Suffolk Birding with BINS




Thursday 31st.

Lowestoft Area - 2 Common Crane briefly Carlton Marshes early morning + 2 Great Egrets.

Easton - Shorelark c400 yards South of the broad + 3 Snow Bunting on the beach.

Blythburgh - 2 Whooper Swan flew low South the West over the water tower at 12:22hrs.

Dunwich - A probable OLIVE-BACKED PIPIT was seen in tamarisk bushes below the coastguard cottages before flying towards the cottages at 14:47hrs.

Minsmere - Ringtail Hen Harrier seen from East hide + 2 Snow Bunting on the beach.

Shingle Street - 2 Short-eared Owls still present.

Bawdsey - 6 NORTHERN LONG-TAILED TITS (photo John Richardson) were found at East Lane at 10:40hrs and remained into the afternoon. Please keep to public rights of ways. Offshore a Little Auk was noted North at 10:20hrs.  Firecrests were seen at East Lane, The Cliffs (2), Picnic Area (2), The quay and the radar station.

Stour Estuary - The Great Grey Shrike was again seen at Holbrook Creek though elusive.

Wednesday 30th.

Lowestoft Area - Grey Phalarope again early morning at the Eastern end.

Benacre - Water Pipit on the broad.

Easton - 3 Snow Bunting at Easton Broad.

Wangford - A Yellow-browed Warbler was seen within the tit flock in sycamore opposite Wangford veterinary surgery this morning.

Southwold - No sign today of the RADDES WARBLER by the golf course, Velvet Scoter offshore.

Dunwich - 2 Great Egret at the shore pools + 2 Twite. Firecrest in Greyfriars Wood.

Minsmere - Firecrest in bushes by East hide.

Thorpeness - Offshore 2 Pom Skuas were noted North + Great Northern Diver South & Manx Shearwater.

North Warren - Great Egret on South Marsh.

Aldeburgh - Snow Bunting on the beach by the River Hundred outfall.

Shingle Street - Short-eared Owl.

Bawdsey - 2 Firecrest at the picnic site.

Deben Estuary - 4 Whooper Swan seen on the river approx 500 yards up river from the ferry cafe. (photo Peter Lakey)

Felixstowe - 4 Firecrest at LBO (photo Will Brame) + Short-eared Owl in off. 11 Little Gull seen offshore from Brackenbury Cliff.

Stour Estuary - A BLACK-THROATED DIVER was seen close inshore off Holbrook Creek + Great Grey Shrike along the West side of the river wall.

Tuesday 29th.

Lowestoft Area - Grey Phalarope seen at the East end of Breydon Water just West of the bridge.

Covehithe - 4 Snow Bunting by the broad.

Southwold - A RADDES'S WARBLER was found shortly after 13:30hrs in brambles by the entrance to the golf club and remained until dusk though elusive. Yellow-browed Warbler in the walled garden by Gun Hill toilet block. Little Auk was seen on the sea just South of the pier at 10:45hrs.

Dunwich - Highlights from Dingle Marshes today included the mobile Lapland Bunting, Shorelark, 6 Twite, 2 Great Egrets and 2 Short-eared Owls in off

Bawdsey - A probable CORY'S SHEARWATER was seen North off East Lane just after 08:00hrs. Short-eared Owl seen between East Lane and Shingle Street.

Felixstowe - Long-tailed Duck South off LBO.

Elmsett - 2 Raven seen over the village.

Monday 28th.

Dunwich - A Yellow Wagtail sp was seen mid afternoon at Dingle Marshes, also a Grey Phalarope was present on the shore pools before flying North + Shorelark, Lapland Bunting South at 11:55hrs, 2 Twite & 2 Great Egrets noted. 2 redhead Goosander noted South over the shore pools at 11:00hrs. Offshore, 2 Short-eared Owl were noted. Firecrest seen in Greyfriars Wood.

Minsmere - Female Greater Scaup still on Is.mere this morning but no sign late afternoon. A Firecrest was seen in the Rhododendron tunnel

Hollesley - Jack Snipe and Water Pipit on the scrape viewable from the pill box. Great Egret seen on the marshes.

