Suffolk Birding with BINS


Red-flanked Bluetail - Lee Woods.


Tuesday 31st October.

Minsmere - Great Egret & Little Stint noted on the reserve.

Shottisham - A Little Auk was picked up in the village and taken in to care.

Orwell Estuary - Great Egret flew over towards Levington Creek at 14:03hrs + fem type Common Scoter on the river viewable from Levington Marina.

Monday 30th October 2017.

Lowestoft Area - Little Auk on sea off Ness Point at 15:40hrs. Great Northern Diver past Gunton.

Southwold - 2 Little Auk 09:20 & 11:40, Great Northern Diver N 09:50, Slav Grebe, Grey Phalarope on sea then N 07:00hrs, Manx Shearwater 12:35 seen from the shelter

Dunwich - Little Auk North at 13:35hrs & Pom Skua North 14:00hrs.

Minsmere - Grey Phalarope on East scrape.

Thorpenes - Little Auk on sea then drifted South at 10:30hrs. (photo John Davis)

Bawdsey - 3 Hawfinch in off at 15:40hrs

Felixstowe - A Great Grey Shrike was trapped & ringed at Landguard at 15:40hrs (photo Will Brame) + 3 Snow Buntings on the beach

Sunday 29th October.

Lowestoft Area - A Storm Petrel was seen North offshore from Corton late morning. Shorelark present on the beach just North of Kessingland sluice. Purple Sand Ness Point.

Southwold - Little Auks North at 11:40hrs & 14:47hrs + Manx Shearwater South.

Dunwich - Great Egret still on the shore pools

Minsmere - A Swift sp (Common or PALLID) was seen over the overflow carpark at dusk. 9 Whooper Swan in off then on Is.mere. (photo Andrew Moon)

Sizewell - 3 Pom Skua (2 South & 1 North) prior to 09:00hrs.

Slaughden - Pom Skua South

Bawdsey - Observations from East Lane included; 2 juvenile Sabine's Gull North at 08:00hrs, Puffin North 09:15hrs & Pom Skua South. A late Reed Warbler was seen in the sea buckthorn + Yellow-browed Warbler still present.

Felixstowe - 2 Snow Bunting remain on the point. (photo Will Brame) + Little Auk rptd North at 14:30hrs.

Trimley Marshes - Slav Grebe still on the reservoir.

Long Melford - The Ring Ouzel was again seen in the grounds of Long Melford church just prior to dusk.

Saturday 28th October.

Lowestoft Area - Purple Sand at Ness Point. (photo Barry Woodhouse).

Dunwich - Great Egret on the shore pools + 3 Snow Bunting on the shingle ridge.

Minsmere - 60 Bonxie North 14:00-17:00hrs.

Bawdsey - Yellow-browed Warbler present in Sea Buckthorn at East Lane. (photo Mark Cornish).

Felixstowe - 2 Snow Bunting still on the point at Landguard.

Trimley Marshes - The Slavonian Grebe remains on the reservoir at the SWT reserve.

Long Melford - Ring Ouzel in Yew trees behind Long Melford church this morning.

Friday 27th October.

Southwold - Ring Ouzel seen along the Southern edge of the golf course.

Dunwich - 2 Snow Bunting on the shingle ridge 200 mts North of Beach car park (photo David Carter) + Great Egret on shore pools.

Minsmere - A 1st winter Rose-coloured Starling was seen to come in off at 12:35hrs with Starlings and continued West inland. Ring Ouzel by the sluice + Merlin.

Boyton - Firecrest seen at Boyton Hall.

Bawdsey - Firecrests were today seen at East Lane, Bawdsey Hall, Picnic Site & quay point tamarisks, also Ring Ouzel along Ferry Road.

Felixstowe - Male Ring Ouzel seen behind the Obs at Landguard + 2 Snow Bunting remain.

Thursday 26th October.

Lowestoft Area - Short-eared Owls seen at Ness Point, Gunton Warren & Kessingland. Dartford Warbler on Gunton Warren.

Southwold - 2 Northern Bullfinch's were seen and heard calling by the campsite at 08:35 hrs + good visible migration happening.

Minsmere - 2 PENDULINE TITS seen on North Marsh near the sluice pump around 09:00hrs then flew North + Ring Ouzel near the sluice & Dartford Warbler in the dunes.

Aldeburgh - A Northern type Willow Warbler was seen in the town + Jack Snipe on Town Marshes.

Shingle Street - No sign today of the Yellow-browed Warbler but Black Redstart noted.

Bawdsey - Ring Ouzel & Black Redstart seen at East Lane.

Felixstowe - 2 Snow Bunting, 4 Woodlark and a whooping 36,765 Woodpigeons seen at Landguard this morning + Great Egret seen to come in off late afternoon.

