Suffolk Birding with BINS


Pied Wheatear - Gary Mowles.


Tuesday 30th.

Waveney Area - 2 Purple Sands at Ness Point today.

Benacre - No sign today of the Humes Warbler but 10 Snow Bunting noted + Lapland Bunting in off.

Alde Estuary - The Grey Phalarope continues to show on Town Marsh but mobile + c60 EWFG present.

Hollesley - 5 Shorelark still present on the shingle ridge + male Hen Harrier over saltmarsh towards Boyton.

Deben Estuary - 2 adult Whooper Swan Falkenham Marshes but no sign of the Bewick's Swan.

Chelmodiston - 10 Corn Bunting along Lings Lane.

Monday 29th.

Waveney Area - Little Auk on the sea south of Ness Point then flew north at 1147hrs. 1w Shag in Lowestoft Harbour.

Benacre - The HUMES WARBLER was again present in the small copse east of Beach Farm although remained typically elusive + SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF. 4 adult Bewicks Swan on the broad + single Snow Bunting along the cliff face.

Southwold - Highlights offshore included singles of Great Northern and BLACK-THROATED DIVER + 4 Greater Scaup and Velvet Scoter.

Alde Estuary - Grey Phalarope on the flooded fields on the northern end of Town Marshes west of the allotments.

Hollesley - 5 Shorelark still on shingle by the river mouth viewed from the pillbox south of the river wall

Deben Estuary - Adult Whooper Swan and 2 adult Bewicks Swan on Falkenham Marshes.

Sunday 28th.

Waveney Area - Little Auk on the sea off Ness Point + drake Long-tailed Duck & 2 Velvet Scoter. 6 Snow Bunting on the beach below the steps to Rider Haggard Lane. 4 drake Long-tailed Duck reported north off Corton.

Benacre - The HUMES WARBLER remain in the copse just east of Beach Farm though elusive.

Southwold - 2 Little Auk and Great Northern Diver, Long-tailed Duck and Velvet Scoter were the highlights from this morning's sea-watch. 2 Purple Sands on sea defences by the pier.

Slaughden - Little Gull offshore.

Hollesley - 5 Shorelark flushed from the riverbank at Hollesley Marshes RSPB at 1238hrs.

Levington - Hen Harrier seen at Levington Creek.

Saturday 27th.

Waveney Area - 2 Velvet Scoter north past North Denes at 1428hrs.

Benacre - HUMES WARBLER still in copse east of Beach Farm in tit flock though mobile + SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF still & Lapland Bunting south at 1145hrs and Short-eared Owl over at 1220hrs

Southwold - 3 Puffin were noted offshore today (N 1021, N 1033, N 1318) + Great Northern Diver south & 2 Velvet Scoter at 1452hrs. 2 Purple Sands north of the pier on sea defences.

Orford - Long-tailed Duck still viewable from the quay.

Felixstowe - Grey Phalarope seen south off Felixstowe Ferry at 1053hrs + Great Northern Diver south off LBO.

Needham Market - 2 Raven north over the sewage works.

Friday 26th.

Benacre - The HUMES WARBLER was again present in the copse east of Beach Farm.

Walberswick - 25 Snow Bunting on the beach + Jack Snipe flushed from the reed edge.

Minsmere - 3 Whooper Swan on south scrape + Water Pipit over. 4 Y L Gulls on west scrape.

North Warren - 50+ EWFG on north marsh

Slaughden - 3 drake Goosander in off then headed west up the Alde,

Sudbourne - Great Egret on Sudbourne Marshes.

Thursday 25th.

Benacre - A HUMES WARBLER was discovered in the copse east of Beach Farm just prior to 1000hrs and remained until dusk though generally elusive + 2 SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF and a Snow Bunting over.

Southwold - Great Northern Diver south 0815hrs + 2 Snow Bunting on the beach. Black Redstart amongst the brick rubble by the cliff-top houses at Easton Bavents.

North Warren - 63 EWFG on North Marsh.

Orford - Long-tailed Duck still present and showing from the quay.

Bawdsey - 2 Hen Harrier (1 male) over Bawdsey Marshes.

Felixstowe - A NIGHT HERON was heard and seen as it flew low over the Observatory just prior to dawn.

Stour Estuary - BLACK-THROATED DIVER late afternoon viewable from Shotley Gate

Lakenheath - A DUSKY WARBLER reported calling late morning from Lakenheath Fen RSPB.

Wednesday 24th.