Bawdsey - Long-tailed Duck on the lagoons at East Lane but flushed regularly by dog walkers + 2 redhead Goosander South..

Felixstowe - A Shorelark was present on the point at LBO + 3 Black Redstart noted (photo Will Brame).

Sunday 27th.

Lowestoft Area - 2 Common Crane roosted on Carlton Marshes this evening. 3 Black Redstart in the village present 4 days.

Southwold - At least 8 Firecrest noted around the town today.

Dunwich - A Shorelark was seen North of Beach car park this afternoon + Lapland Bunting noted, also 7 Twite & 2 Great Egrets Dingle Marshes.

Minsmere - Shorelark present South of the sluice. Great Egret from Bittern hide. 5 Whooper Swan on East scrape.

Alde Estuary - 8 Black Redstart seen around the Alde today + Firecrest (photo Mark Cornish)

Friston - Black Redstart Rushmere Lodge.

Orford - 2 Firecrest seen around the village today + a late House Martin noted. (photo Mark Cornish).

Hollesley Marshes - Great Egret, Merlin and female Goosander on the marshes + Black Redstart by the car park.

Shingle Street - 2 Short-eared Owls noted.

Bawdsey - Black Redstart noted on the rooftops in Cavelli Close. Tree Sparrow seen along the concrete track at East Lane.

Felixstowe - A Swift sp was seen South over Brackenbury sports centre at 15:44hrs. 2 Whooper Swan in off at LBO + a late Wheatear on the common. 5 Black Redstart were seen around the fort. A Yellow-browed Warbler was seen in wood opposite Felixstowe Ferry golf club + Firecrest.

Trimley Marshes - Great Egret over the SWT reserve and flew towards the retreat.

Capel St Andrew - Ring Ouzel seen at Ferry Farm.

Haverhill - Osprey South over the town mid morning.

Saturday 26th.

Lowestoft Area - Black Redstarts seen at Ness Point (SLP building) and Swonnells Maltings Oulton Broad.

Benacre - Water Pipit on the broad.

Southwold - 2 Firecrest seen by the tea room near the boating lake and a further Firecrest seen in Waters Copse.

Minsmere - Firecrest seen in the sluice bushes.

Thorpeness - Firecrest present at the old caravan park.

Felixstowe - Firecrest + Black Redstart present at LBO.

Friday 25th.

Lowestoft Area - Little Auk North off Ness Point + 3 Black Redstarts by the SLP building. Firecrest seen at Arnold's Walk. Female Black Redstart again Swonnells Maltings Oulton Broad

Minsmere - Firecrest seen in bushes behind East hide and sluice bushes. Garganey present on pools behind South hide. Ringtail Hen Harrier South past the sluice.

Sizewell - 2 Black Redstart by the power station + 2 Little Gull offshore. Black Redstart at Dairy Cottage.

Alde Estuary - 6 Black Redstart around the Town + Firecrest and Merlin noted today (photo Mark Cornish).

Orford - A Yellow-browed Warbler was reported along the approach road to the sewage works + Firecrest seen. Firecrest seen in the copse at quay meadow.

Havergate - Lapland Bunting seen on the RSPB reserve + juvenile Little Stint.

Felixstowe - 2 Firecrest & 4 Black Redstart at LBO.

Lower Holbrook - Great Egret East over the village.

Thursday 24th.

Lowestoft Area - Black Redstart seen on North Denes + Swonnells Maltings.

Dunwich - 2 Great Egrets on Dingle Marsh + female Goosander on pool closet to beach car park.

Minsmere - The female Greater Scaup remains on Is.mere, 3 Firecrest around the reserve and a Little Auk noted South offshore early afternoon.

Alde Estuary - A Slavonian Grebe was seen on the estuary viewable from the yacht club + Snow Bunting North.

Felixstowe - 8+ Firecrest present at LBO today + Black Redstart.

Needham Market - A HOOPOE was seen in town along Grinstead Gardens prior to 10:00hrs before flying of in the direction of Needham Lakes.

Wednesday 23rd.