Wednesday 25th October.

Lowestoft Area - 2 Water Pipit on the scrape at Carlton Marshes.

Shingle Street - The Yellow-browed Warbler remains in the garden just North of the martello tower though elusive + Short-eared Owl.

Bawdsey - 2 Hawfinch seen at the picnic site then flew North at 10:10hrs + Firecrest present.

Felixstowe - Ring Ouzel & Firecrest seen at Landguard today.

Tuesday 24th October 2017.

Lowestoft Area - Ring Ouzel Corton churchyard.

Southwold - 2 Whooper Swan South offshore + 2 Bonxie & 2 Arctic Skuas noted.

Minsmere - Little Stint on East scrape.

Shingle Street - Yellow-browed Warbler (photo Mark Cornish) still present in tamarisk between the allotments & the martello tower + 2 Firecrest.

Felixstowe - Great Northern Diver South close inshore this morning + 2 Brambling on site.

Monday 23rd October.

Lowestoft Area - No sign today of the Lapland Buntings but 3 Ring Ouzel.

Minsmere - Ring Ouzel over the reserve.

Shingle Street - Yellow-browed Warbler seen in tamarisk by the martello tower.

Bawdsey - 5 Firecrest seen in the area today + Hawfinch South at 09:07hrs. A Yellow-browed Warbler was seen Kennelmans Cottage & a probable Northern Treecreeper seen at the picnic site (photo Mark Cornish).

Stonham - Hawfinch seen at Brewery Farm.

Sunday 22nd October.

Lowestoft Area - 2 Lapland Bunting remain on the beach at Kessingland by the red post (photo David Borderick) nearby, an eastern type Lesser Whitethroat, Hawfinch, 3 Ring Ouzels & Firecrest seen at Heathland. Ring Ouzel seen at Corton new sewage works.

Minsmere - Adult Caspian & Y L Gull on the scrape + Snow Bunting on the beach opposite the public viewing platform.

Trimley - Slav Grebe still on the reservoir at Trimley Marsh SWT.

Saturday 21st October.

Lowestoft Area - A juvenile Red-footed type Falcon was seen briefly in Heathlands Copse, Kessingland early afternoon + Yellow-browed Warbler noted. Nearby 2 Lapland Bunting remain on the beach & Short-eared Owl North. Ring Ouzel by Pakefiled coastal watchpoint.

Southwold - Yellow-browed Warbler still in the churchyard + Firecrest. 2 Firecrest by the sewage works.

Aldeburgh - Ring Ouzel, Jack Snipe & Whinchat on Town Marshes.

Bawdsey - Adult Long-tailed Skua offshore then drifted North late morning.

Felixstowe - Ring Ouzel & Firecrest noted at Landguard.

Trimley - Slav Grebe on the reservoir at Trimley Marsh SWT.

Friday 20th October.

Lowestoft Area - 3 Shorelark South past Ness Point. 2 Lapland Bunting were present on the beach at Kessingland whilst near-by a Yellow-browed Warbler was seen at Heathlands caravan park + Black Redstart seen by the Heritage Green

Southwold - Yellow-browed Warbler in the SE corner of the churchyard.

Minsmere - Grey Phalarope South offshore + Great Egret on South scrape.

Thorpeness - 2 Northern Bullfinch at the old caravan park late morning.

Slaughden - Grey Phalarope offshore early morning.

Bawdsey - Ring Ouzel & Firecrest seen at East Lane.

Felixstowe - Adult Glaucous Gull seen offshore from Landguard + Arctic Tern, other birds of note included Short-eared Owl, Ring Ouzel & Firecrest.

Ipswich - Yellow-browed Warbler heard calling along Parliament Road near Tescos.

Thursday 19th October.

Lowestoft Area - Yellow-browed Warbler in Sparrows Nest Park. Ring-tail Hen Harrier seen in fields by Henstead church at 16:00hrs. Ring Ouzel seen along Gunton railtrack.

Southwold - Raddes's Warbler seen in the churchyard at 09:25hrs only. Firecrest at Waters Copse. Offshore; Pom Skua, 3 Bonxie, Sooty Shearwater & Red-necked Grebe noted. Probable Olive-backed Pipit South over Town Marsh at 13:25hrs.

Minsmere - 2 Grey Phalarope noted today + Short-eared Owl & Ring Ouzel on the reserve.

Thorpeness - Dusky Warbler seen at the Northern end of the caravan park at 08:45hrs only + 2 Hawfinch noted.

Shingle Street - Yellow-browed Warbler, Firecrest & Ring Ouzel seen South of the allotments.

Bawdsey - 5 Firecrest seen early morning (3 at East Lane & 2 at the quay). Hawfinch over Bawdsey Hall late morning + Northern Treecreeper trapped.

