Suffolk Birding with BINS


Radde's Warbler - Brian Small.


Monday 31st

Minsmere Short-eared Owl south offshore + Little Stint on East Scrape.

Sizewell - Black Redstart by the power station and Little Gull off the outfalls

Thorpeness - Redhead Goosander on the Meare.

North Warren - A single EWFG was present on south marsh viewable from the viewing platform south of Sluice Cottage.

Felixstowe - Probable Arctic Tern in the river mouth viewable from LBO + Black Redstart & Dartford Warbler on the reserve.

Sunday 30th

Minsmere - A Yellow-browed Warbler was noted within the Tit flock by the car park early afternoon + 2 Jack Snipe on West Scrape & Little Stint on East Scrape.

Saturday 29th

Waveney Area - A lone Tundra Bean Goose was seen in flight over the SWT reserve at Carlton Marshes this afternoon.

Southwold - No sign of the Dusky Warbler this morning.

Minsmere - A probable PALLID SWIFT was seen over the reserve just 13:34 - 14:20hrs + Little Stint on the scrape & 13 EWFG south over the reserve.

Sizewell - 1w/fem Black Redstart on the beach

North Warren - Jack Snipe again from the viewing platform south of Sluice Cottage + 2 Water Pipits.

Slaughden - The ALPINE ACCENTOR left its roost site at approx. 07:20hrs then flew high SW and was lost to view and no further sign all day. Purple Sand on the sea defences south of the metal gate.

Alde Estuary - Osprey seen again from Hazelwood Marshes + Water Pipit.

Orford - 4 late Sand Martin and a single Swallow were noted this morning.

Gedgrave - Short-eared Owl Gedgrave Marshes

Deben Estuary - 2 Spotted Redshank along Martlesham Creek.

Felixstowe - Dartford Warbler at LBO on the beach opposite the icky ridge.

Friday 28th

Waveney Area - Black Redstart at Ness Point by the wind turbine.

Southwold - DUSKY WARBLER seem briefly along North Road in sallows opposite nr.71 at 1630hrs though very elusive.

Minsmere - Little Stint rptd on the scrape.

Thorpeness - Goosander on the Meare.

North Warren - Great Egret on South Marsh.

Alde Estuary - Osprey still at Hazelwood Marshes.

Slaughden - The APLINE ACCENTOR was seen from 07:00hrs and remained in the general area just south of the metal gate throughout the day although was mobile at times. As with last night, the bird roosted again this evening on pipework on the Tower. + Purple Sand on the sea defences (photo c/o Eddie Marsh)

Bawdsey - Black Redstart along the cliff face.

Felixstowe - Possible HONEY BUZZARD over LBO / Dock Complex just prior to 14:00hrs

Thursday 27th

Southwold - DUSKY WARBLER still present and showing well in sallows by the boating lake viewed by 71 North Road (photo c/o Andrew Moon).

Westleton - Juvenile Whooper Swan west over the heath this morning.

Slaughden - Suffolk's 3rd ALPINE ACCENTOR (previous records 2000 & 2002) was found just before 13:00hrs along the shingle ridge south of the Martello Tower approx. 200 yards south of the metal gate. The bird remained on view until dusk where it was seen to go to roost on pipework on the Martello Tower + Merlin over the near-by marshes. (Photos c/o of Andrew Moon (left) & Mark Cornish (finder, below).

Wednesday 26th

Waveney Area - Glossy Ibis south over Breydon east end at 12:15hrs. Great Egret Earsham Marsh.

Southwold - DUSKY WARBLER still present in sallows opposite 71 North Road though mobile and elusive + Glossy Ibis south.

Walberswick - Yellow-browed Warbler reported at the north end of East Sheep Walk this afternoon.

Aldringham - Firecrest noted on Aldringham Walks.

Aldeburgh - Yellow-browed Warbler present in the churchyard + Firecrest.

Alde Estuary - Great Northern Diver present on the river viewed from the western edge of Town Marshes + Water Pipit on Town Marshes.

Felixstowe - Common Redpoll trapped at LBO today.

