Suffolk Birding with BINS


Little Bunting - Trimley Marshes SWT - Will Brame.


Sunday 31st.

Minsmere - 6 Snow Bunting still on the beach + Redhead Smew on Island Mere, Water Pipit on pool behind south hide and 2 late Hobby between Whin Hill and Bittern hide.

Thorpeness - 9 Goosander on the Meare,

North Warren - Great Egret on south marsh.

Slaughden - Arctic Skua offshore + 4 Little Gull (ad + 3 1w) north.

Deben Estuary - The DOTTEREL was once again seen amongst the Golden Plover flock between Kings Fleet and Falkenham then flushed by a Marsh Harrier then flew towards Ramsholt.

Saturday 30th.

Benacre - Great Egret still on the broad.

Minsmere - 7 Snow Bunting on the beach between East hide and the sluice.

Deben Estuary - A DOTTEREL was seen amongst c400 Golden Plover between Kings Fleet and Falkenham though mobile

Felixstowe - Snow Bunting seen at the ferry golf course 200 metres beyond the first martello tower.

Combs Ford - Hawfinch seen at Boyton Hall Great Finborough.

Friday 29th.

Waveney Area - Snow Bunting still Lowestoft North Denes on sea wall by Links Road car park.

Slaughden - 2 Greater Scaup south offshore + Woodlark in off.

Felixstowe - Ring Ouzel still present on the common at LBO.

Thursday 28th.

Southwold - Purple Sand on groynes north of the pier + 3 Snow Buntings north at Easton Bavents.

Minsmere - 6 Snow Bunting still on the beach just south of the sluice + Water Pipit between south hide and the sluice.

North Warren - Cattle Egret seen between Thorpeness and Aldeburgh.

Alde Estuary - Water Pipit seen at Hazelwood Marshes.

Little Glemham - A female GOSHAWK was noted over the A12.

Felixstowe - Dartford Warbler seen briefly early in bushes opposite the icky ridge early afternoon only + Ring Ouzel still present.

Shotley - Shag noted on the 5th pylon opposite The Shipwreck public house.

Alton Water - Osprey still being seen from Larchwood hide.

Wednesday 27th.

Waveney Area - 2 Black Redstart still at Ness Point + Snow Bunting still along the beach at North Denes.

Benacre - A Great Northern Diver was seen on the sea close offshore + Shag south.

Minsmere - A Glaucous Gull type hybrid was seen on the scrape early morning + the 6 Snow Bunting remain in the fenced off area just south of the sluice.

Slaughden - A Saker type falcon was seen + Bonxie offshore.

Felixstowe - 2 Ring Ouzel at LBO.

Alton Water - Osprey again seen from Larchwood hide.

Tuesday 26th.

Waveney Area - Snow Bunting on the beach opposite Rose Cottages, Kessingland, near-by a Lapland Bunting was reported near the sluice.

Benacre - Great Egret on the broad + Snow Bunting. Offshore a Little Auk was seen flying close offshore.

Minsmere - 6 Snow Bunting still present near the sluice outlet. Adult Caspian Gull + redhead Goosander on south scrape.

Felixstowe - The male Ring Ouzel remains at LBO (photo Will Brame).

Melton - 2 Ring-necked Parakeet over Leeks Hill.

Monday 25th.

Waveney Area - The confiding Snow Bunting continues to entertain all comers along the seawall on Lowestoft North Beach.

Benacre - 2 Great Egrets on the broad.

Minsmere - 5 Snow Bunting just south of the sluice within the fenced off area.

Alde Estuary - Red-throated Diver on the river + 2 Woodlark high south.

Bawdsey - Ring Ouzel seen by the quay though mobile.

Felixstowe - Ring Ouzel still present at LBO.

Thetford - A ringtail Harrier sp flew NNE over Nunnery Lakes at 1010hrs.

Sunday 24th.

Waveney Area - A PALLAS'S WARBLER was was seen and heard in the gulley below Pakefield Coastguard Tower (Cray Mary's Hole). by 3 Snow Bunting on North Beach The confiding Snow Bunting was again on the beach between Links Road car park and North Denes. Ring Ouzel Gunton Warren still along cliff-top opposite Hubbard's Loke though elusive.

Blythburgh - 2 Great Egret on the estuary.

Minsmere - 2 Snow Bunting at the east end of North Wall + 4 Snow Bunting 300 yards south of the sluice.

Felixstowe - Highlights from LBO today included; 2 Velvet Scoter south, Ring Ouzel still on the common + 2 Black Redstart, Jack Snipe & Merlin in off.

Alton Water - Osprey seen from Larchwood hide. 

Saturday 23rd.

Waveney Area - A probable 1st winter EASTERN YELLOW WAGTAIL was present on Peto's Marsh Carlton Marshes this afternoon. Single Snow Bunting and Black Redstart at Ness Point. Snow Bunting along North Beach (north of the Oval) and Ring Ouzel Gunton Warren. Offshore, Great Skua 1118hrs, Manx Shearwater 1127hrs, Long-tailed Skua 1150 - 1154hrs and Little Auk 1208hrs (all north).

