Suffolk Birding with BINS


Woodchat Shrike - Andrew Moon.


Monday 31st.

Waveney Area -  3 Spoonbill + Great Egret on Peto's Marsh Carlton Marsh SWT.

Southwold - MARSH WARBLER reported singing from within the town.

Trimley Marshes - The 2 BLACK-WINGED STILITS remain on the summer flood at the SWT reserve.

Sunday 30th.

Waveney Area - 3 Common Crane seen circling over Aldeby area and headed off towards Haddiscoe at 11:58hrs.

Minsmere - Black Redstart by the sluice shortly after 08:00hrs.

Westleton - 3 Common Crane NE over the heath at 09:37hrs.

Trimley Marshes - The 2 BLACK-WINGED STILTS remain on the summer flood.

Ixworth - A Quail was audible just east of the A143 during the early hours.

Saturday 29th.

Waveney Area - 3 Spoonbill Carlton Marshes early morning then headed towards Oulton Broad.

Westleton - 5 Common Crane seen over Mount Pleasant Farm at 09:07hrs then later seen over Eastbridge shortly after 10.00hrs.

North Warren - 6 Spoonbill late evening on South Marsh.

Butley - Spoonbill flew up river toward Boyton at 15:50hrs.

Kesgrave - The long-staying singing male IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF continues to show on Foxhall Heath.

Trimley Marshes - The 2 BLACK-WINGED STILTS remain on the summer flood on the SWT reserve. A GOLDEN ORIOLE was heard singing from trees from the Eastern corner of the managed retreat (photo Chris Courtney).

Friday 28th.

Waveney Area - An adult WOODCHAT SHRIKE presumed the same individual from East Lane on 23 May was found at Kessingland sluice at 11:10hrs. 1s Little Gull Peto's Marsh Carlton Marshes.

Reydon - Single Common Crane seen circling then head SW over the village at 09:14hrs. 5 Common Crane seen just north of the village at 12:30hrs then lost to view.

Minsmere - Curlew Sand present on North Girder + 1s Little Gull on East scrape.

Hollesley - Single Spoonbill Hollesley Marsh RSPB

Felixstowe - Black Redstart still LBO.

Trimley Marshes - 2 BLACK-WINGED STILITS discovered on the summer flood at 08:35hrs and remained throughout the day (photo Peter Lakey).

Thursday 27th.

Waveney Area - 3 Spoonbill Petos' Marsh Carlton Marsh SWT.

Sizewell - Male Black Redstart seen along the perimeter fence by the power station

Hollesley - 2 Spoonbill still Hollesley Marshes.

Felistowe - 2 Black Redstart still LBO.

Trimley Marshes - Little Stint noted on the winter flood.

Kesgrave - The IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF continues to sing intermittently on Foxhall Heath just south of the stadium.

Wednesday 26th.

Carlton Marshes - 2 Spoonbill on Peto's Marsh at 11:20hrs.

Minsmere - The 1st summer GOLDEN ORIOLE continues to sing from trees by the visitor centre and was then seen in flight by Whin Hill at 13:40hrs. Great Egret on the levels (photo Andrew Moon).

North Warren - A HONEY BUZZARD was seen north over north marsh heading just west of Thorpeness at 08:31hrs + Osprey south.

Felixstowe - A Blue Fulmar was seen south offshore from LBO + Spotted Fly & Black Redstart noted.

Lakenheath - Male GOLDEN ORIOLE (singing) again from West Wood Lakenheath RSPB late morning.

Tuesday 25th.

Waveney Area - Cattle Egret seen on Peto's Marsh Carlton Marshes this evening + 2 Spoonbill over.

Walberswick - A ringtail MONTAGU'S HARRIER was seen over Tinkers Marsh this evening.

Dunwich - 1s Little Gull on the shore pools until 11:10hrs then flew north.

Minsmere - A 1st summer male GOLDEN ORIOLE was seen and heard throughout the day on the reserve, but remained mobile and generally elusive + Osprey over Island Mere.

Aldeburgh - Spoonbill NW over the northern edge of the golf course at 15:43hrs.

Alde Estaury - Spoonbill seen from Iken Cliffs mid afternoon

Hollesley - Spoonbill Hollesley Marshes.

Bawdsey - A GOLDEN ORIOLE was present at the picnic site then flew north at 08:30hrs.

Felixtowe - 4 Black Redstart remain at LBO +Turtle Dove north

Stour Estuary - BLACK KITE seen over Wrabness / Wix (Essex) heading NW at 12:30hrs.