Tuesday 25th

Waveney Area - The PALLID SWIFT was gain present around Ness Point after roosting at the wind turbine, the bird was seen until shortly after midday when lost to view. (Photo montage c/o Andrew Moon)Jack Snipe & 2 Great Egret were noted at Carlton Marshes SWT.

Southwold - DUSKY WARBLER still present in scrub along North Road though mobile. Male Black Redstart in the churchyard + Firecrest at Easton Bavents paddocks

Dunwich - 2 Great Egret on Dingle Marshes + a late Northern Wheatear noted.

North Warren - Glossy Ibis again on South Marsh.

Felixstowe - PALLID SWIFT reported over LBO / Dock Complex for approx. 1 hour and was last seen around 10:25hrs (per LBO website).

Monday 24th

Waveney Area - A PALLID SWIFT was seen over the sea at the north of of Bird's Eye Factory at 17:00hrs, the bird remained until dusk where it was thought to go to roost on the Ness Point wind turbine. A ringtail Harrier thought to be Hen Harrier was seen south offshore viewed from just north of Lowestoft Harbour + Great Egret south offshore.

Benacre - PALLID SWIFT (same as the Covehithe bird) over woodland just north of the Broad then headed south at 12:21hrs. Cattle Egret in fields by Beach Farm

Covehithe - PALLID SWIFT by the church 11:45 - 11:50hrs then headed north.

Southwold - DUSKY WARBLER still in scrub by the boating lake viewed from North Road.

Reydon - Great Egret Hen Reedbeds

Dunwich - Pom Skua north at 08:26hrs.

Thorpeness - Firecrest at the OCP.

North Warren - Glossy Ibis south at 15:35hrs.

Bawdsey (East Lane) - Pom Skua south at 10:10hrs

Sunday 23rd

Waveney Area - 5 Great Egret in off at Corton the headed inland SW. Probable Long-eared Owl seen hunting field edge by Corton Church at dawn + Firecrest.

Benacre - DUSKY WARBLEER south of Beach Farm in hedgerow by footpath + 3 Ring Ouzel & Firecrest noted.

Southwold - DUSKY WARBLER still present in scrub by the boating lake viewed from North Road + Pom Skua offshore north at 09:25hrs & 2 Arctic Skua.

Walberswick - PALLAS'S WARBLER noted in trees east of Palmers Lane from footpath just east of Heath House.

Thorpeness - Merlin south by the allotments at 15:30hrs.

North Warren - Jack Snipe continues to show well from the viewing screen + Glossy Ibis (photo c/o Mark Cornish), 2 Water Pipit & Great Egret noted.

Slaughden - Great Northern Diver on sea then flew south.

Hollesley - 2w Caspian Gull Hollesley Marshes RSPB on shingle ridge.

Felixstowe - Firecrest seen at the start of the Tomline Wall. Firecrest at LBO + Merlin in off.

Saturday 22nd

Waveney Area - PUFFIN present on the sea off Ness Point at 11:05hrs. 6 Snow Bunting by the shore pools at Kessingland.

Benacre - Glossy Ibis south past the Broad at 13:45hrs

Wrentham - Hawfinch seen briefly in the cemetery mid-morning

Covehithe - Black Redstart on the church

Southwold - DUSKY WARBLER still present in sallows/reeds by the boating lake opposite 71 North Road. Glossy Ibis south over the pier car park at 13:55hrs. Firecrest seen by the sewage works. 1w Caspian Gull in the harbour mouth.

Reydon - 2 Water Pipit at Hen Reedbeds from the Hexagon Hide.

Minsmere - Firecrest in the sluice bushes.

North Warren - 2 Jack Snipe showing ell from the viewing screen south of Sluice Cottage.

Alde Estuary - Osprey seen from Hazelwood Marshes and Iken Cliffs this afternoon.

Slaughden - Black Redstart south Martello Tower + 2 Merlin over Lantern Marshes.

Felixstowe - Swift sp (Common or PALLID) seen from the Tomline Wall this afternoon + Short-eared Owl & Firecrest.

Stour Estuary - Great Egret at Cattawade seen from train.

Friday 21st

Waveney Area - 4 Firecrest were seen along the top loop within Sparrows Nest Park + single Firecrest in tamarisk at the northern end of the Birds Eye factory.