Southwold - 2nd winter Glaucous Gull again at the harbour mouth early afternoon.

Minsmere - 4 Whooper Swan on Is.mere.

North Warren - 7 Water Pipit on the marsh viewable from the viewing platform south of Sluice Cottage + 53 EWFG on North Marsh

Slaughden - 3 Shorelark still present south of the Martello Tower + Snow Bunting. Male Hen Harrier seen over Lanetrn Marshes then over Aldeburgh Town Marshes + Glaucous Gull north at 0952hrs. Offshore, drake Velvet Scoter noted on the sea amongst the large raft of Common Scoter.

Bawdsey - 4 Snow Bunting still at the quay (photo c/o David and Margie Carter)

Deben Estuary - Lapland Bunting still present between Felixstowe Ferry - Kingsfleet.

Felixstowe - Great Northern Diver flew over the observatory at LBO and continued up the Stour Estuary.

Orwell Estuary - BLACK-THROATED DIVER still being seen off Clamphouse Marsh, Chelmodiston, nearby 8 Corn Bunting Lings Lane.

Tuesday 23rd.

Waveney Area - A Grey Phalarope was present on the sea this morning between Kessingland - Benacre though mobile.

Benacre - Velvet Scoter north offshore.

Covehithe - Great Northern Diver north offshore. No sign of the Bewick's Swan on the broad.

North Warren - A Lapland Bunting was noted north calling along the beach near Sluice Cottage at 0835hrs + 60 Eurasian White-fronted Geese on North Marsh.

Alde Estuary - Male Hen Harrier seen over Aldeburgh Town Marshes then over late morning then over Slaughden.

Bawdsey - Puffin north offshore from East Lane at 1007hrs + Great Egret north. 3 Purple Sands on the rocks south of the car park. 4 Snow Bunting by the quay.

Deben Estuary - The Lapland Bunting was again present in stubble fields between Felixstowe Ferry - Kingsfleet though very elusive.

Felixstowe - Puffin north off LBO prior to 1000hrs + Snow Bunting & Black Redstart still.

Orwell Estuary - BLACK-THROATED DIVER still off Clamphouse Marsh, Chelmodiston.

Monday 22nd.

Waveney Area - Sea-watching from Lowestoft produced 2 Little Auk (N 0807) & (N 1016) Puffin (N 0845), Long-tailed Duck (N 0840), 6 Pale-bellied Brent Geese (N 1150) and 4 Little Gull north. Leaches Petrel reported off Ness Point (N 1305).

Benacre - 2 Little Auk (N 0955 & N 1440) + Puffin, 4 Little Gull. 3 Snow Bunting south of the broad.

Covehithe - Long-tailed Duck south + 7 Bewick's Swan still on the broad. 2 Little Auk (N 1435 & N 1519)

Southwold - 6 Little Auk (recorded were on sea 0755, N 0818, N 0845 & N 1409), 5 Puffin (N 0720, N 0812, N 0850, N 1314 & N 1410) Long-tailed Duck (N 0755) 4 Velvet Scoter, 171 Eider, 2 Manx Shearwater, 1 Sooty Shearwater, 1 Arctic Skua, 1 Bonxie and Purple Sand seen offshore + Long-eared Owl in off. Snow Bunting still in the denes south of Gun Hill.

Dunwich - Little Auk (N 1030) after being sat on the sea + Great Northern Diver (N 1210). 2 Water Pipit + Twite by the shorepools.

Minsmere - Puffin (S 1350)

Thorpeness - BLACK-THROATED DIVER N prior to 0800hrs.

Slaughden - Puffin (N 0853) + Velvet Scoter on the sea amongst c350 Common Scoter.

Hollesley - 3 Caspian Gull (ad + 2 x 2w) Hollesley Marshes.

Bawdsey - Sea-watching from East Lane produced Pom Skua (N 1045), Sooty Shearwater (N 1135), Puffin (N 1230) and 2 Tundra Bean Geese (N 1235)

Deben Estuary - Lapland Bunting in fields between the Ferry and Kingsfleet

Felixstowe - Pom Skua off LBO (N 1206)

Orwell Estuary - BLACK-THROATED DIVER still present on the river opposite Clamp house Marshes.

Sunday 21st.

Waveney Area - 21 Tundra Bean Geese west over Carlton Marshes SWT late morning. Shorelark still by the shore pools on Kessingland beach. Black Redstart again by the SLP building.