Lowestoft Area - No sign today of the Great Grey Shrike at Kessingland sluice. Male Black Redstart still Oulton Broad at Swonnells Maltings.

Covehithe - Water Pipit on the broad.

Walberswick - Black Redstart seen again within the village.

Minsmere - 2 Black Redstart by the Sand Martin colony + Great Egret & female Greater Scaup still present.

Slaughden - Sooty Shearwater North at 14:00hrs.

Orford - The Yellow-browed Warbler continues to show and call in the NE corner of the quay car park. 3 Firecrest along the track to the sewage works.

Shingle Street - Black Redstart seen today.

Bawdsey - A juv/female Nightjar was flushed from the rocks at East Lane at 09:00hrs lew inland and lost to view. 

Felixstowe - 7 Firecrest at LBO + Nordic type Jackdaw noted.

Needham Market - A Long-eared Owl was heard calling overnight from Pipps Ford

A Little Auk was tracked North up the coast this morning with it's movement's detailed as follows; (photo Andrew Moon).

  • Bawdsey 08:30hrs
  • Shingle Street 08:44hrs
  • Slaughden 10:24hrs
  • Minsmere 11:19
  • Dunwich 11:37

Tuesday 22nd.

Lowestoft Area - A mobile Great Grey Shrike was present just North of the sluice at Kessingland and frequented the near-by levels. 2 Common Crane were seen just prior to dusk at Carlton Marshes which appeared to roost on Peto's Marsh. An eastern type Lesser Whitethroat was seen along the disused railtrack at Corton. 2 Ring Ouzels were noted at Lound Lakes whilst other Ring Ouzels were seen along Gunton railtrack and by the tennis court at the Denes Oval. Whinchats were seen at North Denes and Kessingland sluice, Black Redstart at Oulton Broad and finally a Firecrest in Warrenhouse Wood.

Benacre - Ring Ouzel by Beach Farm.

Southwold - 2 Black Redstart were noted at Gun Hill.

Walberswick - Male Black Redstart seen on rooftops within the village.

Dunwich - 2 Great Egret on Dingle Marshes.

Minsmere - Yellow-browed Warbler seen by the South belt cross-roads + female Greater Scaup still on Is.mere.

Orford - A Yellow-browed Warbler and 2 Firecrests were the pick of the bunch from around the quay car park + Black Redstart seen on the rooftop on the last house by the quay.

Shingle Street - An eastern type Lesser Whitethroat was seen in the area today.

Bawdsey - A Little Auk was seen briefly on the sea from East Lane before flying North at 11:22hrs.

Felixstowe - A Great Grey Shrike was present on the point at LBO early morning + 4 Black Redstarts on site.

Monday 21st.

Minsmere - Great Egret still on Is.mere + Short-eared Owl by the sluice.

Felixstowe - Highlights from LBO included; Ring Ouzel, Common Redstart, Black Redstart and a Hawfinch.

Sunday 20th.

Lowestoft Area - 2 Water Pipit on Herringfleet Marshes, Somerleyton.

Covehithe - Yellow-browed Warbler seen.

Dunwich - 2 Common Crane on the West side of Dingle Marshes at 16:33hrs before flying toward the Blyth Estuary where they were lost to view. (photo Andrew Moon).

Minsmere - Female Greater Scaup still on Is.mere.

Havergate - Lapland Bunting present on the RSPB island

Orford - A SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF was seen and heard calling along the entrance track to the sewage works early afternoon.

Bawdsey - Short-eared Owl in off at 15:40hrs.

Alton Water - Juvenile Osprey still present and showing opposite Rabbits Wood.

Saturday 19th.

Lowestoft Area - A Swift sp was seen South over North Denes at 08:14hrs. Purple Sand at Ness Point + Black Redstarts nearby at the SLP building.

Benacre - 2 Ring Ouzel Beach Farm.

Southwold - Yellow-browed Warbler and Firecrest in the churchyard. (photo Andrew Moon). near-by Yellow-browed Warbler seen at Easton Bavents.

Dunwich - Great Egret on Dingle Marshes + Snow Bunting & 25 Twite on the beach.

Westleton - 2 Ring Ouzel on Westleton Common viewed from Mill Road.

