40 Arctic Terns through this evening. 10 Black Terns reported from Lemons Hill bridge at 19:00hrs. 

Great Livermere - 5 Black Tern at Livermere Lake this evening.

Monday 6th.

Minsmere - SAVI'S WARBLER still Island Mere. 6 adult Spoonbill on South levels + Turtle Dove on Whin Hill.

North Warren - Spoonbill on South Marsh then flew South at 07:50hrs.

Woodbridge - The adult male RED-FOOTED FALCON continued to show well at the eastern end of the disused runway at Woodbridge USAF base until 10:31hrs when flew North and hadn't returned by 14:45hrs! Please do not park on the verge adjacent to the runway. (digi-scoped by Lee Woods top and Andrew Moon).

Thornington Street - 2 Turtle Dove were noted at the reservoir.

Sunday 5th.

Lowestoft Area - HONEY BUZZARD reported over Herringfleet Marshes mid afternoon + 3 Wood Sand.

Reydon - Spoonbill North at 06:58hrs.

Southwold - A COMMON ROSEINCH was heard singing from the sheep paddocks at Gun Hill prior to 08:30hrs only.

Walberswick - Immature Spoonbill Tinkers Marsh + Short-eared Owl & Spotted Redshank.

Aldeburgh - Ringtail Hen Harrier over Town Marshes this evening.

Hollesley - Wood Sand still on the flooded meadow viewable from the seawall + Short-eared Owl.

Woodbridge - Adult male RED-FOOTED FALCON still present. 2 Red Kites over Broomheath at 11:00hrs.

Martlesham - Osprey over the creek at 10:15hrs.

Felixstowe - Arctic Skua North offshore at LBO + 4 Arctic Terns & 20 Little Gull.

Needham Market - A distant Harrier sp seen at Pipps Ford at 17:00hrs.

Saturday 4th.

Lowestoft Area - Ring Ouzel still at the caravan park.

Minsmere - SAVI'S WARBLER still from Island Mere + Black Tern still on the reserve. Garganey from North hide & Little Gull on East scrape.

North Warren - Female Garganey noted.

Alde Estuary - Osprey over Hazelwood Marshes towards Snape at 16:30hrs.

Boyton - 2 Garganey (1 drake) Boyton Marsh RSPB. Whimbrel near-by at Shingle Street (photo David Carter).

Woodbridge - The adult male RED-FOOTED FALCON continues to show well at the eastern end o the disused USAF airbase.

Felixstowe - 2 Pomarine Skuas that were noted South off LBO were the highlight offshore, also 3 Arctic Terns noted.

Friday 3rd.

Lowestoft Area - Ring Ouzel noted in the SE corner of the caravan park.

Covehithe - 2 Great Egret at the broad.

Minsmere - SAVI'S WARBLER still audible from Island Mere. Osprey over the visitor centre this afternoon.

Hollesley - Wood Sand on the flooded meadow viewable from the sea wall at Hollesley Marsh RSPB.

Shingle Street - Grasshopper Warbler still present.

Woodbridge - The popular adult male RED-FOOTED FALCON continues to show well at the eastern end of the disused airfield.

Felixstowe - The first Spotted Flycatcher of the year was trapped, ringed & released at LBO. (photo Will Brame).

Great Livermere - 10 Arctic Tern briefly at Livermere Lake this evening.

Thursday 2nd.

Covehithe - Common Crane seen offshore drifting high South at 12:01hrs.

Southwold - 2 RED-RUMPED SWALLOWS were seen low South over the rugby pitch and towards the NE corner of Town Marsh at 13:14hrs. Common Crane seen circling over the town at 12:07hrs.

Westleton - Male Ring Ouzel on Westleton Heath seen from the approach road to Minsmere

Minsmere - SAVI'S WARBLER again from Is.mere this evening (heard only). Black Tern seen from the public viewing platform.

Woodbridge - The adult male RED-FOOTED FALCON continues to show well at the eastern end of the disused runway at USAF base Woodbridge.

Sutton - RAVEN over Sutton Hoo at 13:05hrs.

Felixstowe - Pied Flcatcher trapped and ringed early morning at LBO + Common Redstart, Black Redstart & Little-ringed Plover noted. (photo Peter Lakey). Red Kite over Blofield Road.

Great Livermere - 3 Arctic Tern Livermere Lake.

Wednesday 1st.

Lowestoft Area - Possible HONEY BUZZARD North over Kessingland at 10:25hrs.

Benacre - The adult WHITE-TAILED EAGLE present at the broad between 08:41 - 09:16hrs then flew NE out to sea. HONEY BUZZARD South over the broad at 09:59hrs. 2 Spoonbill North at 07:50hrs + Hobby

Southwold - 2 Common Crane North over the town early evening.

Dunwich - Grasshopper Warbler seen on Dingle Marshes. (photo Andrew Green).

Westleton - Turtle Dove on the heath.

Minsmere - SAVI'S WARBLER still Island Mere. 2 Spoonbill North over the reserve + 100 Common Scoter offshore but no sign of the possible BLACK SCOTER. 2 Turtle Dove. Osprey flew West over Island Mere at 16:10hrs + Ring Ouzel still.

Shingle Street - Hobby noted + Grasshopper Warbler & female Common Redstart.

Woodbridge - The adult male RED-FOOTED FALCON was still present & showing well at the eastern end of the runway.

Felixstowe - Firecrest + 3 White Wagtails at LBO.