Southwold - A SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF was present in willows by the WC block in the campsite + Snow Bunting in the Denes, Offshore, 2 Little Auk noted (S at 1355hrs and N at 1446hrs) + Puffin N at 1245hrs.

Walberswick - 1st winter Caspian Gull on the out harbour wall.

Minsmere - Snow Bunting still on the scrape.

Thorpeness - 5 Goosander (2 drake) on the Meare.

Alde Estuary - Long-tailed Duck again on the river just beyond the Martello Tower at Slaughden.

Bawdsey - Short-eared Owl in off at East Lane at 1136hrs

Lakenheath - 2 Water Pipits still on the 2nd washland.

Saturday 20th.

Waveney Area - Shorelark still at the north end of Kessingland beach below Heathland Beach Caravan park + 2 Snow Bunting. 6 Purple Sands at Ness Point + Black Redstart at the SLP building. Caspian Gull seen on the roof of Morrisons at North Quay Retail Park

Minsmere - Snow Bunting still on East Scrape.

Sudbourne - Ringtail Hen Harrier Sudbourne Marshes.

Bawdsey - Great Northern Diver on the sea off East Lane drifting north.

Felixstowe - Ring Ouzel seen at LBO.

Orwell Estuary - BLACK-THROATED DIVER seen again on the river from Levington Creek + Water Pipit.

Lakenheath - 2 Water Pipit still present and showing well on the 2nd wash land + Raven.

Friday 19th.

Waveney Area - Shorelark at the south end of the largest lagoon opposite steps down from The Hollies north Kessingland beaach.

Benacre - 2 Snow Bunting between the Broad and Beach Farm.

Walberswick - 2nd winter Glaucous Gull again at the mouth of the harbour prior to dusk, also adult Caspian Gull on North Field at 1405hrs. 8 Spot Red on the shore pools + 3 Swallows south

Minsmere - Both the Shorelark and Snow Bunting remain on the scrape today.

North Warren - Great Egret on south marsh

Bawdsey - Red-necked Grebe north off East Lane at 1120hrs. Male Hen Harrier seen over the salting's then over the river towards Falkenham

Bury St. Edmunds - 3 Ring-necked Parakeet on the Howard estate.

Lakenheath - 2 Water Pipit showing well on the second wash land.

Thursday 18th.

Walberswick - 2nd winter Glaucous Gull along at the harbour mouth at dusk.

Dunwich - 2 Twite amongst the Linnet flock on the shore pools + Great Egret and 2 Raven north.

Minsmere - Shorelark + 2 Snow Bunting remain on the East Scrape along with 3 Caspian Gulls

Westleton - Raven south over the heath at 1020hrs.

Slaughden - Long-tailed Duck south close offshore at 0905hrs + Merlin and Purple Sand noted.

Felixstowe - Sighting's from LBO include a Puffin north, Great Northern Diver south then back north, 5 Snow Bunting south over the common + 2 Purple Sands on the point.

Trimley Marshes - 4 Snow Bunting and single Whooper Swan on the SWT reserve.

Lakenheath Fen - 5 Common Crane + 7 Great Egret at Joist Fen this afternoon.

Wednesday 17th.

Southwold - The 2nd winter Glaucous Gull was again seen at the harbour mouth late afternoon.

Dunwich - 2 Twite amongst the Linnet flock 1ml north of beach car park + Water Pipit, Spot Red and 3 Great Egret around the shore pools. Little Auk present offshore in Sole Bay.

Minsmere - Raven low over the scrape at 0850hrs and flew SW. Shorelark still present in the SW corner of East Scrape + 2 Snow Bunting.

Felixstowe - 2 Snow Bunting still at LBO + Great Northern Diver offshore.

Orwell Estuary - No sign of the Black-throated Diver off Chelmodiston at high tide.

Tuesday 16th.

Waveney Area - Little Auk briefly on the sea off Ness Point at 0842hrs before heading north and presumably the same bird seen on the sea opposite the swimming pool / Oval

Blyth Estuary - 2nd winter Glaucous Gull on the river viewed from Hen Reedbeds, then seen to roost on the harbour wall at Southwold. 

Dunwich - Single Twite present amongst the Linnet a the shore pools

Minsmere - Little Auk seen north offshore at 0805hrs. 2 Shorelark present on East Scrape + 6 Snow Bunting, a further 17 Snow Buntings were noted south along the dunes at 1113hrs. A Water Pipit was present on South Scrape as was a Caspian Gull. A SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF was reported along North Wall late morning. Female Red-crested Pochard on Island Mere.