Hollesley - Juv Little Stint Hollesley Marsh RSPB + Whinchat.

Bawdsey - Merlin in off at East Lane at midday.

Felixstowe - 2 Yellow-browed Warblers present at LBO + Snow Bunting on the beach. A juvenile Nightjar was picked up moribound within the dock complex this morning and taken into care.

Trimley Marshes - Ring Ouzel still + Long-eared Owl.

Alton Water - Osprey still present viewable from Larchwood hide.

Friday 18th.

Covehithe - 2 Short-eared Owls noted, I flushed from the cliffs and 1 in off. Near-by a Water Pipit on pools just North of Easton Broad.

Dunwich - Great Egret on Dingle Marshes + c60 Twite reported. Offshore a drake Velvet Scoter was noted close inshore flying North.

Felixstowe - Long-eared Owl trapped at LBO then flew towards the icky ridge. (photo Will Brame)

Thursday 17th.

Lowestoft Area - Yellow-browed Warbler Sparrows Nest Park. A ring-tail Hen Harrier was seen West through Worlingham Marshes.

Southwold - The 1st winter Barred Warbler was again seen today at the bottom of Waters Copse and showing well.

Dunwich - 2 Great Egret Dingle Marshes + Snow Bunting on the beach and drake Velvet Scoter offshore amongst c20 Common Scoter.

Minsmere - 3 Great Egrets South over the reserve + female Greater Scaup still on Is.mere.

Felixstowe - The Yellow-browed Warbler (ringed bird) remained on site at LBO + offshore Spoonbill North and Velvet Scoter South which flew upriver.

Trimley Marshes - Ring Ouzel still present at the SWT reserve + Long-eared Owl noted.

Brantham - Ring Ouzel seen along New Mill Lane just East of the railway bridge along A137.

Wednesday 16th.

Benacre - Ring Ouzel by Beach arm.

Minsmere - Great Egret on North Marsh.

Westleton - Whinchat on the heath.

Felixstowe - Yellow-browed Warbler trapped at LBO + Dartford Warbler on the butts. (photo Will Brame)

Alton Water - Juvenile Osprey still present and showing well opposite Rabbets Wood.

Tuesday 15th.

Lowestoft Area - No sign today o the Shorelark at Ness Point but 3 Black Redstart present. Yellow-browed Warblers were seen along Gunton railtrack, Lound Lakes and by the Birds Eye factory Ness Point. Ring Ouzel North Denes.

Southwold - 1st winter Barred Warbler still off Ferry Road by the Nightjar sculpture though elusive. Ring Ouzel at the campsite. (photo David Carter)

Minsmere - Fem Greater Scaup still Is.mere + Great Egret.

Thorpeness - Ring Ouzel and Firecrest seen at the Old Caravan Park.

Shingle Street - Ring Ouzel along twin banks.

Felixstowe - 2 Ring Ouzel at LBO.

Trimley Marshes - Yellow-browed Warbler by the visitor centre at the SWT reserve + 4 Ring Ouzel still present.

Alton Water - Osprey still present from Rabbets Wood.

Monday 14th.

Lowestoft Area - Shorelark still present at Ness Point.

Southwold - The 1st winter Barred Warbler was again present by the Nightjar sculpture off Ferry Road and showing on & off.

Minsmere - Ring Ouzel seen in North bushes late morning.

Orford - No sign of the TWO-BARRED GREENISH WARBLER today.

Felixstowe - Possible DUSKY WARBLER seen late afternoon at LBO by the track that cuts through the icky ridge

Trimley Marshes - 5 Ring Ouzel at the SWT reserve.

Alton Water - Juvenile Osprey showing well from Larch wood hide.

Sunday 13th.

Lowestoft Area - The Shorelark remains at Ness Point + 3 Black Redstarts present. Yellow-browed Warbler's seen at Kensington Gardens, Gunton meadow opposite the leisure centre and Kessingland sluice. Female Black Redstart Heritage Green, Kessingland.

Dunwich - 2 Great Egrets on the shore pools.

Minsmere - Garganey on East scrape.