Benacre - Black Redstart by the hide this afternoon.

Southwold - Little Auk north close offshore at 1019hrs.

Minsmere - 2 Snow Bunting at the east end of the north wall.

Sizewell - Little Auk on the sea by Sizewell B outfall at 1100hrs then flew north at 1115hrs.

Hollesley - Little Auk south at 1226hrs.

Shingle Street - A RADDES'S WARBLER was seen along the footpath south of the allotment mid morning though was generally elusive.

Bawdsey - A Short-eared Owl was seen to come in off then head north.

Felixstowe - No sign of the Shorelark at LBO but 2 Ring Ouzel present.

Friday 22nd.

Waveney Area - 3 Purple Sands at Ness Point. 9 Whooper Swan high NW over Carlton Marshes SWT.

Hollesley - 2 Whooper Swan on the scrape at Hollesley Marshes this afternoon + 3 juvenile Little Stints.

Felixstowe - The confiding Shorelark remain just north of the boardwalk opposite the icky ridge + 15 Woodlark south.

Great Blakenham - 2 Woodlark over the village today.

Thursday 21st.

Minsmere - Spoonbill south over the reserve.

Alde Estuary - Merlin noted.

Bawdsey - Pom Skua south at 0910hrs + probable Puffin north at 0755hrs. A Merlin was seen to come in off.

Felixstowe - The Shorelark continues to show well on the beach north of the boardwalk + 2 Ring Ouzels were seen to come in off and a Puffin was seen south (photo Peter Lakey)

Wednesday 20th.

Sizewell - 1w Caspian Gull off the outfalls + adult Little Gull & 1w Arctic Tern noted.

Snape - Cattle Egret still Botany Marshes at 13:30hrs at least.

North Warren - Great Egret on south marsh

Felixstowe - A Shorelark was present at LBO on the beach at the northern end of the beach (photo Will Brame).

Tuesday 19th.

Snape - Cattle Egret still Botany Marshes NW of the scrape.

Deben Estuary - Osprey seen from Kyson Point at 13:45hrs.

Thetford - 2 probable WHITE STORK south this morning (seen from a moving vehicle).

Monday 18th.

Snape - A Cattle Egret was seen at Botany Marshes feeding amongst cattle along Langham Road by the farm buildings.

Sudbourne - A ROUGH-LEGGED BUZZARD was seen over Sudbourne Marshes.

Sunday 17th.

Waveney Area - A Yellow-browed Warbler was present in the SE corner of Hollies campsite Kessingland. Juvenile Pectoral Sandpiper still on Peto's Marsh Carlton Marshes.

Minsmere - Cattle Egret still on south scrape + 2 Caspian Gull (2cy & 3cy). Great Egret from Bittern hide.

Bawdsey - A RICHARD'S PIPIT was found shortly after 09:00hrs in field just north of the quay / opposite the picnic site. The bird as generally elusive being mainly seen in flight.

Deben Estuary - Osprey over Ramsholt mid morning then flew down river.

Saturday 16th.

Waveney Area - Yellow-browed Warbler seen along the western edge of Waveney Forest this afternoon. Juvenile Pectoral Sandpiper still on Peto's Marsh Carlton Marshes SWT. 2 Purple Sands at Ness Points.

Blytburgh - A WHITE-TAILED EAGLE was reported over Henham Woods viewed from the White Hart public house late morning.

Minsmere - Cattle Egret still on south scrape then flew towards Eastbridge.

Aldringham Walks - Slavonian Grebe on the irrigation reservoir + 2 Lapland Bunting over, near-by a Blythi type Lesser Whitethroat was seen at the Old Caravan Park

Hollesley - Hawfinch west over Hollesley Marsh RSPB.

Friday 15th.

Waveney Area - Yellow-browed Warbler present in the NW corner of Leathes Ham. c500 Pink-footed Geese in off and over south Lowestoft early morning. 2 Black Redstart at Ness Point.

Southwold - A Yellow-browed Warbler was present in the SE corner of the campsite today though generally elusive. Sooty Shearwater south past Easton Bavents at 1515hrs.

Blythburgh - 5 Spotted Redshank on the estuary just east of the White Hart public house.

Dunwich - Drake Velvet Scoter amongst Common Scoter offshore then north at 1510hrs.

Alde Estuary - Up to 4 Great Egret on the estuary + Ring Ouzel.

Hollesley - 2 Short-eared Owls in off.

Thursday 14th.

Waveney Area - Juvenile Pectoral Sandpiper still on Peto's Marsh Carlton Marshes. + Great Egret from Turnpike hide. 

Wenhaston - c300 Pink-footed Geese over Blackheath at 1710hrs.

Dunwich - Great Egret on the shorepools.