Lakenheath - Male GOLDEN ORIOLE singing and briefly seen in west wood.

Monday 24th.

Minsmere - 2 Spoonbill SW over the main reedbed at 14:20hrs

Boyton - Drake Garganey still Boyton Marshes + Spoonbill briefly before flying upriver towards Chillesford.

Bawdsey - No sign today of the male Woodchat Shrike at East Lane.

Felixstowe - 2 Black Redstart still at LBO.

Sunday 23rd.

Waveney Area - Common Crane south over Kessingland at 11:20hrs. WHITE-TAILED EAGLE seen between Kessingland - Benacre near the turn off for Pica Crystals.

Minsmere - 4 Spoonbill, Short-eared Owl+ Little Gull on the reserve.

Boyton - Drake Garganey still Boyton Marshes.

Hollesley - Spoonbill on the winter flood.

Bawdsey - A male WOODCHAT SHRIKE was found by the first lagoon at East Lane at 08:02hrs, then moved to the hedgerow adjacent to the concrete track south of the car park where it continues to show well throughout the day + Spotted Flycatcher (photo Lee Woods).

Felixstowe - Roseate Tern north off LBO at c06:00hrs + Black Redstart still.

Kesgrave - The singing male IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF remains on Foxhall Heath just south of the stadium.

Stonham - 2 Raven west late morning.

Saturday 22nd.

Southwold - Puffin, Manx Shearwater and Short-eared Owl seen offshore between 10:10 - 11:35hrs.

Reydon - Pink-footed Goose at Hen Reedbeds.

Dunwich - Puffin & 3 Manx Shearwater seen south viewable from the cliffs prior to 10:00hrs + Common Crane seen at 18:20hrs.

North Warren - 4 Spoonbill on south marsh this evening.

Boyton - Spoonbill still Boyton Marshes.

Hollesley - Adult Spoonbill still Hollesley Marshes.

Felixstowe - 5 Black Redstart seen at LBO.

Trimley - Great Egret Loompit Lake.

Friday 21st.

Dunwich - 4 Manx Shearwater south offshore prior to 08:30hrs + Bonxie north.

Felixstowe - 5 Manx Shearwater south off LBO by 10:00hrs + Spot Fly.

Thursday 20th.

Alde Estuary - A SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF was present and showing well and singing on Aldeburgh Town Marshes. 2 Spoonbill Hazelwood Marshes (Photo c/o Peter Kennerley)

Felixstowe - 3+ Spotted Flycatchers at LBO this morning.

Trimley - Great Egret still at Loompit Lake

Wednesday 19th.

Southwold - A 1st summer male Black Redstart as singing from the slope behind the flash.

Walberswick - Short-eared Owl seen at Tinkers Marsh.

Minsmere - 1st summer Little Gull on east scrape until 10:00hrs then flew north.

Boyton - Garganey present at Boyton Marshes.

Hollesley - An unseasonal Goosander (drake) was seen at Hollesley Marshes.

Felixstowe - 2 Black Redstart remain at LBO.

Trimley - Great Egret at Loompit Lake.

Tuesday 18th.

Minsmere - A PECTORAL SANDPIPER was discovered on south scrape shortly after 08:30hrs then flew north mid morning, also Curlew Sand present and Spotted Flycatcher in the sluice bushes.

Alde Estuary - The Osprey was again seen today from Aldeburgh Town Marshes and Iken Cliffs.

Boyton - 2 Spoonbill Boyton Marshes.

Melton - A Raven was seen over the river Deben at Melton heading towards Sutton Hoo.

Felixstowe - 3 Black Redstart still at LBO (photo Terry Hunter).

Trimley Marshes - Temminck's Stint again reported on the reserve late + Garganey.

Monday 17th.

Minsmere - A GOLDEN ORIOLE was heard to call twice from woodland by Canopy hide at 11:10hrs.

Alde Estuary - Osprey seen over the river viewed from Town Marshes being mobbed by Gulls at 10:00hrs.

Felixstowe - Black Redstart still at LBO.

Sunday 16th.

Waveney Area - Whinchat seen at Kessingland.

Southwold - A probable female GREY-HEADED WAGTAIL was present in the SW corner of the sheep paddocks late afternoon, though generally elusive. No sign of the male Wood Warbler from the sewage works today.

Minsmere - 5 Spoonbill on East scrape

Sizewell - 5 Spoonbill north at 06:40hrs.