Orford - ***MEGA*** A TWO-BARRED GREENISH WARBLER was found shortly after 09:30hrs in quay car park meadow and continued to show and call until 10:52hrs. The bird was then re-located in the NW corner of the meadow at 12:22hrs where it again showed well until 12:27hrs when again went missing and wasn't seen again by dusk. This bird, a 1st for Suffolk will constitute of the 8th for Britain if accepted. (photo and finder Mark Cornish)

Felixstowe - Yellow-browed Warbler at LBO.

Alton Water - Osprey reported from Rabbits Wood.

Great Livermere - Shorelark in fields North of Great Livermere Lake.

Saturday 12th.

Lowestot Area - Shorelark still present and showing well at Ness Point. Black Redstart at the heritage green, Kessingland. Ring Ouzel North Denes slope.

Southwold - A 1st winter Barred Warbler was present in brambles at the ferry end road of the harbour track (near the Nightjar sculpture) though elusive.

Westleton Heath - 3 Ring Ouzels on the heath.

North Warren - Great Egret on South Marsh.

Felixstowe - Yellow-browed Warbler and 2 Ring Ouzels at LBO.

Trimley Marshes - 3 Ring Ouzels and Firecrest noted.

Lakenheath - Great Egret at Lakenheath Fen.

Friday 11th.

Lowestoft Area - The Shorelark remains at Ness Point by the radio mast by the SLP building.

Minsmere - Great Egret on the reserve.

Thorpeness - Long-tailed Skua South at 14:15hrs + 2 Sooty Shearwater noted.

Lakenheath - Great Egret on the reserve.

Thursday 10th.

Lowestoft Area - The confiding Shorelark continues to show well at Ness Point + 5 Black Redstarts. Yellow-browed Warbler present at Sparrows Nest Park.

Minsmere - 2 Yellow-browed Warblers noted on the reserve.

Shingle Street - Whinchat seen by the tennis court + 2 Ring Ouzel by the twin banks.

Felixstowe - Whinchat seen along the tomline wall at the ferry, near-by Ring Ouzel near the ferry + Little Stint on the ferry saltings.

Trimley Marshes - 5 Ring Ouzels on the SWT reserve.

Wednesday 9th.

Lowestoft Area - Shorelark still at Ness Point. + 2 Black Redstart. Yellow-browed Warbler in Gunton Woods.

Reydon - Female Ring Ouzel at Hen Reedbeds.

Shingle Street - Yellow-browed Warbler seen by the SE corner of the allotment.

Felixstowe - Yellow-browed Warbler & Firecrest seen at LBO.

Trimley Marshes - 2 Ring Ouzel on the SWT reserve.

Tuesday 8th.

Lowestoft Area - Shorelark still Ness Point + 2 Black Redstart. Black Redstart Heritage Green Kessingland. Yellow-browed Warbler's seen at Sparrows Nest Park & Dip Farm Gunton

Thorpeness - Yellow-browed Warbler still at the old caravan park + Lapland Bunting over.

North Warren - Firecrest seen by sluice cottage.

Shingle Street - Yellow-browed Warbler noted + 4 Ring Ouzel.

Bawdsey - Firecrest seen along the concrete track + 2 Greater Scaup remain on the lagoons.

Felixstowe - Yellow-browed Warbler at LBO + 15 Ring Ouzels. 2 Ring Ouzel Peewit Hill & 2 Ring Ouzel at the ferry. Yellow-browed Warbler along Adastral Close.

Trimley Marshes - 4 Ring Ouzels on the SWT reserve.

Monday 7th.

Lowestoft Area - 2 Yellow-browed Warblers along Corton disused railtrack. 2 Yellow-browed Warblers at Gunton Wood. Ring Ouzel still at Gunton along the disused railtrack.

Westleton - Yellow-browed Warbler seen at Westleton Common.

Minsmere - Greater Scaup still on Is.mere

Sizewell - A 1st winter Red-breasted Fly was present by the entrance to Sizewell Hall

Thorpeness - A Yellow-browed Warbler was seen in the churchyard + Firecrest. 2 Firecrest seen at the campsite.