Sizewell - Little Gull off the outfall.

Thorpeness - Great Egret over the Meare.

Felixtowe - A Yellow-browed Warbler was briefly heard at LBO.

Bawdsey - Short-eared Owl south at East Lane at 1123hrs.

Wednesday 13th.

Waveney Area - A SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF was seen and heard on the Denes slope near the pine trees.

Minsmere - Cattle Egret on Lucky Pool

Snape - Ring Ouzel flew SW over Abbey Farm at 0835hrs + Hawfinch NW at 1205hrs.

Tuesday 12th

Waveney Area - Pectoral Sandpiper still on Peto's Marsh. Short-eared Owl over Kessingland village then south.

Southwold - Sooty Shearwater south offshore.

Dunwich - Great Egret on the shore pools + 2 Little Gulls.

Minsmere - Hawfinch seen over North Wall mid morning.

Eastbridge - Cattle Egret still present.

North Warren - 2 Great Egret on south marsh.

Monday 11th.

Waveney Area - Juvenile Pectoral Sandpiper still on Peto's Marsh. Shorelark on the beach along the coast path by Potter leisure centre Hopton.

Eastbridge - Cattle Egret still present.

North Warren - Merlin north along the beach.

Sunday 10th.

Waveney Area RADDES'S WARBLER still present on North Denes slope + single Tundra Bean Goose south. Juvenile Pectoral Sand still Peto's Marsh. Yellow-browed Warbler in Holm Oaks opposite Lowest lighthouse.

Alde Estuary - Great Egret on Town Marshes.

Orford - Yellow-browed Warbler seen by the quay.

Felixstowe - 2 Yellow-browed Warbler at LBO + Dartford Warbler.

Trimley Marshes - A LITTLE BUTNING was trapped, ringed and released at the SWT reserve early morning and was still present early afternoon.

Alton Water - Osprey seen over the reservoir.

Saturday 9th.

Waveney Area - RADDES'S WARBLER along North Denes behind Links Hill car park at 1043hrs. Yellow-browed Warblers were noted calling from Holm Oaks opposite Lowestoft lighthouse, by Spratts Lane level crossing and Gunton railtrack north of the bridge.

Dunwich - Yellow-browed Warbler reported 200 yards north of the Ship Inn public house.

Hollesley - Short-eared Owl seen just north of the sluice.

Bawdsey - Merlin south at East Lane + Firecrest.

Friday 8th.

Thorpeness - Yellow-browed Warbler present at the OCP + 2 Great Egret on the Meare

Thursday 7th.

Waveney Area - Yellow-browed Warbler seen at the base of Arnold's Walk Lowestoft.

Minsmere - Possible RED-BREASTED GOOSE seen offshore amongst Brent Geese. Cattle Egret on the scrape viewed from the dunes.

Bawdsey - Osprey north at 0953hrs.

Wednesday 6th.

Waveney Area - Yellow-browed Warbler at Gunton Warren by the entrance to the football pitch.

Southwold - Short-eared Owl south offshore + Purple Sand on sea defences.

Eastbridge - Cattle Egret still present.

Bawdsey - 13 Spoonbill south at 1129hrs.

Tuesday 5th.

Reydon - 3rd winter Glaucous Gull in pig fields early evening then flew to the estuary.

Eastbridge - Cattle Egret still present and showing well from the bridge.

Alde Estuary - Osprey Hazelwood Marshes.

Woodbridge - Osprey seen high south.

Monday 4th.

Eastbridge - Cattle Egret on flooded meadow viewable from the bridge.

Stowupland - A GYR type falcon was seen east over Boyton Hall Combs Ford then perched on pylons at 0930hrs.

Fornham St. Martin - Juvenile RED-NECKED PHALAROPE still present.

Sunday 3rd.

Waveney Area - 3 Black Redstart Ness Point + Great Egret south.

Benacre - Red-breasted Merg on the broad.

Thorpeness - 12 Little Gull offshore + Arctic Skua.

North Warren - Merlin low over the heath late afternoon.

Alde Estuary - An adult LESSER GOLDEN PLOVER was briefly seen on the estuary early afternoon only, also 3 Osprey on the river + Spoonbill

Bawdsey - Sooty Shearwater north off East Lane at 0912hrs.

Felixstowe - Grey Phalarope south off LBO 1705hrs.

Fornham St. Martin - A juvenile RED-NECKED PHALAROPE was present on private land on Hall Farm reservoir.

Saturday 2nd.

Waveney Area - 6 Black Redstart at Ness Point (Orbs Energy Centre)

Minsmere - 2 Sooty Shearwater south prior to midday.

Felixstowe - Leaches Petrel south past LBO at 1645hrs + 2 Sooty Shearwater north of at 1132hrs

Friday 1st.

Aldeburgh - Great Egret over the golf course.

Alde Estuary - 8 Spoonbill Hazelwood Marshes.