Benacre - 2 Firecrest in copse by Beach Farm

Southwold - DUSKY WARBLER still in scrub behind the boating lake opposite 71 North Road though generally elusive. 6 Firecrest around the town + 2 Black Redstart & 3 Caspian Gull at the harbour mouth.

Minsmere - Firecrest in the sluice bushes.

Thorpeness - Firecrests were noted at the OCP and along the track SW of Dower House.

North Warren - Jack Snipe again from the viewing platform south of sluice cottage

Aldeburgh - Ring Ouzel on Town Marshes. 2 Firecrest at the eastern entrance to Church Farm caravan park.

Hollesley - ROUGH-LEGGED BUZZARD over Hollesley Marshes mid-morning.

Felixstowe - BARRED WARBLER along Tomline Wall near where the golfcourse track crosses the path at 08:46hrs. Firecrest in garden by the church near the ferry

Thursday 20th

Waveney Area - Black Redstart again Heritage Green Kessingland.

Southwold - A DUSKY WARBLER was heard along North Road by Creek House near the boating lake late afternoon. Offshore, Red-necked Grebe was noted south at 07:57hrs, also a PUFFIN was noted on the sea close inshore by the pier then drifted north (photo c/o Brian Small). Yellow-browed Warbler present in the SE corner of the campsite just after midday + 2 Firecrest. Short-eared Owl in off by the harbour.

Minsmere - Glossy Ibis over the sluice bushes early afternoon towards the scrape. 3 Firecrest in the sluice bushes + Merlin & 100+ Little Gull offshore. Purple Sand seen by the sluice and Short-eared Owl over South-Belt

Thorpeness - Yellow-browed Warbler present at the north end of the OCP + Firecrest. 2 Lapland Bunting briefly in field north of the OCP then flew north.

North Warren - Jack Snipe from the 1st viewpoint south of Sluice Cottage.

Aldeburgh - A PALLAS'S WARBLER was discovered within the churchyard mid-morning though was mobile and elusive at times. A juvenile SABINE'S GULL was noted south offshore at 11:49hrs.

Slaughden - Red-necked Grebe south close offshore at 08:31hrs (same as Southwold bird?) also 149 Little Gulls & Purple Sand noted south.

Shingle Street - Firecrest by the allotments.

Felixstowe - A PALLAS'S WARBLER was discovered by the kitchen at LBO, also, 2 Ring Ouzel, Jack SnipeFirecrest noted + 15 Little Gull offshore.

Wednesday 19th

Sea-watching dominated the bird news today with the following reports offshore as follows. 

Waveney Area - Great Skua, Sooty Shearwater, Arctic Skua and 5 Velvet Scoter offshore. Black Redstart at Heritage Green, Kessingland. Manx Shearwater N off Pakefield.

Benacre - Great Skua offshore

Easton Broad - Short-eared Owl in off.

Southwold - SABINE'S GULL N at 17:13hrs, BLACK-THROATED DIVER S at 08:00hrs. Sooty Shearwater 7, Great Skua 5, Manx Shearwater 1, Pom Skua 3, Arctic Skua 7 and Short-eared Owl 3.

Dunwich - 3 Snow Bunting still by beach car park

Minsmere - Pom Skua 1, Arctic Skua 9, Sooty Shearwater 3, Great Skua 1, Short-eared Owl 4 and Puffin 1.

Sizewell - A LITTLE BUNTING was seen just prior to dusk by the WC block near the beach car park, the bird flew south and was lost to view. BLACK-THROATED DIVER N at 17:15hrs

Thorpeness - PUFFIN 1 S 1040hrs. Pom Skua 1, Arctic Skua 11 and Sooty Shearwater 2. Firecrest in with the mobile tit flock at OCP + Glossy Ibis over at 15:35hrs.

North Warren - Glossy Ibis on South Marsh viewable from the viewing platform late morning.

Alde Estuary - Black-necked Grebe seen on the river viewable from Snape.

Slaughden - PUFFIN 1 sat close on the sea offshore at 09:59hrs, Pom Skua 1, Sooty Shearwater 1 and Arctic Skua 5.