Alde Estuary - 2 Spoonbill Hazelwood Marshes + Osprey on the estuary.

Boyton - 2 Spoonbill briefly at Boyton Marshes then flew east.

Deben Estuary - A ringtail Harrier sp thought to be a Hen Harrier was seen this evening at Falkenham.

Felixstowe - Migrants at LBO included Common Redstart, Whinchat, 2 Black Redstart + possible Siberian Chiffchaff. (photo Will Brame).

Kesgrave - IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF still present on Foxhall Heath 150 yards south of the speedway stadium.

Gazeley - No sign of the Hoopoe along Needham Street.

Saturday 15th.

Southwold - A singing male Wood Warbler was present in pines by the sewage works this evening.

Minsmere - 2 drake Garganey on south scrape.

North Warren - Spoonbill on south marsh at 06:30hrs.

Alde Estuary - The adult CASPIAN TERN flew over Aldeburgh Town Marshes at 06:55hrs, followed the river eastwards and appeared to head south, also 2 Spoonbill on the river. 3 Spoonbill were seen at Hazelwood Marshes. An Osprey was seen heading East late afternoon from Iken Cliff. 

Boyton - Wood Sand Boyton Marshes this morning.

Hollesley - 2 adult Spoonbill still Hollesley Marsh RSPB.

Trimley Marshes - Spoonbill on the summer flood + Spotted Redshank.

Kesgrave - The IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF (singing male) still present on Foxhall Heath.

Gazeley - A HOOPOE was seen along Needham Street at 1715hrs in grass by the side of the road.

Friday 14th.

Dunwich - A HONEY BUZZARD flew north over the heath at 10:10hrs.

Minsmere - Drake Garganey on south scrape.

Alde Estuary - An adult CASPIAN TERN was the latest BBRC species to be found on the estuary in a matter of just a few days. The bird was found on the river just before 18:00hrs west of Iken cliff car park where it remained until 19:55hrs when it flew NE. Spoonbill Hazelwood Marshes.

Hollesley - 2 adult Spoonbill still Hollesley Marsh RSPB.

Deben Estuary - Black Redstart by Ramsholt Lodge Marsh.

Woodbridge - HOOPOE was present at the east end of Woodbridge airbase at 1745hrs.

Lakenheath - A male GOLDEN ORIOLE was heard singing from Lakenheath Fen RSPB.

Thursday 13th.

Walberswick - 2 Common Crane were seen south over Tinkers Marsh at 07:40hrs and what was presumably the same birds flew over Hen Reedbeds towards Southwold late morning + Short-eared Owl.

Minsmere - HONEY BUZZARD seen over the main reedbed at 11:30hrs, also picked up south over near-by Eastbridge at 11:35hrs.

Aldeburgh - HONEY BUZZARD seen south over the golf course at 11:57hrs (same as Minsmere/Eastbridge bird).

Hollesley - Adult Spoonbill still Hollesley Marsh RSPB.

Wednesday 12th.

Waveney Area - Black Redstart noted in Gunton.

Southwold - Spoonbill south over the town at 1430hrs.

Felixstowe - Black Redstart still at LBO + Corn Bunting on the point. Offshore, 13 Arctic Tern came out of the river mouth then flew north.

Tuesday 11th.

Southwold - A GREY-HEADED WAGTAIL was present on the flash on the NE corner of Town Marsh between 06:30 - 07:45hrs (photo Andrew Moon), also Whinchat & Tree Pipit noted.

Walberswick - Little Stint present on the shore pools.

Hollesley - Adult Spoonbill still Hollesley Marsh RSPB.

Deben Estuary - Osprey seen late morning over Martlesham Creek.

Felixstowe - 2 Black Redstart + Tree Pipit present at LBO.

Trimley Marshes - Spotted Redshank on the SWT reserve, though no sign of the female Red-footed Falcon reported yesterday.

Kesgrave - The singing male IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF remains on Foxhall Heath.

Lakenheath - A female GOLDEN ORIOLE was reported from Lakenheath Fen RSPB + Garganey

Monday 10th.

Deben Estuary - The Glossy Ibis was again present on Ramsholt water meadows though remains mobile. Please keep to the public rights of way.

Trimley Marshes - A female RED-FOOTED FALCON was seen over the SWT visitor centre and appeared to drop down by the the reservoir at 15:30hrs, also Glossy Ibis reported from the viewing platform + adult Spoonbill on the summer flood.

Sunday 9th.

