Suffolk Birding with BINS




Sunday 31st.

Waveney Valley - Female GOLDEN ORIOLE at Redgrave Fen (middle fen) at 09:30hrs.

Minsmere - IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF still singing from Saunders Hill + 4 Little Gull & Black Tern on South scrape. Please note that reserve is CLOSED and access is only via public rights of way.

Alde Estuary - Single Spoonbill this evening at Hazelwood Marsh. 

Hollesley - 4 Spoonbill Hollesley Marsh RSPB.

Saturday 30th.

Minsmere - The IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF continues to sing by Saunders Hill.

Melton - 6 Common Crossbill NE over Melton Park at 07:20hrs.

Friday 29th.

Minsmere - IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF still present and singing from Saunders Hill + GOLDEN ORIOLE heard singing by Scott's Hall. Please note that the reserve is remains closed, please keep to public rights o way.

Hollesley - 2 Spoonbill on the scrape at Hollesley Marshes.

Shingle Street - Great Egret over.

Thursday 28th.

Minsmere - The long-staying IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF continues to show along the road to the reserve from Eastbridge (first seen 19th April).

Hollesley - 3 Spoonbill Hollesley Marsh RSPB.

Felixstowe - A female Red-backed Shrike was seen along the tomline wall Felixstowe Ferry at the North end o the golf driving range.

Wednesday 27th.

Waveney Area - PURPLE HERON high West over Peto's Marsh Carlton Marsh SWT this evening.

Minsmere - IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF still present + 2 Spoonbill in flight over Island Mere.

Hollesley - 6 Spoonbill Hollesley Marsh RSPB.

Tuesday 26th.

Waveney Area - Spoonbill on Peto's Marsh Carlton Marsh SWT.

Minsmere - Singing male IBERIAN CHIFCHAFF still present along the Eastbridge - Minsmere approach Road

Monday 25th.

North Warren - 3 Spoonbill on South Marsh this morning (photo Lee Woods).

Aldeburgh - 2 Common Crane high NE over the golf course at 08:50hrs.

Sunday 24th.

Westleton - HONEY BUZZARD over the village mid morning.

North Warren - Drake Garganey still on South Marsh.

Blaxhall - Singing GOLDEN ORIOLE heard in the village this morning.

Hollesley - Adult Spoonbill on the scrape viewed from the river wall.

Orwell Estuary - Possible BLACK KITE seen over Levington.

Saturday 23rd.

Waveney Area - Great Egret Carlton Marshes SWT.

Minsmere - The singing male IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF remains present along Eastbridge - Is.mere road at Saunders Hill.

North Warren - Drake Garganey noted on South Marsh this morning.

Alde Estuary - Quail heard this morning.

Ipswich - Ring-necked Parakeet in the old cemetery.

Friday 22nd.

Waveney Area - Glossy Ibis still on Petos Marsh Carlton Marsh SWT + Spoonbill.

Minsmere - Cattle Egret on South levels.

Thorpeness - A male Red-backed Shrike was present at the old caravan park mid afternoon before being flushed by dog-walkers and lost to view (photo Mark Cornish).

Alde Estuary - 3 Curlew Sands Hazelwood Marshes.

Woodbridge - Raven East over Bredfield Road early afternoon.

Thursday 21st.

Waveney Area - A Glossy Ibis was present on Peto's Marsh Carlton Marsh SWT this afternoon.

Covehithe - Eurasian White-fronted Goose on the Broad.

Blyth Estuary - Osprey still on the estuary

Minsmere - The male IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF continues to sing away along the Eastbridge - Is.mere road by Saunders Hill.

Felixstowe - No sign of the reported SUBALPINE WARBLER sp at LBO this morning.

Needham Market - Wood Sandpiper heard over Pipps Ford during the early hours.

Wednesday 20th.

Waveney Area - 3 Cattle Egret over Worlingham Marshes this evening heading towards Carlton Marsh SWT.