Slaughden - 2 Shorelark remain on the shingle ridge south of the metal gate.

Orfordness - ROUGH-LEGGED BUZARD seen distantly over the NT reserve + Short-eared Owl & Merlin noted over Lantern Marshes.

Felixstowe - A Little Auk was seen north offshore viewed from the Ferry. 8 Snow Bunting remain at LBO + 2 Purple Sands.

Orwell Estuary - BLACK-THROATED DIVER still present off Clamphouse Marshes.

Stour Estuary - 10 Little Gull seen flying down the estuary towards Harwich early afternoon.

Chelmodiston - 8 Corn Bunting along Lings Lane.

Monday 15th.

Waveney Area - Little Auk seen early morning off Links Road.

Walberswick - 2w Glaucous Gull again on the harbour mouth wall.

Minsmere - Red-crested Pochard on Islandmere + Whooper Swan

Thorpeness - Yellow-browed Warbler seen at the Old Caravan Park just west of the track.

Slaughden - 5 Shorelark still present along the shingle ridge south of the metal gate + Merlin & Short-eared Owl Lantern Marsh.

Felixstowe - 10 Snow Bunting still LBO + 2 Black Redstart (1 trapped) & 2 Purple Sands on the point.. Offshore, Great Northern Diver.

Orwell Estuary - The BLACK-THROATED DIVER continues to on the river viewable from Clamphouse Marsh.

Sunday 14th.

Waveney Area - 45 Snow Bunting on the beach at Pakefield + drake Velvet Scoter on the sea. 2 Ring Ouzel were seen to come in off by the steps at Hollies Kessingland. A Puffin was seen north off Ness Point at 0801hrs + Great Northern Diver north at 0935hrs + 2 Purple Sands present.

Benacre - A probable DUSKY WARBLER was seen briefly late morning in scrub just south of the pits

Southwold - A SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF was present in sallows by Might's bridge. Little Auk north offshore at 0735hrs + Great Northern Diver.

Walberswick - 2w Glaucous Gull again at the harbour mouth (also seen from Hen Reedbeds earlier)

Dunwich - 2 juvenile Whooper Swan were seen to fly south from Dingle Marshes + 4 Spotted Redshank & Great Egret. A Great Northern Diver was seen to fly south offshore + Velvet Scoter north.

Sizewell - Suffolk's 4th PIED WHEATEAR was found late morning by Sizewell A. The 1st winter female remained on show for approx. 60 minutes before dissapearing within the power station complex. Other records of this rare Wheatear in the county come from Fagbury (1994), Shingle Street (2009) and LB0 ( 2015).

Thorpeness - Sea-watching between 0740 - 1110hrs produced north bound BLACK-THROATED DIVER, Little Auk, 2 Great Northern Diver, whilst 6 Little Gulls went south.

Slaughden - 5 Shorelark were present on the shingle ridge 1/4 mile south of the metal barrier though mobile. Offshore a Little Auk was noted as well as Great Northern Diver.

Felixstowe - 3 Great Northern Diver south off LBO.

Saturday 13th.

Waveney Area - Short-eared Owl in off at Ness Point. 60+ Snow Bunting still Kessingland North Beach. 4 Black Redstart still present at Ness Point.

Walberswick - 2w Glaucous Gull at the harbour + 6 Snow Bunting Dingle Marshes & Short-eared Owl noted.

Minsmere - 3 Snow Bunting still on the reserve + 1w Caspian Gull & female Red-crested Pochard on East scrape. Whooper Swan on Is.mere.

Sizewell - Black Redstart Sizewell A.

Ore Estuary - The Long-tailed Duck was still showing well from Orford quay.

Shingle Street - Short-eared Owl over fields beyond the Martello Tower at dusk.

Felixstowe - 10 Snow Bunting flew north over LBO + Pale-bellied Brent Goose south. 2 Purple Sands were present on the point (photo Gary Mowles).

Trimley Marshes - 5 Snow Bunting reported at the SWT reserve.

Little Stonham - 2 Raven over.

Stanfield - Ringtail Hen Harrier flew west over the village.

Thetford - A WHITE-TAILED EAGLE was seen circling jut north of the town mid morning.

Friday 12th.

Covehithe - 7 Bewicks Swan (3 ad) again on the broad.

Southwold - Velvet Scoter south offshore at 1045hrs.