Felixstowe - 3 Ring Ouzel, Short-eared Owl, 11 Bearded Tit & 2 Firecrest seen at LBO.

Wednesday 18th October.

Lowestoft Area - Yellow-browed Warbler Sparrows Nest Park.

Southwold - Leach's Petrel North & Sooty Shearwater South seen offshore between 07:50-13:15hrs

Minsmere - Pom Skua offshore + Little Stint on East scrape.

Felixstowe - 5+ Firecrest seen within the compound at Landguard + Ring Ouzel on the beach. A Yellow-browed Warbler & Long-eared Owl were both reported from the Icky ridge this afternoon.

Tuesday 17th October.

Benacre - Probable Richard's Pipit seen briefly in sugar beet at Beach Farm.

Covehithe - Whinchat & 2 Twite noted.

Easton Bavents - Whinchat.

Southwold - Great Egret offshore + 3 Bonxie.

Gipping Valley - Great Egret flew East along the valley.

Monday 16th October.

Lowestoft Area - Hawfinch South over Corton Cliffs at 08:27hrs then seen over Ness Point.

Minsmere - 5 Great Skua South.

Bawdsey - Tree Pipit South.

Felixstowe - Black Redstart present at Landguard + 5 Goosander North prior to 08:00hrs.

Sunday 15th October.

Lowestoft Area - Yellow-browed Warbler seen at Crown Score.

Benacre - Yellow-browed Warbler seen along Beach Farm track.

Dunwich - Red-necked Grebe seen offshore from the car park at 10:20hrs. Yellow-browed Warbler seen in the cemetery + Firecrest in Greyfriars Wood.

Thorpeness - Yellow-browed Warbler seen by the allotments at 15:25hrs.

Saturday 14th October.

Lowestoft Area - A White-billed Diver was seen South off Corton at 09:25hrs which also sat on the sea for a short time, what was presumed the same bird was then seen South off Ness Point, Kessingland at 09:36hrs and finally Covehithe. Pom Skua offshore viewed from Ness Point.

Minsmere - A Raddes's Warbler was found early evening in the sluice bushes.

Bawdsey - Yellow-browed Warbler still at East Lane.

Friday 13th October.

Lowestoft Area - Yellow-browed Warbler noted on Gunton Warren.

Bawdsey - Yellow-browed Warbler along the concrete track at East Lane.

Felixstowe - 2 Great Egrets seen to come in off at Landguard at 08:35hrs and 08:47hrs.

Thursday 12th October.

Lowestoft Area - Yellow-browed Warbler opposite Sparrows Nest Park along the fence line bordering the caravan park.

Southwold - The 1st winter Grey Phalarope present on the flash until 17:00hrs then flushed by a Peregrine.

Dunwich - Great Egret on the shorepools + Twite noted within the Linnet flock.

Boyton - The 1st winter Red-backed Shrike continues to show well East of Boyton Hall along the coastal footpath.

Bawdsey - A Swift sp (Common or PALLID) was seen over the pits at East Lane late afternoon before drifting off West towards the village at 17:30hrs.

Felixstowe - A 4cy Yellow-legged Gull seen on the common at Landguard.

Wednesday 11th October.

Lowestoft Area - Yellow-browed Warbler at Mariners Score.

Southwold - Grey Phalarope still on the flash. (photo Lee Woods).

Minsmere - Twite seen at the East end of the North wall. Little Stint on East scrape.

Boyton - 1st winter Red-backed Shrike still along the coastal footpath East of Boyton Hall. (photo John Richardson).

Bawdsey - Yellow-browed Warbler along the concrete track at East Lane.

Deben Estuary - Great Egret seen in Borrowdyke between Kings Fleet & Falkenham.

Felixstowe - Firecrest seen at Peewit Hill.

Tuesday 10th October.

Lowestoft Area - Yellow-browed Warbler seen along the beach scrub by Healthlands slope, Kessingland, Mariners Score (2) and Malsters Score.
Covehithe - 7 Twite seen on wires along the footpath to the broad.
Southwold - 2 Yellow-browed Warbler at Gun Hill + Short-eared Owl in off. The Grey Phalarope remains on the flash.
Dunwich - A Raddes's Warbler was trapped at on the heath at 12:55hrs + Yellow-browed Warbler.
Minsmere - Probable Richard's Pipit in dunes south of the sluice at 07:45hrs then flew towards onto south levels
Boyton - The 1st win Red-backed Shrike was again along the coastal path East of Boyton Hall. (photo Lee Woods).
Shingle Street - Yellow-browed Warbler heard south of the allotment.
Bawdsey - Yellow-browed Warbler along the concrete track at East Lane + Firecrest. Yellow-browed Warbler seen by the school.
Felixstowe - Dartford Warbler seen on the butts at Landguard.