Blyth Estuary - Osprey still on the estuary viewable from Hen Reedbeds at 08:10hrs then flew upriver.

Minsmere - The singing male IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF remains along the approach road to the reserve from Eastbridge at Saunders Hill.

Deben Estuary - Short-eared Owl Falkenham Marshes + Arctic Tern feeding over the fleet then flew eastwards.

Felixstowe - A SUBALPINE WARBLER sp was reported on the Icky ridge at LBO at 13:20hrs before flying towards the vegetation on the beach beach and was not seen again.

Tuesday 19th.

Blyth Estuary - 2 Osprey seen from Hen Reedbeds early morning.

Minsmere - Singing male IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF still present between Is.mere and Saunders Hill at TM.458.689.

Alde Estuary - 2 Curlew Sands still Hazelwood Marshes.

Deben Estuary - Grasshopper Warbler heard reeling mid morning along Martlesham Creek.

Monday 18th.

Westleton - 2 Red Kite over the village this morning + HONEY BUZZARD over the Heath at 15:30hrs.

Minsmere - A singing male IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF was present between Is.mere and Saunders Hill (present since 19th April).

North Warren - Red Kite over at 11:30hrs

Woodbridge - Red Kite with missing primaries to the right wing seen over the town on a number of occasions this afternoon and noted over Grundisburgh at 17:40hrs.

Ipswich - 2 Red Kite over the NW edge of town late afternoon.

Sunday 17th.

Dunwich - Osprey North at 08:15hrs.

Alde Estuary - Curlew Sand Hazelwood Marshes this evening + 2 Sanderling.

Orwell Estuary - 1st summer Little Gull Loompit Lake (2nd day)

Newbourne - CASPIAN TERN rptd North over the village around 08:00hrs heading towards Martlesham Creek (Deben Estuary).

Elmsett - Osprey East over the village at 16:25hrs.

Saturday 16th.

Blythburgh - Osprey flew up the estuary this evening.

Hollesley - Spoonbill on the main scrape at Hollesley Marsh RSPB.

Deben Estuary - Short-eared Owl seen hunting over the river wall at Falkenham Marshes.

Felixstowe - HONEY BUZZARD rptd South over the town mid afternoon.

Stour Estuary - Temminck's Stint seen on White Horse Marsh, Brantham early evening then flew towards Cattawade white bridge where it was lost to view.

Friday 15th.

Sizewell - 4 Black Redstart by the power station.

Felixstowe - A SHORT-TOED LARK was seen at the Southern end of the common at LBO just prior to 07:00hrs before flying high South and no further sign.

Needham Market - Raven South over the town this morning.

Thursday 14th.

Lowestoft Area - Male Black Redstart behind the police station in the town. Red Kite North over Heritage Green Kessingland at 10:26hrs + Harrier sp noted.

Walberswick - Female Whinchat noted.

Hollesley - Adult Spoonbill on the scrape this evening.

Shingle Street - Short-eared Owl this morning.

Orwell Estuary - Turtle Dove by the entrance to Levington Creek.

Stour Estuary - Osprey at Cattawade this afternoon.

Wednesday 13th.

No news to report today.

Tuesday 12th.

Alde Estuary - 2 Spoonbill high over Hazelwood Marshes (photo Mark Cornish)

Chilliesford - 2 Raven West over the village at 13:18hrs

Monday 11th.

Stour Estuary - Ring-tail Harrier sp over Stutton Mill at 17:45hrs.

Sunday 10th.

Minsmere - Ring-tail Hen Harrier South over South levels at 07:10hrs.

North Warren - Spoonbill on South Marsh this morning.

Alde Estuary - Up to 4 Curlew Sands on the estuary this afternoon + c250 Tundra Ringed Plover noted (photo Mark Cornish)

Hollesley - 3 Spoonbill on the scrape this evening.

Saturday 9th.