Blythburgh - The 2w Glaucous Gull was seen off Hen Reedbeds this afternoon.

Walberswick - 2 Twite remain on the beach 1 mile north of Dunwich beach car park + 4 Snow Bunting, 2 Great Egret on the shore pools.

Minsmere - Shorelark reported on the beach near the sluice this afternoon.

Hollesley - Possible white-winged Gull (Iceland or Glaucous) seen south past Hollesley Marshes + up to 10 Caspian Gull on site.

Felixstowe - 10 Snow Bunting still at LBO.

Orwell Estuary - The BLACK-THROATED DIVER was again seen on the river between Pin Mill - Clamphouse Marsh.

Stour Estuary - Male Snow Bunting seen in Seafield Bay, Brantham.

Thursday 11th.

Waveney Area - c60 Snow Bunting on the beach approx. 1mile north of the Jolly Sailors public house though mobile.

Southwold - 2nd winter Glaucous Gull again on the harbour mouth + Little Auk on the river viewed from the Harbour Inn public house.

Reydon - A GOSHAWK was to fly inland along Smere Marshes.

Dunwich - Twite 1ml north of Beach car park + c50 Snow Bunting & 2 Great Egret by the shore pools. Firecrest in Greyfriars Wood.

Slaughden - 2 Merlin over saltmarsh south of the Martello Tower + Snow Bunting south.

Ore Estuary - Long-tailed Duck on the river north of Orford quay + Short-eared Owl on Havergate viewed from the Orford - Gedgrave river wall late morning.

Felixstowe - 9 Snow Bunting remain at LBO though mobile + Great Northern Diver offshore.

Wednesday 10th.

Waveney Area - 60+ Snow Bunting still on the beach at Kessingland though mobile. 2 Purple Sands at Ness Point.

Walberswick - 10 Snow Bunting on the beach 100 yards south of the beach huts + 4 Twite still.

Minsmere - An Iceland Gull was reported south offshore at 0935hrs. 2 Snow Bunting still on the beach.

Sizewell - 3 Black Redstart (fem/1w male) in sycamore trees in front of Sizewell A. Firecrest in the grounds of Sizewell Hall.

Deben Estuary - 3 immature drake Eider off Bawdsey saltmarsh.

Felixstowe - Lapland Bunting over LBO + Snow Bunting still present.

Trimley Marshes - Short-eared Owl seen at the SWT reserve.

Tuesday 9th.

Waveney Area - Puffin south close inshore viewed from Lowestoft North Denes late morning. 6 Black Redstart at Ness Point by the SLP building and turbine. 60+ Snow Bunting still on Kessingland North Beach + Jack Snipe.

Covehithe - 7 Bewick's Swan (3 ad) on the broad until 1125hrs when flew south.

Walberswick - Yellow-browed Warbler along the High Street calling / showing by cottage being re-thatched opposite Leveretts Lane. 9 Snow Bunting and 4 Twite on the beach + Little Auk on sea close inshore.

Dunwich - Firecrest seen in Greyfriars Wood by the bridge that goes over the footpath. 7 Bewicks Swan on Sandymount Covert pool (Covehithe birds). 3 Velvet Scoter south at 1355hrs close inshore.

Minsmere - Raven on the scrape then flew SW at 1450hrs + Whooper Swan on Is.mere.

Sizewell - 3 Velvet Scoter south offshore at 1401hrs.

Thorpeness - 3 Velvet Scoter south offshore 1405hrs.

Felixstowe - Short-eared Owl in off at LBO + 6 Snow Bunting.

Orwell Estuary - BLACK-THROATED DIVER seen from Levington Creek then headed towards the marina at 1540hrs.

Ipswich - 2 Ring-necked Parakeets in gardens along Dale Hall Lane.

Monday 8th.

Waveney Area - 63 Snow Bunting on Kessingland North Beach. 4 Black Redstart still at Ness Point.

Southwold - A Yellow-browed Warbler was present and showing well in the SE corner of the campsite (photo Andrew Moon). The 2nd winter Glaucous Gull was seen at the harbour mouth as was a 3rd winter Caspian Gull.

Minsmere - Glossy Ibis on East Scrape at dusk + 2 Snow Bunting on the beach.

Sizewell - 4 Black Redstart present along the perimeter of the Sizewell B. 5 immature Whooper Swan were seen to come in off then land on sea at 1600hrs before heading south shortly afterwards.

Thorpeness - Short-eared Owl south this morning.