Monday 9th October.

Lowestoft Area - Yellow-browed Warbler's were noted around the town at; Leathes Ham, Arnold's Walk, Rants Score (3) briefly, East end of Waveney Drive, Kensigston Gardens and along the cycle trackbetween St. Margaret's Road and Water Lane.

Benacre - Yellow-browed Warbler seen amongst the tit flock South of the broad.

Southwold - Grey Phalarope remains on the flash (photo Andrew Moon). Yellow-browed Warblers were seen on Gun Hill (2) Campsite (2) and Water's Copse. 

Dunwich - 2 Firecrest at Greyfriars.

Minsmere - Little Stint showing well from East hide.

Boyton - Juvenile Red-backed Shrike still along the coastal path East of Boyton Hall Farm.

Shingle Street - Yellow-browed Warbler near the allotments at 15:20hrs.

Bawdsey - Yellow-browed Warbler seen by the village school & Black Redstart seen along the sea defences early evening. (photo Mark Cornish).

Felixstowe - Yellow-browed Warbler seen at Garrison Lane carpark, near-by Short-eared Owl at LBO. Yesterday's Yellow-browed Warbler was re-trapped late afternoon along with a new Pied Flycatcher.

Sunday 8th October.

Good numbers of Finches and thrushes were noted along the coast today.

Corton - A Yellow-browed Warbler was seen late afternoon around the old sewage works and a Lapland Bunting was present in a field near Corton Old Sewage works. Another Yellow-browed Warbler was noted near the Football pitch on station road.

Lowestoft - Yellow-browed Warblers were seen at Ness Point Sewage Works, Martin's Score, Kirkley Ham, North Denes and Rant's Score, whilst a Short-eared Owl flew in off the sea.

Dunwich - 2 Great White Egrets were seen at Dingle Marshes early afternoon

Southwold - A Great White Egret flew south at 14:45, whilst a Grey Phalarope was found on the flash. Yellow-browed Warblers were seen on the south side of Mights bridge, Gun Hill, in gardens near the Catholic Church and 2 around the campsite. (photo Andrew Moon).

Dunwich -  A Yellow-browed Warbler was trapped and ringed at Dunwich Heath.

Thorpeness -  A Yellow-browed Warbler was at the old caravan park, also seen was a Ring Ouzel.

Aldeburgh - Yellow-browed Warblers were seen near Peggs Fabrications and around the allotments, while a Ring Ouzel was seen on the west side of Aldeburgh Marshes and another 1st winter bird was also noted later in the day.

Shingle Street - 1+ Yellow-browed Warblers were around Battery Cottage

Boyton - A Juvenile Red-backed Shrike was found along the coastal path opposite Boyton Hall. (photo Mark Cornish).

Felixstowe - A Yellow-browed Warbler was seen at the carpark near Lidl on Garrison Lane, a further bird was trapped and ringed at Landguard Bird Observatory where 2 Ring Ouzels and a Jack Snipe were also recorded. 2 Long-eared Owls were seen pre dawn near Shed 70 Trimley bund.  3 Possible continental Long-tailed Tit inter-grades were seen at Peewit Hill.

Micklemere - The Pectoral Sandpiper was still present today.

Saturday 7th October.

Friday 6th October.

Sizewell - Snow Bunting on beach.

Micklemere - Pectoral Sandpiper still.

Thursday 5th October.

Landguard - 3 Great Skuas north and a Great White Egret in off. (photo Rob Spiers)

Micklemere - The Pectoral Sandpiper was present again also Dunlin

Wednesday 4th October.

Minsmere - A Great White Egret seen on west scrape, whilst around the rest of the scrape 9 Little Stints were recorded.

Shingle Street - Lone Spotted Flycatcher.

Landguard  - The first 2 Whooper Swans of the winter were seen flying south past the Obs.

Micklemere - A Pectoral Sandpiper was found late afternoon.

Tuesday 3rd October.

Minsmere - 8 Little Stints were seen on East Scrape and a Short-eared Owl flew over the scrape late afternoon.

Thorpeness - A Tree Sparrow flew west while c10 Pink-footed Geese went north late morning

Shingle Street - A Yellow-browed Warbler was located by the pumping station near the double bank

Monday 2nd October.

Hollesley Marsh - 2 Little Stint

Landguard - 2 Common Redstart.

Sunday 1st October.

Slaughden - A lone Sooty Shearwater and 5 Black Terns were noted heading south early morning

East Lane - No sign of the Raddes Warbler, but 1 Firecrest.

Landguard - No Sign of the Red-throated Pipit.