Waveney Area - A GREAT REED WARBLER was reported this evening from Carlton Marshes SWT, earlier in the day, the 4 adult WHITE-WINGED BLACK TERNS from Southwold were re-found pn Peto's Marsh at 07:14hrs. Osprey seen over St Michael's church area of Oulton Broad at 12:30hrs. 3 Little Tern along the beach at Kessingland. Red Kite seen just SW of Beccles.

Southwold - 4 adult WHITE-WINGED BLACK TERNS were discovered over Town Marshes at 06:29hrs and remained until 06:45hrs when flew North (photo Brian Small). Great Egret North mid afternoon + Female Pied Flycatcher seen by the sewage works

Reydon - Red Kite over Smere Marshes.

Walberswick - A distant ring-tail Harrier sp was seen to fly beyond the church.

Aldeburgh - Possible HONEY BUZZARD seen NE over the golf course being mobbed and lost to view at 14:45hrs.

Hollesley - Spoonbill briefly on the winter flood at the RSPB reserve + Red Kite over the village.

Melton - Red Kite SW over Melton Park at 15:57hrs.

Friday 8th.

Waveney Area - A ring-tail Hen Harrier sp thought to be a female MONTAGU'S HARRIER was seen NE over Huntingfield around midday. Turtle Dove South over Elmham St Margaret

Southwold - Spoonbill on Town Marshes this evening.

Aldringham - Osprey South over Aldringham Walks at 18:20hrs.

North Warren - Great Egret on North Marsh.

Bucklesham - Raven reported over the village at 14:40hrs

Stour Estuary - Osprey over East Bergholt seen heading East up the estuary and what was presumably the same individual seen heading SE toward Brantham decoy at 13:45hrs.

Thursday 7th.

Waveney Area - Osprey South along the A12 at Kessingland just after 11:00hrs. Red Kite seen over the town.

Wenhaston - A BLACK KITE was seen North over the village at 15:15hrs (Aldeburgh bird?)

Minsmere - HOODED CROW South over South levels and landed in Sizewell pines at 07:55hrs.

Alde Estuary - A BLACK KITE was seen soaring over the estuary before drifting North at 14:40hrs.

Hollesley - Spoonbill on the scrape.

Ipswich - 4 Ring-necked Parakeet seen over Woodbridge Road.

Long Melford - 3 Spotted Flycatchers seen in the village (photo Darren Underwood).

Wednesday 6th.

Hollesley - Firecrest in the village.

Deben Estuary - A PURPLE HERON was seen briefly early morning (06:50hrs) at Kingsfleet before taking flight and headed towards Trimley.

Felixstowe - 3 Whinchat present on the common at LBO (photo Will Brame).

Trimley Marshes - Temminck's Stint on the SWT reserve.

Tuesday 5th.

Thorpeness - 3 Pom Skua and a single Manx Shearwater noted North offshore today.

Felixstowe - Female Common Redstart seen at LBO today

Monday 4th.

Minsmere - 2 Garganey (1 drake) on South levels.

Alde Estuary - Spoonbill over Hazelwood Marshes

Ipswich - Common Crane West over the centre of town mid morning.

Sunday 3rd.

Felixstowe - Short-eared Owl still present by the ferry golf course.

Lavenham - Glossy Ibis NW over the village at 19:30hrs.

Saturday 2nd.

Dunwich - A HOODED CROW was rptd from the shore pools late morning.

Sizewell - A ring-tail Harrier sp was seen circling before drifting North at 14:45hrs.

Melton - 4 Raven seen circling over the village before heading towards the tide mill. 

Brecks - The first returning Nightjar was heard churring in the Kings Firest this evening.

Several Hobbies reported around the county today.

Friday 1st May.

Westleton - Male Ring Ouzel on the heath

Hollesley - 3 Wood Sands on the winter flood at Hollesley Marsh RSPB.

Felixstowe - Short-eared Owl seen on the Ferry saltings then over near-by golf course + 21 Whimbrel.