Bawdsey (East Lane) - Sooty Shearwater 3, BLACK-THROATED DIVER Sat 11:20hrs + Arctic Skua 24 & Little Gull 3.

Tuesday 18th

Waveney Area - Glossy Ibis from North Hide Carlton Marshes SWT.

Minsmere - Glossy Ibis and redhead Goosander seen from Island Mere.

Eastbridge - 9 Common Crane circled over the village then headed NW at 09:40hrs

Hollesley - 2 Little Stint on the scrape.

Shingle Street - Black Redstart still by the tennis court.

Felixstowe - A BARRED WARBLER was discovered along The Tomline Wall near the ferry golf course this afternoon.

Monday 17th

Benacre - A juvenile ROSE-COLOURED STARLING seen within the Starling flock by the Sluice early afternoon then headed north towards the caravan park.

Sunday 16th

Waveney Area - Glossy Ibis on Shae Marsh Carlton Marsh SWT

Easton Bavents - 3 Snow Bunting by the Broad early afternoon.

Blythburgh - Caspian Gull noted from The White Hart public house this evening.

Hollesley - Juvenile Little Stint on the scrape this afternoon.

Saturday 15th

Waveney Area - Manx Shearwater south off Denes Oval, Lowestoft at 12:25hrs.

Alde Estuary - Osprey over Blackheath Estate + Hobby.

Shingle Street - Black Redstart still by the tennis court though mobile.

Friday 14th

Walberswick - Osprey south along the beach at 09:47hrs + Merlin at Westwood Marsh

Dunwich - 3 Snow Bunting again by the beach car park.

Shingle Street - Black Redstart by the tennis court.

Thursday 13th

Waveney Area - 4 Black Redstart along Commerical Road on the concrete silo.

Dunwich - 3 Snow Bunting by beach car park (photo c/o Andrew Moon)

Sizewell - 4 Snow Bunting on the beach late morning.

Alde Estuary - 2 Yellow-browed Warbler between Snape - Aldeburgh along Sailors Path at Black Heath.

Shingle Street - Black Redstart around the tennis court.

Wednesday 12th

Dunwich - Confiding Snow Bunting by Beach car park.

Minsmere - A Crossbill was seen to come in off.

Bawdsey - Merlin in off at 11:54hrs.

Felixstowe - A LEACH'S PETREL was noted north off LBO at 09:51hrs.

Tuesday 11th

Waveney Area - Glossy Ibis still present at Carlton Marshes.

North Warren - Juvenile Little Stint still present on south marsh.

Bawdsey - Yellow-browed Warbler at the picnic site + 3 Crossbill south.

Stour Estuary - Osprey seen perched on a post at Seafiled Bay.

Needham Market - A Ring Ouzel was seen to fly from the A14/A140 roundabout at Pipps Ford.

Monday 10th

Benacre - Dartford Warbler by the sluice.

Sizewell - Black Redstart still by the power station + 2 Little Gull by the outfalls.

Sunday 9th

Waveney Area - Glossy Ibis at Carlton Marshes SWT.

Southwold - A Pterodroma Petrel (prob FEA'S or DESERTAS) was seen north offshore between 09:05 - 090:09hrs, the bird was also seen off Ness Point, Lowestoft at 09:30hrs then finally north off Corton at 09:37hrs. 3 Pom Skua, Long-tailed Skua, 2 Sooty Shearwater, Manx Shearwater & 2 Little Stint were also noted from Southwold.

Minsmere - 2 Common Crane flew west over South Levels at 10:05hrs + Arctic Skua offshore.

North Warren - Juvenile Little Stint still showing on the pool south of sluice cottage.

Orfordness - Pom Skua north at 10:35hrs.

Alde Estuary - Curlew Sand, Little Stint and Spotted Redshank seen from Iken Cliffs (Snape Warren) + Hawfinch over SW.

Shingle Street - Yellow-browed Warbler trapped this morning.

Bawdsey (East Lane) - GREY PHALAROPE south close inshore at 14:55hrs + LEACH'S PETREL south and landed on the sea at 15:10hrs.

Saturday 8th

Waveney Area - HONEY BUZZARD low over ASDA early afternoon. 