Hollesley - 3rd winter Caspian Gull Hollesley Marshes.

Felixstowe - 7 Snow Bunting at LBO though mobile.

Ipswich - Ring-necked Parakeet seen in Holywells Park.

Sunday 7th.

Waveney Area - c50 Snow Bunting still on Kessingland North Beach in front of Hollies Caravan Park. A Raven was seen over Lidl supermarket, Beccles at 1310hrs.

Walberswick - Glossy Ibis south over Dingle Marshes at dusk.

Minsmere - 4 Snow Bunting remain on the beach by East Hide. Little Auk south offshore at 13:52hrs then landed on the sea.

Sizewell - Little Auk south past Sizewell Hall at 14:12hrs.

Thorpeness - The Yellow-browed Warbler remains at the northern end of the Old Caravan Park though very elusive.

Slaughden - Snow Bunting and Great Egret seen from the yacht club + 2 Eurasian White-fronted Geese in off then continued on south.

Felixstowe - 3 Snow Bunting on the beach at LBO.

Saturday 6th.

Waveney Area - c50 Snow Bunting on Kessingland North Beach below Heathlands Holiday Park. 4 Black Redstart still Ness Point c300 yards south of the wind turbine.

Southwold - A 2nd winter Glaucous Gull was seen on Town Marshes in the NE corner.

Minsmere - 2 Snow Bunting still in dunes behind East Hide.

Thorpeness - The Yellow-browed Warbler was again seen at the northern end of the Old Caravan Park though generally elusive + Short-eared Owl.

Shingle Street - Black Redstart seen by the Martello Tower and Battery Cottage (photo John Richardson).

Felixstowe - The 4 Snow Bunting remain on the beach at LBO + Dartford Warbler on the common, offshore a BLACK-THROATED DIVER was noted south.

Friday 5th.

Waveney Area - A Long-eared Owl was present and showing well in the NE corner of the Birdseye factory, near-by 3 Purple Sands and 3 Black Redstart at Ness Point. 12 Snow Bunting along Corton Cliffs.

Walberswick - 18 Snow Bunting, 5 Spotted Redshanks + Great Egret noted by the shore pools

Minsmere - 9 Snow Bunting present on the beach by east hide (photo Martin Dunn).

Thorpeness - A Yellow-browed Warbler was noted at the northern end of the Old Caravan Park.

Shingle Street - A Yellow-browed Warbler was seen along Twin Banks.

Felixstowe - A late Common Redstart was noted at LBO + the 4 Snow Bunting remain on the beach.

Lakenheath - 2317 Whooper Swan on Hockwold Washland early morning.

Good numbers of Thrushes, Finches and Woodcock were noted today.

Thursday 4th.

Waveney Area - 8 Snow Bunting on the beach at Gunton though mobile.

Southwold - Short-eared Owl in off + Velvet Scoter south. 7 Snow Bunting north over North Denes at 0949hrs.

Slaughden - A Little Auk was noted south at 1140hrs + Black Redstart on sea defences 150 yards south of the Martello tower. On the river, a Long-tailed Duck was present (photo Mark Cornish).

Bawdsey - Great Northern Diver south at 1030hrs.

Felixstowe - 4 Snow Bunting at LBO.

Wednesday 3rd.

Minsmere - Glossy Ibis over Island Mere early morning + Snow Bunting on the beach.

Aldeburgh - Hawfinch west over the east end of the golf course.

Tuesday 2nd.

Waveney Area - c20 Snow Bunting on North Beach east of the saline pool + Jack Snipe.

Walberswick - Lapland Bunting + 10 Snow Bunting on the southern end of the beach + Spot Red & Water Pipit by the shore pools.

Minsmere - 6 Snow Bunting still on the beach.

Deben Estuary - The DOTTEREL was seen again this morning c09:00hrs near Falkenham Creek but mobile + Snow Bunting seen in flight near Sheepgate Lake footpath.

Felixstowe - Ring Ouzel still present at LBO.

Monday 1st.

Waveney Area - 12 Snow Bunting on North Beach on the east side of the shore pools.

Minsmere - A Glossy Ibis was present on south scrape at dusk + 6 Snow Bunting.

Deben Estuary - The DOTTEREL was again present on Falkenham Marshes, though the flock of Golden Plover it is associating with remain mobile.

Felixstowe - The Ring Ouzel continues to show on the common at LBO. Snow Bunting still on the shingle ridge by the southern martello tower.