Waveney Area - Wryneck seen on Kessingland Denes just south of the caravan park. Whinchat's were seen at Ness Point and Link's Hill. LRP Peto's Marsh Carlton Marshes. 

Blyth Estuary - Curlew Sand on the river viewed from Tinkers Marsh.

Alde Estuary - 1st summer Little Gull on Town Marshes + Grasshopper Warbler. Curlew Sand viewable from Iken.

Boyton - 2 Adult Spoonbill Boyton Marshes.

Hollesley - Adult Spoonbill Hollesley Marshes then flew south at 15:11hrs (one of the Hollesley birds).

Bawdsey - 2 Whinchat at East Lane.

Deben Estuary - Glossy Ibis still on Ramsholt water meadows early morning then flushed by Sparrowhawk.

Felixstowe - 2 Black Redstart at LBO + 17 Arctic Tern out of the river then north.

Trimley Marshes - Glossy Ibis seen on the summer flood at 11:15hrs (presumably the same individual from Ramsholt) also 2 Temminck's Stint remain.

Orwell Estuary - Whinchat Levington Creek.

Kesgrave - Male IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF still on Foxhall Heath.

Stour Estuary - 6 Wood Sand at Cattawade at White Horse Marsh on the farthest pool viewed from footpath.

A small arrival of Spotted Flycatchers overnight, with birds present at Felixstowe Ferry x 2, singletons at Thorpeness Old Caravan Park, Aldeburgh and Long Melford.

Saturday 8th.

Waveney Area - A BLUETHROAT was reported this evening from a garden within Gorleston. No sign of the Buff-breasted Sandpiper at Carlton Marshes but Spoonbill present.

Minsmere - 5 Spoonbill north over North Wall at 20:37hrs.

Thorpeness - Pom Skua north offshore early morning.

North Warren - 2 Spoonbill on south marsh + Ring Ouzel seen along the short turf between the viewing screen and iron gate.

Hollesley - 2 adult Spoonbill on the RSPB reserve.

Trimley Marshes - 2 Temminck's Stint remain on the summer flood though distant.

Kesgrave - The male IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF continues to sing and show well just south of the speedway circuit on Foxhall Heath.

Stour Estuary - 5 Wood Sands on White Horse Marsh Cattawade

Lakenheath - 3 DOTTEREL (male + 2 females) were seen on the border with Norfolk c1/2ml NNW of Hockwold cum Wilton off B1112 early morning.

Friday 7th.

Waveney Area - The BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER was once again on the SWT reserve at Carlton Marshes this morning and remained on Peto's Marsh throughout the day + Curlew Sand & Spoonbill noted.

Hollesley - A RED-RUMPED SWALLOW was present at Hollesley Marsh RSPB from the viewing platform between 13:20 - 14:20hrs

Deben Estuary - Glossy Ibis again on Ramsholt water meadows this afternoon then flew west just prior to 17:00hrs

Trimley Marshes - 2 Temminck's Stint still on the summer flood.

Kesgrave - IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF still at Foxhall Heath near the stadium.

Thursday 6th.

Waveney Area - An adult BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER was found just before Turnpike hide on Peto's Marsh Carlton Marsh SWT at 11:12hrs and remained until 19:37hrs when flew high north (photo Chris Darby) also Curlew Sand, up to 5 Wood Sands, LRP, male Blue-headed Wagtail & 2 Spoonbill over.

Walberswick - Common Crane south over Tinkers Marsh at 19:00hrs + 2 Spoonbill (ad + immature).

Aldeburgh - A male Hen Harrier was seen west over the golf course at 10:43hrs

Alde Estuary - The BROAD-BILLED SANDPIPER was found again this morning at 08:42hrs amongst c600 Dunlin west of Iken cliff car park, also summer plumage Curlew Sand & 2 Spotted Redshank noted.

Iken - A Glossy Ibis was reported south at 08:10hrs.

Hollesley - Ring Ouzel seen by the 1st gate by the viewing platform briefly, also Spoonbill and Curlew Sand present on the scrape.

Bawdsey - A Ring Ouzel was present south of the car park at East Lane on lawn area by the martello tower.

Deben Estuary - Spoonbill seen at Kyson Point/Martlesham Creek early afternoon before flying SE.

Trimley Marshes - 2 Temminck's Stint remain on the summer flood though distant.

Kesgrave - IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF still present and singing from birches just south of the stadium.

Stour Estuary - 6 Wood Sands on White House Marsh East Bergholt

Wednesday 5th.