Easton Broad - 2 Common Crane south at 09:44hrs.

North Warren - Little Stint still present on south marsh.

Alde Estuary - Little Stint Hazelwood Marshes.

Hollesley - Juvenile Little Stint still on the scrape.

Felixstowe - 5 Spoonbill south over LBO + Dartford Warbler in scrub behind the Ferry Boat Inn

Friday 7th

Waveney Area - Osprey seen from Fritton Lake heading towards Lound Waterworks.

Southwold - A Great Grey Shrike was present early morning in the sheep paddocks north of the pier (photo c/o Jonathan Hadgraft)

Reydon - HONEY BUZZARD over the SWT reserve car park this morning.

Walberswick - Juvenile Little Stint on Corporation Marshes + 2 Spotted Redshank.

North Warren - Juvenile Little Stint on South Marsh

Slaughden - Arctic Skua north offshore.

Hollesley - Juvenile Little Stint still on the scrape.

Deben Estuary - Snow Bunting noted on the salting near the stile at Felixstowe Ferry.

Trimley Marshes - Juvenile Little Stint on the reservoir.

Thursday 6th

Benacre - Common Redstart in hedgerow to the south of Beach Farm + Merlin low over the pits.

Minsmere - 4 Raven south over South Marsh at 12:50hrs.

Hollesley Marshes - Juvenile Little Stint still on the scrape.

Wednesday 5th

Minsmere - Arctic Skua north offshore

Trimley Marshes - Pectoral Sandpiper still present on the reservoir + Little Stint.

Tuesday 4th

Waveney Area - Juvenile HONEY BUZZARD low south over Kessingland Cliffs late afternoon.

Benacre - Yellow-browed Warbler in the copse by Beach Farm

Sizewell - 3 Black Redstart by the power station + 2 Little Gull off the outfalls.

Shingle Street - Whinchat still present in the baled field.

Woodbridge - A late Hobby was seen over the airfield this afternoon.

Felixstowe - Lapland Bunting south calling over LBO.

Monday 3rd

Waveney Area - 2 Cattle Egret Glebe Marsh, Burgh Castle. 3 x 1st winter Caspian Gulls along Lowestoft North Beach. 5 Snow Bunting Kessingland shore pools. Yellow-browed Warbler with the mobile tit flock along Breydon South Wall west of the rugby club this morning.

North Warren - 1st winter Grey Phalarope still on South Marsh.

Sunday 2nd

Waveney Area - Yellow-browed Warbler seen along Rectory Lane, Kessingland, near-by 6 Snow Bunting by the shore pools. 1st win Caspian Gull (yellow rung bird) on groynes south of Swimming Pool Road, Lowestoft. Cattle Egret present at Glebe Marsh Burgh Castle.

Southwold - Velvet Scoter south past the harbour at 17:09hrs + 1w Caspian Gull on the harbour wall.

Walberswick - Snow Bunting on the beach

North Warren - 1st winter Grey Phalarope continues to show on South Marsh though mobile + Whinchat.

Slaughden - Short-eared Owl flew west.

Orford - Yellow-browed Warbler in churchyard and adjacent gardens though mobile.

Hollesley - Yellow-browed Warbler along the approach track to the RSPB car park + 2 Little Stint on the scrape.

Deben Estuary - Juvenile Curlew Sand viewed on river between Dock Lane and the sewage works.

Saturday 1st

Waveney Area - Yellow-browed Warbler Corton Old Sewage Works along the perimeter fence. Short-eared Owl at Kessingland Sluice.

Benacre - Yellow-browed Warbler and Common Redstart at Beach Farm

Walberswick - Pectoral Sandpiper on Corporation Marshes mid-morning.

Dunwich - Snow Bunting in beach car park.

Minsmere - Ringtail Hen Harrier along the Minsmere - Eastbridge footpath.

North Warren - 1st winter Grey Phalarope still on South Marsh

Hollesley - Juvenile Little Stint still on Hollesley Marshes + ring-tail Hen Harrier south towards Shingle Street.

Felixstowe - 2 Ring Ouzel at LBO + Great Northern Diver south.