Bawdsey - Yellow-browed Warbler seen along the concrete track at East Lane + 2 Greater Scaup remain on the lagoons.

Felixstowe - Yellow-browed Warbler present at LBO + Ring Ouzel.

Trimley Marshes - A Yellow-browed Warbler was trapped and ringed at the SWT reserve.

Sunday 6th.

Lowestoft Area - Ring Ouzel seen along the disused railtrack at Gunton.

Thorpeness - Ring Ouzel seen on the common.

Orford - Whinchat noted in the village.

Shingle Street - Both Ring Ouzel and Firecrest seen.

Bawdsey - The 2 Greater Scaup remain on the lagoons at East Lane.

Felixstowe - Ring Ouzel present at LBO.

Trimley Marshes - Ring Ouzel on the SWT reserve.

Saturday 5th.

Yellow-browed Warblers featured heavily in the Lowestoft recording area with the following reports as follows;

2 Corton old railtrack, singletons at Corton radar lodge, Cliff Cottage, Hopton, Belle Vue Park, Heathlands, Kessingland, Lowestoft Cemetery, Gunton railtrack, Northe Denes and Mariners Score.

Lowestoft Area - Black Redstart Hamilton Dock. Ring Ouzel North Denes and Purple Sand at Ness Point.

Southwold - A Yellow-browed Warbler was present and showing well on the campsite.

Minsmere - PALLAS'S WARBLER was found mid afternoon in the sluice and was the earliest ever sighting of this species in the county, also present was a Yellow-browed Warbler that was also in the sluice bushes and a Long-tailed Skua North offshore at 08:30hrs.

Thorpeness - Lapland Bunting seen briefly between the old caravan park & Sizewell. A Quail was flushed from the beach just North of the old caravan park and was lost to view. A Yellow-browed Warbler was seen in front garden of Drake House opposite the country club.

Orford - 3 Ring Ouzels and a Firecrest noted around the village.

Bawdsey - 2 Greater Scaup remain on the lagoons at East Lane + Firecrest

Felixstowe - Firecrest seen at LBO + Purple Sand on the point.

Friday 4th.

Lowestoft Area - Yellow-browed Warblers were seen at the following locations;

2+ on the slope North of the Denes Oval and singletons at Gunton Warren, Sparrows Nest Park, Rant Score then South towards High Street, Whapload Road by Birdseye staff shop and Heathlands, Kessingland

Southwold - Yellow-browed Warbler in St. Edmundsbury churchyard late morning

Aldeburgh - Yellow-browed Warbler seen.

Orford - Yellow-browed Warbler present on Daphne Road and showing well.

Bawdsey - The 2 Greater Scaup remain on the 2nd lagoon at East Lane.

Thursday 3rd.

Lowestoft Area - 9 Yellow-browed Warbler present in the area late afternoon/early evening with 5 birds along North Denes in trees at the North end of Denes Oval, 2 birds present at Gunton Warren cliff slope and a singletons along the disused railtrack at Corton and at Dip Farm shelter belt, Gunton.

Minsmere - Yellow-browed Warbler trapped and ringed by the Discovery Centre + Great Egret still.

Thorpeness - Yellow-browed Warbler at the old caravan park.

Bawdsey - The 2 Greater Scaup remain on the lagoons at East Lane.

Wednesday 2nd.

Lowestoft Area - Purple Sand at Ness Point although elusive as it feds amongst the sea deences.

Minsmere - The Great Egret continues to be seen on the reserve + female Greater Scaup

Thorpeness - A Long-tailed Skua was seen South offshore whilst 2 Sooty Shearwater were noted heading North.

Bawdsey - 2 Greater Scaup on the lagoons at East Lane.

Felixstowe - A Yellow-browed Warbler was present at LBO + Merlin noted.

Lackford Lakes - A juvenile Black Tern spent the day on the SWT over the sailing lake.

Tuesday 1st.

Minsmere - Great Egret on Is,mere + female Greater Scaup.

Westleton - Adult Whooper Swan West over the heath early morning.

Bawdsey - Firecrest at East Lane.

Felixstowe - Firecrest at LBO.