Waveney Area - An adult Common Crane was seen circling over Kessingland at 12:29hrs, the bird as also seen over Benacre at 12:34hrs before pitching up in fields on the north side of Smear Marshes, Reydon at 12:47hrs. 4 Woods Sands at Carlton Marsh SWT + Blue-headed Wagtail.

Minsmere - A BLACK KITE was seen over the main reedbed at 09:41hrs.

Thorpeness - A Short-eared Owl was seen at the old caravan park at 09:30hrs + a late Redwing was noted on Aldringham Walks.

Alde Estuary - A BROAD-BILLED SANDPIPER was found at 14:50hrs on the river amongst c200 Dunlin at Iken. Park as Iken Cliff car park and view from saltmarsh opposite isolated poplars at the west end of boardwalk at TM.397.568. No sign of the KENTISH PLOVER by 15:00hrs.

Felixstowe - Woodlark seen briefly at LBO + Common Redstart. Black Redstart singing from the roof of Walton House within the dock complex.

Trimley Marshes - 2 Temminck's Stint remain on the summer though distant.

Kesgrave - The singing male IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF remains on Foxhall Heath just SE of the stadium in birch trees.

Brecks - Osprey NW over West Row at 14:00hrs.

Tuesday 4th.

Alde Estuary - The KENTISH PLOVER was seen again from mid afternoon viewed from Iken, although mobile and rather distant.

Felixstowe - Greater Scaup south off LBO + 2 Black Redstart still present.

Trimley Marshes - Temminck's Stint still present on the summer flood at the SWT reserve.

Monday 3rd.

Waveney Area - BLACK KITE reported again over Peto's Marsh, Carlton Marshes early afternoon. Drake Goosander still on Oulton Broad. Blue-headed Wagtail Dickleburgh Moor.

Southwold - Female Whinchat on rough ground just north of the Bailey Bridge.

Blythburgh - Ring Ouzel seen just west of the village shortly after 09:00hrs.

Minsmere - A female Pied Flycatcher was noted in the sluice bushes.

Aldeburgh - A Spoonbill was seen at GR.465.576.

Alde Estuary - A KENTISH PLOVER was seen amongst Ringed Plover on the estuary at 16:57hrs. Park at Iken Cliff car park at walk NE at TM.405.562.

Havergate - Glossy Ibis north over the island at 12:30hrs, presumably the Ramsholt bird

Deben Estuary - The Glossy Ibis remained on Ramsholt water meadows until late morning when flushed

Trimley Marshes - 2 Temminck's Stint remain on the SWT reserve + 2 Garganey (1 drake). The Ring Ouzel was again seen along the approach track from Searson's Fram

Kesgrave - The male IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF continues to sing on Foxhall Heath.

Sunday 2nd.

Waveney Area - BLACK KITE reported again SW over Carlton Marshes at 16:50hrs. No sign today of the Hoopoe at Cralton Marshes, but single Wood Sand still present.

Covehithe - Male Whinchat seen along clifftop between Covehithe - Benacre.

Reydon - BLACK KITE east over the village at 13:50hrs.

Deben Estuary - A Glossy Ibis was present on Ramsholt water meadows this afternoon (photo c/o Kevin Verlander)

Trimley Marshes - 2 Temminck's Stint remain on the SWT showing rather distantly on the winter flood. Ring Ouzel still present on the ploughed field just east of Loompit Lake.

Lakenheath - Black Tern at Lakenheath Fen RSPB + drake Garganey.

Saturday 1st.

Waveney Area - The HOOPOE was again present on & off throughout the day at the STW reserve Carlton Marshes at the west end of the visitor centre meadow, also 4 Wood Sands noted. 2 Black Redstart (both 1w male/fem) at woodland burial field Gunton. 3 male Ring Ouzels on Worlingham Marshes.

North Warren - 2 Great Egret present.

Boyton - Wood Sand seen at Boyton Marsh.

Woodbridge - Raven again over Bredfield Road towards Grundisburgh.

Melton - Raven low west over Melton cricket ground at 16:45hrs then seen over the over the Deben shortly after.

Trimley Marshes - 2 Temminck's Stint remain on the winter flood at the SWT reserve + Spotted Redshank on the mudflats. Ring Ouzel seen from along the track east of Loompit lake in ploughed field.

Alton Water - A summer plumaged Curlew Sand was seen between the sailing club and play area late afternoon (photo c/o David Walsh)

Needham Market - Raven over Pipps Ford then flew NW.